4 Genuine Ways to Batch Convert TIFF to JPG on Mac or Windows

Connie Wisley
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The TIFF to JPG conversion is often required when users need to convert larger TIFF files to web-friendly JPG for uploading or emailing. But how to convert or batch convert TIFF to JPG on Mac or Windows PC? You will find the answer here. 

Best Batch TIFF to JPG Converter on Mac and Windows

Like many others, you may start with online free tools but end up paying for a professional TIFF to JPG software, because such software greatly saves your time and works on bulk image conversions. And luckily, there is a best converter to help Mac users work on TIFF to JPG conversion efficiently and easily. Furthermore, it is quite affordable and competent on image-based file conversion.

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR is a program to convert virtually all image-based files. The best batch TIFF to JPG converter on Mac will never let you down. It allows users to:

  • Batch convert files and retain original file quality at the same time
  • Perform conversions between image files: BMP, PNG, TIFF, JPG
  • Convert image to editable formats: editable and searchable PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Keynote, RTFD, Text, EPUB, HTML;
  • Export PDF to 15+ formats: both native and scanned PDF are applicable;
  • Create PDF and merge PDF: from files in Word, PowerPoint, RTFD, CHM, Text, HTML, ICO, PSD, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TGA, TIFF
  • Protect and reduce file size when creating PDF within the program
  • Extract images from PDF documents

How to Batch Convert TIFF to JPG on Mac or Windows with Cisdem PDF Converter OCR?

  1. Download and install the PDF Converter, then run it.
    Free Download   Free Download
  2. Drag and drop multiple TIFF files into the program. Or you can click “+” to upload files. convert tiff to jpg mac 01
  3. Once you have imported the TIFF files, choose the output as “JPG”.
    To batch convert TIFF to JPG on Mac, you just need to select all the files first.
    If you want to perform OCR on image and make it editable, choose output format as OCR PDF.
    convert tiff to jpg mac 02
  4. Use the Advanced settings to choose image quality.tiff to jpg cisdem 03
  5. Click “Convert” to start the TIFF to JPG conversion on Mac. You will get the JPG output within seconds in output folder.

For users who want to convert JPG to TIFF, just repeat these steps and change output as TIFF within the program.

Top Batch TIFF to JPG Converter on Windows 10/11

Pixillion Image Converter, is known as a Windows application to do conversions on all image files. Users are allowed to batch convert images, including PSD, PDF, GIF, JPG, TIFF, BMP, ICO, PNG, CR2, SVG, WBMP, etc. 

Even this top batch TIFF to JPG converter for Windows 10/11 allows users to edit the image effects to get expected image output.

How to Convert TIFF to JPG on Windows 10/11 with Pixillion Image Converter?

  1. Download and install the program on your Window PC, then run it.
  2. Go to "Add File" or "Add Folder" to upload a TIFF file into the program.batch tiff jpg windows1
  3. Then choose output as “JPG”, if necessary, edit the image effects before conversion.batch tiff jpg windows2
  4. Click the “Convert” icon in the bottom right to change TIFF to JPG on Windows 10/11.

How to Batch Convert TIFF to JPG in Adobe Photoshop?

Actually, TIFF is now owned by Adobe. So, when we need to convert TIFF to JPG, or convert JPG to TIFF, Adobe’s Photoshop is always the first solution that comes to users. With Adobe PS, you can convert single or multiple TIFF files to JPG, no matter which operating system you are using. There are both Mac and Windows versions available.

#1 Convert Single TIFF to JPG in Photoshop

  1. Run Adobe Photoshop on your computer.
  2. Go to File> Open, or drag and drop the TIFF files into the program.convert single tiff to jpg adobe
  3. Go to File> Save as, and then choose “JPG” from the output menu. Click “Save” and you will be allowed to adjust the image quality. Once all are set, click “OK”.

#2 Batch Convert TIFF to JPG in Photoshop

  1. Run Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Go to File> Scripts > Image Processor.multiple tiff to jpg ps 01
  3. Click Select Folder to navigate to your TIFF file folder and select the output location. In the File Type, check the box before Save as JPEG. Finally, click Run to start converting multiple TIFF files to JPEG with Photoshop.batch tiff jpg ps2

#3 Extended: Convert Multiple TIFF to JPG in Adobe Bridge

As PS users know, a free Adobe Bridge comes with the Adobe PS suite. It is a tool allowing users to conveniently manage their files. With the Image Processor in Adobe Bridge, users can batch convert TIFF to JPG in Photoshop easily.

  1. Run Adobe Bridge, select all the TIFF files that you want to convert to JPG.
  2. Go to ToolsPhotoshop> Image Processor.batch tiff jpg bridge1
  3. Then check the box before “Save as JPG” and adjust the quality settings as needed. Click “Run” and the JPG files will be saved in the same folder of your original TIFF files.batch tiff jpg bridge2

How to Convert Multiple TIFF to JPG Online Free?

If you are looking for some free solutions on the TIFF to JPG conversion, you are recommended to use image.online-convert service. It is a popular platform to convert virtually all kinds of files, including videos, audios, documents, images, ebooks and so on. With its image converter, you can convert single or multiple TIFFs to JPGs for free, even if you can perform conversions between different image formats. 

Compared with other online programs, Image.Online-Convert processes faster in uploading, converting and downloading. Impressively, it allows users to customize the output files, like setting quality, compression, changing size/color/DPI, cropping and enhancing.

Steps to Convert Multiple TIFF to JPG Online Free:

  1. Drag and drop the TIFF files into the program.batch tiff jpg online1
  2. In the Optional settings, adjust the settings according to your need.batch tiff jpg online2
  3. Click Start conversion to export multiple TIFF files as JPG format.
  4. Download JPG files to your Mac or Windows PC.


  • Require stable Internet connection
  • Take a long time to upload and convert large TIFF images
  • Potential risk of information leakage

An Easy Tip to Convert TIFF to JPG Without Losing Quality

In the case you just have several TIFF images to be converted, you can do the conversions by manually renaming all the TIFF files. Read and follow the steps below to convert TIFF to JPG without losing quality.

  1. ​Right click on TIFF file, choose “Rename”.
  2. Then replace tiff with jpg as the file extension.
  3. Press Enter and choose “Use.jpg” in the pop-up window to finish the TIFF to JPG conversion.

tiff to jpg rename

Knowledge about TIFF Format

TIFF is the abbreviation of Tagged Image File Format, which was originally created as a file format for scanned images. It is an image format to store raster graphic images or high color-depth images, many graphic artists or publishing industries apply it as the standard format to store high-quality images. Also, this is the reason why TIFF are in larger size, and why users need to large TIFF files to smaller JPG.

TIFF is also named as TIF, actually they are exactly the same thing with different extensions. TIF is used in file systems that apply the 8.3 naming convention which regulates short extensions, while TIFF is used in later file systems accepting longer extensions.

Final Words

Tools designed to convert files grow each day, users are getting more and more choices to pick a converter working on images. However, most of the users prefer a tool that covers their needs on file conversions as much as possible. And programs, such as Cisdem PDF Converter OCR, are the one well balanced the features, simplicity and price for users.

Connie Wisley
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Connie has been writing for Mac productivity and utility apps since 2009. Each review and solution is based on her practical tests, she is aways energetic and trustworthy in this field.

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