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Can’t Import PDF to PPT on Mac Resoundingly? Fix it!

PDF is the universal file format to save and share information across different platforms, but sometimes you might need to import your informative PDF into editable PowerPoint on Mac if you are planning on making a presentation. Is there a way to import a PDF into a PPT presentation on Mac that just looks like the original PDF, that’s to say, to retain the original layouts, elements, text contents, graphics, etc? The answer is yes! Keep reading for the answer, you will find a great PDF to PPT converter for Mac to solve common issues.

3 Issues Often Occur When Import PDF to PPT on Mac

Among so many concerns people are talking about PDF-to-PPT, there are 3 most common issues that greatly intensify the difficulty to convert PDF to PowerPoint as well as users expect. Here we are going to discuss the details and then giving hint on the solutions for these issues.

1. Formatting

I have literally tried a dozen different ppt to PDF converters and they all suck. The text becomes off-centered, images cut off, etc. They all have similar results. Any recommendations? --- MD_mania from Reddit

As we all know, PDF boast itself in its rich PDF elements and retains the original formatting of image, text, data as its source file. Assuming your PDF is with abundant elements, formatting preservation would be the key to your presentation when importing PDF to PPT on Mac.

And the fact is, formatting get messed up often when you utilize online PDF-to-PPT conversion service, it is free though, doesn’t perform well in formatting retaining.

2. Image/Graphic Resolution

Once you have imported the PDF to PPT and open the PPT on Mac, you may find that the images get blurry or less sharp than those in the original PDF file. One reason is that powerPoint has an option to automatically compress images when you save the presentation, the option is turned on by default. It may works perfect for some time, while bring your troubles the other time. One thing to add is, we often use JPG as the image format in PDFs since it takes smaller size, but JPG is a lossy format.

Another reason for poorer image resolution may result from the tool you are applying to import PDF to PPT on Mac. Only if the tool you are using is full-featured technically, the image resolution can be affected at a minimized level or hardly affected.

3. Conversion Failure during the Process

Generally, conversion failures caused by either the incompatibility between PDF and PPT or large size files. PDF and PPT are 2 different file formats, there is always a compatibility gap between them which indicates that if you PDF is not so Micro Soft-friendly, the conversion may be choked for no good reason. While talking about large size PDFs, online PDF-to-PPT service has made a clear statement on the file size limit, even, not all the desktop PDF-to-PPT converters is capable of converting large size files due to incompetent performance.

3 most common pdf-to-ppt issues conversion failure

The Solution: Find an Expert to Import PDF to PPT on Mac

To shoot these 3 most common PDF-to-PPT issues, we need a professional assistant to do the job. PDF Converter for Mac is an expert in this field to batch convert PDF documents into best quality PPT, with original layout, quality preserved.

But when we talking about scanned files, the only feasible method at this moment to convert scanned files into other editable formats is mainly about OCR (Optical character recognition). So, what we need to convert scanned PDF to PPT is still a PDF Converter but with OCR function, here we recommend the PDF Converter OCR for Mac, still designed by Cisdem, a great PDF tool developer in its field.

Key Features of Cidem PDFConverterOCR for Mac:

  • Convert both native and scanned PDF to Word, Text, Excel, PPT, Keynote, Pages, Rtfd, ePub, HTML, and image document with OCR technology.
  • The OCR process is quite fast and 100% successful to save your time and effort on the job
  • Offer user-friendly interface and convert with original layout kept
  • New formats will continually add to the product in future and no need to pay any extra expense
  • Create PDF
  • Protect and unprotect PDF
  • Customize PDF size and quality (compression)

Download the Free Trial

Dowload the Free Trial of Cisdem PDF Converter OCR Now!

steps to convert native and scanned PDF to PPT on Mac

The following steps will explain you how to convert PDF to PPT on Mac easily without issues. If you intend to learn more solutions about how to import PDF to PPT on Mac, please check: How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac?

Step 1. Import PDF File into the Software

Open Cisdem PDF Converter OCR after downloading the trial version and launching it on your mac. Go to "Converter", drag&drop PDFs into its working area or add files by clicking the "+" icon.fix pdf to ppt issue on mac 01

Step 2. Set PowerPoint (.pptx) as the Output Format

Choose the page range and output format as PPTX(click the format icon) from the drop-down list as follows.fix pdf to ppt issue 02

Step 3. Start Converting PDF to PPT on Mac

Ultimately, convert PDF into PPT on Mac. If your file is image-based scanned PDF, you can turn on "OCR" feature. And then click "Convert" to turn scanned PDF into PPT format.

Final Words

Definitely, we don’t lack tools to import a PDF into PPT on Mac, but we do need a well-performing tool to preserve the original layout, quality and versatility. A great PDF converter should kill all the concerns that annoy users, just like Cisdem. So, why not to have a try?

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