A Complete Guide to Convert Docx to PDF for Different Users

Connie Wisley
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Docx is a file format allowing users to edit document freely, while PDF works better to present contents and protect files with advanced settings. That is the reason why we often need to convert a Docx file to PDF. Here in this post, a complete guide to convert Docx to PDF is made for all users, no matter if you are looking for Adobe or online solutions, or asking for a professional Docx to PDF Converter on Mac/Windows/Android/iOS.

If You Have Installed Adobe

You may have subscribed Adobe Acrobat, the most powerful office program to manipulate PDF, edit PDF, and even create PDF. As we all know, Adobe is available both in MacOS and Windows versions, here we will take Mac Adobe as the example to show the tutorial of Docx-to-PDF conversion.

  1. Run Adobe Acrobat DC on your device.
  2. Go to Tools>Create PDF as following.convert docx to pdf adobe
  3. Click “Select a File” to import the Docx file you want to convert to PDF. Then click “Convert” to make Docx in PDF format with Adobe Acrobat. Done!

However, Adobe doesn’t allow users to batch convert Docx to PDF, if you want such an extended feature, keep reading to find a professional one in the following guide.

If You Want to Convert Docx to PDF for Free

Though Adobe can properly fix the problem of Docx-to-PDF conversion, its price tag easily put users off to buy one. In fact, if you don’t need to convert Docx to PDF very often, neither require high on conversion results, you can absolutely convert Docx to PDF without any commercial investment: go to an online free Docx to PDF Converter.

Basically, there are 2 types of online Docx to PDF Converter, one requires email address to send the download link of PDF output, the other one doesn’t require. To save your troubles of receiving spam letters in your email box, you are recommended to use the one doesn’t require submitting email address but bring you satisfactory results. 

Here is the one: online2pdf. It offers online free services enabling users to convert single or multiple Docx to PDF. Also, you can compress, protect and customize the PDF output as needed within this online program. Besides, it helps users to convert other documents, Excel, PPT, and Image to PDF for free.

  1. Go to online2pdf, upload single or multiple files by click “Select files”.
  2. Choose the preferred mode: create one PDF from imported Docx, or create new PDF file from each page.
  3. Go to “Preferences” to customize your PDFs, adjust the settings under each toolbar.
  4. Click “Convert” to convert Docx to PDF for free.convert docx to pdf online

However, if your files are highly confidential or private, don’t upload for conversion due to potential risks of information leakage.

If You are Looking for Outstanding Docx to PDF Converter

If you happen to be the one care about conversion results the most, a professional Docx to PDF Converter with outstanding performance is necessary. For different users, the choice will be different. Anyway, among numerous choices, we pick out the best ones for you, we have tested on these converters and they prove themselves to be the right one.

For Mac Users to Convert Docx to PDF

Cisdem PDFMaster, a Mac program designed to create PDF from Docx, Doc, PPT, TXT, ePub, RTFD, CHM, Image, etc., with original file quality retained. It supports batch converting Docx to PDF, also allows users to combine all different files into single one PDF. In addition, it can convert PDF files back to 10 formats, also allows users to edit, compress, merge, split, encrypt, decrypt PDF files.

Free Download

  1. Go to PDF Create, add files to PDF Creator by drag and drop. Also, you can click “+” to import Docx files.docx to pdf with pdfmaster01
  2. Tweak the setting. If you want to convert specified pages to PDF, fill in the page range, if don’t, choose “All Pages”; rename the file if needed. In the case that you want to convert multiple Docx files into single one PDF, turn the “Merge” button ON.docx to pdf with pdfmaster 02
  3. Click “Create” to convert Docx to PDF on mac.

In the case you want to convert PDF back to Docx, you can try its PDF OCR Converter, which supports 2-way conversion on PDFs.

For Windows Users to Convert Docx to PDF

pdfforge PDF Creator for Windows, is a free application help users to convert any files that you can open on your Windows PC to PDF. It processes the Docx-to-PDF conversion differently from other converters, it works more like a PDF printer. Users just need to add the pdfforge printer to the printer list, then print the Docx within defaulted document viewer(Microsoft Office Word) as PDF. That’s to say, you need to preinstall Microsoft Office Word first.

  1. Install and run PDFForge PDF Creator on your Windows PC.
  2. Choose output format as PDF and adjust the settings as following.convert docx to pdf on windows 01
  3. Go to Profile Seting>Actions, check the box before “Print Document”.
  4. Go to Application Setting and add the printer under “Printers”.convert docx to pdf on windows 02
  5. Open Docx file in Microsoft Word, go to File>Print, choose the pdfforge printer to print Docx as PDF.

For iOS Users to Convert Docx to PDF

PDF Converter by Readdle, an iOS PDF program helping users to make professional looking PDFs from Word, Excel, Powerpoint, iWork, Webpage, images and so on. It also supports iCloud Drive for you to collaborate with other applications conveniently.

  1. Download the app in App Store and launch the program.
  2. Go to “Document” and you files will be displayed here. Select the Docx file you want to convert to PDF.docx to pdf ios 01
  3. Then choose “Open in”> “Open in PDF Converter”, you Docx file will be converted to PDF, rename and save it on your iPhone or iPad.docx to pdf on ios 02

For Android Users to Convert Docx to PDF

Kingsoft Office for Android is a free office tool but with full-features, allowing users to create, view, edit and save all Microsoft Office documents. Users can easily save Docx as PDF, also access iCloud services to collaborate with other applications.

  1. Run the application on Android, open an existing Docx file.docx to pdf android 01
  2. Then you can edit the document, rename it. Click the save icon and choose PDF as the output. Finally, click “Save” to store the PDF output.docx to pdf android 02

Final Thoughts

Still, there may be other alternatives to convert Docx to PDF. It makes sense that more and more people start to pick the best one, usually a dedicated Docx to PDF converter that can get the work done and solve all quality issues itself. So, which one will you try to solve the Docx-to-PDF conversion? Try and share with us.

Connie Wisley
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Connie has been writing for Mac productivity and utility apps since 2009. Each review and solution is based on her practical tests, she is aways energetic and trustworthy in this field.

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