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The Best Visio Viewer for Mac Review (macOS Sierra Included)

2016-09-20 21:27:46 / Posted byRosa Reyes to Utility Follow @ Rosa

Visio, designed for Windows users, can’t be viewed directly on Mac. But fortunately, there are several Visio viewers Mac which will help Mac users to view Visio files on Mac. With Visio viewer for Mac, you needn't install Visio on Windows anymore. Next, this article will recommend you the best Mac Visio viewer. But before that, we have to discuss other important concerns firstly.

Are You Still Using Free Visio Viewers on Mac?

Admittedly, the best characteristic of free Visio viewers for Mac is no need to pay. Nobody does not like free stuff. But there is no such thing as a free lunch! If you are still using free Visio viewers for your Mac, bad results may come up to you.

First of all, some free Visio viewers are not safe enough, if you download them, your Mac would encounter viruses and it could damage your Mac deeply. Secondly, downloading free Visio viewers may come with a lot of rubbish, spam and other useless software, which would make your system run slowly or freeze.

However, if you successfully downloaded a green and practical free Visio viewer on Mac, then congratulate you and hope you can share it in comment. Because not everyone has such a good luck.

Are you still using free visio viewers on Mac

Why Cisdem DocumentReader is the Best Useful One?

I have tried several Visio viewers for Mac before and make a Comparison on them to see which provides the best function, specification and value for money. In consequence, Cisdem DocumentReader presents the best performance. Then, why it is the best useful one? I will show you the reasons below.

Cisdem DocumentReader is designed to read file and documents on Mac OS X (macOS Sierra Included). Many files types can be opened by DocumentReader, including Visio, WPD, WPS, XPS, and PDF. So, this application is absolutely a perfect Mac Visio viewer for users. For giving users a fantastic reading experience, DocumentReader provides different viewing styles, such as toolbar consisting view mode, searching pane, page navigation, zoom, rotate, save, copy, etc. The most important is DocumentReader ensure guarantee the quality of the file, it makes certain that all original text style, images, graphics, tables, hyperlinks, layout and formatting will not be changed.

Why Cisdem DocumentReader is the best useful one?

Compared to other Visio viewers, Cisdem DocumentReader has many merits:

  • Easy to use, just drag & drop it into app.
  • Fast scrolling, never be lagged with the pagination.
  • Keyword Search at the top-right corner supports quickly find a word, character, or phrase anywhere.
  • Lets you print the opened WPD, WPS, XPS, OXPS, Visio, PDF files with one click or save them as an industry-standard PDF that can be opened and edited in any other PDF programs.
  • Supports multi-tab viewing to switch between multiple Visio files easily.
  • Reads files on Mac with no additional software required.

As for these features, we also have mentioned them in this article: How to Convert Visio to PDF on Mac?

Of cource, there is no perfect thing in the world. Cisdem DocumentReader inevitably contains the demerit that it only supports Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

Free download Cisdem DocumentReader for Mac >>

How to Use Cisdem DocumentReader to View Visio Files?

Step 1. Download Cisdem DocumentReader and install it on your Mac. Cisdem DocumentReader offers a free trial to download, in this case, you needn’t worry about spending money on the program you still haven't tested.

Use Cisdem DocumentReader to view Visio files step 1

Step 2. After running the software, you can directly open your Visio files by adding them or drag & drop them into app. All of the contents will be displayed in front of you. Worth to mention, if you have other type of files, you can also view them by using Cisdem DocumentReader at the same time.

Use Cisdem DocumentReader to view Visio files step 2

Step 3. If necessary, you can print your Visio files, or you can save them as PDF files so that you can view them on other device.

Use Cisdem DocumentReader to view Visio files step 3

As for the steps, you can take this guide as refference too: What is Visio and How to View Visio Files on Mac?

Other Visio Viewers for Mac I Have Tried Before:

Nektony Mac Visio Viewer

Nektony Mac Visio Viewer is a free-to-try Visio Viewer for Mac OS X which allows users to open .VSD, .VDX, .VSDX MS Visio document formats created with MS Visio 2000 – 2013 versions. Just as Cisdem DocumentReader, it also ensures that texts on Mac OS X will be displayed in the same way as original format when they were created.

Nektony Mac Visio Viewer

Pros: Support Visio 2000 – 2013 versions.

Cons: It is not free, it does offer a free trial. A simple function.

Free download Nektony Mac Visio Viewer >>

Lucidchart Visio Viewer Mac

Lucidchart Visio Viewer Mac provides a great way to view Visio files on a Mac which allows users to Open VSD, VSDX, or VDX files and even export them back to Visio. It is charge according to the file size and it provides 4 charging modes. Chrome and Firefox are both available by Lucidchart Visio Viewer Mac, but unfortunately Safari is not supported.

Lucidchart Visio Viewer Mac

Pros: No download needed.

Cons: View Visio files in read-only mode. A user feeds back "It stopped working after two files". Safari is not supported.

Free download Lucidchart Visio Viewer Mac >>

Lawbox VSD Viewer Pro for Mac

VSD Viewer Pro for Mac is a powerful Mac Visio viewer to help you to view Microsoft Visio VSD file on your Mac. It can read .vsd, .vsdx, .vsx, .vss and .vssx documents; and can save as PDF or image files.

Lawbox VSD Viewer Pro for Mac

Pros: Users can save Visio files as PDF or image files.

Cons: Requires Mac OS-X 10.7 or above. It is not an editor.

Free download Lawbox VSD Viewer Pro for Mac >>

Everything has two sides, each of Mac Visio Viewers has its own advantages and disadvantages. As for which one is the best Visio viewer Mac, users will have their own judgment.

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