How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint without Losing Formatting 2023?

Jose Henline
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PDF is the universal file format to save and share information across different platforms, but sometimes you might need to convert PDF to PowerPoint format if you are planning on making a presentation.

There are many converting problems of PDF to PPT, formatting and image resolution are the top ones. Formatting may get messed up because PDF and PPT are totally 2 different formats, there are changes made to layout, font, alignment, spacing, margin and so on. You may also find the images get blurry or less sharp after conversion.

But don’t worry, we here introduce 2 ways to convert PDF to PowerPoint without losing formatting, and without changing font as well. 


How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint without Losing Formatting or Changing Font?

To shoot PDF-to-PPT quality issues, we need a professional assistant to do the job. Here, according to the test results, we pick Cisdem PDF Converter OCR.

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR is highly recommended to both Windows and Mac users. It is designed to convert  PDFs into 20 formats: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, ePub, Text, RTF, HTML, PDF/A, XOD, XPS, image and so on. It also has OCR feature, auto performing OCR on scanned PDF and images to make them searchable or editable. Moreover, this program offers a free built-in PDF creator allowing users to create and merge PDFs.

Regarding Cisdem’s PDF to PPT converter, it converts files without losing formatting:

  1. It won’t change font, font color and size
  2. It won’t ruin the color scheme
  3. It retains page layout, headline/title, chart, table and image as original
  4. It keeps background
  5. Contents on the same PDF page will be also on the same slide
  6. It won’t remove standard elements like list box, shape, line, hyperlink, etc.
  7. It preserves original aspect ratio
  8. It maintains header and footer (also you can remove)
  9. It converts PDF into editable PPT, you can easily edit the texts, images, style or others

How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint without Losing Quality or Changing Font?

  1. Download and install Cisdem PDF Converter OCR.
     Free Download macOS 10.13 or later Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7
  2. Import PDF File into the Software.
    Open Cisdem PDF Converter OCR after downloading the trial version. Go to "Converter", drag&drop PDFs into its working area or add files by clicking the "+" icon.pdf to ppt cisdem 01
  3. Set PowerPoint (.pptx) as the Output Format.
    Choose the page range and output format as PPTX from the drop-down list as follows. For scanned PDF, it will auto detect and perform OCR on your file.pdf to ppt cisdem 02
  4. Start Converting PDF to PPT on Mac/Windows.
    Click "Convert" button to turn PDF into PPT format. Check the PowerPoint files in your output folder.pdf to ppt cisdem 03

Convert PDF to PPT without Changing Formatting in Adobe Acrobat

If you have installed Adobe Acrobat or anyone of your friends is using this program, you can convert your PDFs into PowerPoint without losing quality in Adobe Acrobat.

You should have heard about Adobe Acrobat, a powerful PDF editor to manipulate PDF contents and pages, you can edit your PDFs as easily as using a regular word processor, because it has both basic and advanced text tools. Also, it can export a PDF as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, RTF, Encapsulated Postscript, Postscript, Text, XML and image, with good quality.

How to Convert PDF to PPT without Changing Font or Losing Quality in Adobe?

  1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Click Tools > Export PDF.
  3. Choose output format as Microsoft PowerPoint, also you can click the gear icon to adjust the PPT settings. pdf to ppt adobe
  4. Then click Export and convert PDF to PowerPoint without changing formatting.

Adobe Acrobat VS Cisdem PDF Converter OCR

On PDF editing, Adobe Acrobat can be defeated by no one, but on PDF conversion, Cisdem PDF Converter OCR may be a better choice for you, it is exclusively designed to convert PDFs without changing format, has abundant features for highly efficient conversion, such as versatile format support, batch conversion, output settings, etc.

  Adobe Acrobat Cisdem PDF Converter OCR
Input format Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, Rtf, HTML, EPS, OpenOffice, PSD, AI, AutoCAD, XML, Visio, image Word, Excel, PowerPoint, iWork Pages/Keynote/Numbers(macOS only), PDF, HTML, CHM, Rtf, Text, XPS, AutoCAD, 14 image formats
Output format PDF, EPS, HTML, image, Rtf, Text, Excel, Word, XML Word, Excel, PowerPoint, iWork Pages/Keynote/Numbers(macOS only), image, PDF/A, ePub, HTML, Rtd, Text, XOD, XPS
OCR support Yes Yes
Output settings Yes Yes
Batch support Yes Yes

Bonus: Convert PDF to PowerPoint for Free

For users who want to convert PDF to PowerPoint for free, there are multiple free PDF converters available. But before the online conversion, make sure you have noticed that:

  • There are potential risks of information leakage since the uploaded files will be save in online server for some while
  • It will take some time to upload and download files especially you have an unstable Internet connection
  • It won’t work on large-size PDFs since there is a size limit

It is quite easy to perform PDF to PPT conversion online, just follow the instructions on the webpage. Here we recommend several good-performance online free PDF to PPT Converter for your choice.

  • #1 Zamzar PDF to PPT Converter
  • #2 Nitro PDF to PPT Converter
  • #3 online2pdf PDF to PPT Converter
  • #4 Smallpdf PDF to PPT Converter

All these 4 online PDF to PowerPoint converters share similar steps to convert PDFs, here we use Zamzar as an example to show you the PDF to PowerPoint conversion process.

How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint Online?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Choose Files to upload the PDF for conversion.
  3. Click on Convert Now and turn PDF to PowerPoint format.pdf to ppt online
  4. Download the PowerPoint file to your local drive.

Final Words

Definitely, we don’t lack tools to convert PDF to PPT, but we do need a well-performing tool to preserve the original font, formatting and quality. A great PDF converter should kill all the concerns that annoy users, just like Cisdem. So, why not have a try?

Jose Henline
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Jose specializes in reviews, how-to guides, top lists, etc. on PDF, data recovery and multi-media. On his spare time, he likes to travel or challenge some extreme sports.

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  • Calvin Hudson

    Thank you for this useful and resourceful share. I specially enjoyed your step by step descriptions on how I can do it. Can't believe I didn't know this process until today. I believe there are many who would love this process as well.

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  • Philip

    The formatting bothers me the most, now using the converter and it works as it says, thanks for sharing.

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