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How to Convert Keynote to PDF on MacOS Sierra?

Keynote for Mac is the Apple’s dedicated application. This application makes it simple to create and deliver beautiful presentations. You can work seamlessly between Mac and iOS devices.

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Why needing to convert Keynote to PDF on Mac?

Some people use Mac in their work and life, but others use windows. Windows users can’t directly open Keynote file, but PDF files can be spread well between Mac and windows since it is the best file carrier. So for windows users can open keynote files, we usually need to convert Keynote to PDF.

How to convert Keynote to PDF on Mac?

Many Mac users don’t know how to convert Keynote to PDF on Mac, it is not a difficult task. Follow my steps, you will convert Keynote to PDF on Mac easily. Next, I will share two methods for all of you.

Method 1. Convert Keynote to PDF by Keynote for Mac 6.0

You can directly convert Keynote to PDF by Apple’s Keynote for Mac 6.0, surely, the central premise of this method is that you have installed Keynote for Mac 6.0 on your Mac. Keynote for Mac 6.0 allows users to export their presentation to another format, including PDF, PowerPoint, QuickTime, HTML, Images, etc. And you don’t need to worry about the original, any changes made to the exported version don’t affect that.

Step 1. Open your files on keynote for Mac 6.0.

Step 2. Choose “File” on the menu bar, then select “Export To” on the drop-down menu. Next, you need to choose “File Format” as PDF.

Step 3. Next, you can choose an image quality. Please note: the higher the image quality, the larger the file size of the exported copy.

Method 2. Convert Keynote to PDF by online tool.

Except Apple’s Keynote for Mac 6.0, there are also some great online tools can help users to convert Keynote to PDF. Next, I will share three wonderful online for all of you.


The first one is ZAMZAR, there may be some users know little about this PDF converter. Actually, ZAMZAR is not only a PDF converter, it is an online converter that can help users to convert a format to another file format. The newest version is 6.5. With it, you can convert your Keynote to PDF easily.

Step 1. Select files or URL to convert, you can click "Choose Files" button or just drag and drop files. But please not that your file are up to 100MB.

Step 2. Then you need to choose the format you want to convert to, choose "pdf" from drop-down list.

Step 3. This online tool need users to enter their email address to receive converted files, it is vital.

Step 4. Click "Convert" button to start converting your keynote file.

2. Online Apple Keynote to PDF

Apple Keynote to PDF is an online tool that can convert Apple Keynote file to PDF file online without email required. This tool only supports users to upload Apple Keynote File from local.

convert keynote to pdf on mac

Step 1. Click "Choose File" button, select a local Apple Keynote file and click "Open" button.

Step 2. Click "Convert Now!" button to convert. Wait a few seconds, it will finish the conversion.

Step 3. You don't need to enter your email address to receive files. You can download or view the output PDF file on your web browser after conversion.

3. Cloudconvert Key-to-PDF

CloudConvert is a website that provides the service of conversion between more than 200 different audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet and presentation formats. CloudConvert Key-to-PDF allows users to convert Keynote to PDF on it. It doesn’t support send email to users when it finished converting. Users can choose three other ways to receive converted files, including desktop notification, saving file on CloudConvert or saving files to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box.

Step 1. Select files on its page. You click the "Select files" button or drag & drop to add files to it.

Step 2. Then you need to choose the way that you receive your files after finishing converting. Three ways you can choose.

Step 3. Click the “Start Conversion”, wait a minute, you will get your files.

How to convert PDF to Keynote on Mac?

Now that you have learned how to convert Keynote to PDF on Mac, do you know how to convert PDF back to Keynote on Mac? Not everyone use Mac, but sometimes, we will receive PDF files from friends or colleagues who use windows, and we need to convert PDF to Keynote on mac. How to do that? You can refer to the solutions in “How to Convert PDF to Keynote on Mac” or just go through following steps to decide if this OCR PDF Converter for Mac is what you need.

  1. Run the program, go to "Converter" and add single or multiple PDFs into the program by drag and drop
  2. Choose the output format as Keynote, specify page range. Do not forget to turn the OCR function ON if you are working on scanned PDFs.convert pdf to keynote on mac
  3. Click Convert to change PDF to Keynote files on mac

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