How to Block a Website on Opera/Opera GX on Mac and PC

Rosa Reyes
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Opera is a browser become popular since its privacy, fast speed and good user experience. Opera GX is a special version of Opera with gaming twist and some unique features. Both of them are beloved by many users. Recently, network security has always been a concern of every family. Since that, there are many users want to know how to block a website on Opera/Opera GX. This browser doesn’t have built-in function to block a specific website. If you want to do that, below I will introduce you several other ways to block a websites on Opera for Mac and PC. Keep your family’s online safety.


How to block a website on Opera using web filter

For Mac

Using the web filter is the most efficient way to block a website on opera. How to choose a good web filter to block a website on browser depends on the devices. For Mac users, Cisdem AppCrypt is what I recommend. It is a professional tool to ensure online security and help users to control Internet behavior. It supports blocking websites and webpages on all popular web browsers including Opera, Opera GX. Below are steps:

1. Download and install AppCrypt.

Free Download

2. Set a password when you first launch this program.

set a password

3. Click the icon on the desktop. Click Open Main Window. Enter the password to open it.

open main window

4. Click Web Block on the main window. Type in the URL that you want to block then click Add.

web block

5. Next time you or others want to access the blocked websites, a window will pop up show you that the page has been blocked.

website being blocked on opera


Block websites on Opera GX by categories

Opera especially Opera GX is a browser preferred by gamers. Features like CPU, RAM and Network limiter enhance their gaming experience. However, spending too much time playing games can be damaging, especially for young kids. Cisdem AppCrypt can help you block websites by categories on Opera/Opera GX, like games sites, porn sites, gambling, and more. For example, to block all popular games websites on the Internet, click Import on the upper right corner. Choose Games Sites.

block websites by categories

Block websites on Opera at certain times

If you just want to control the time you/your kids spend on certain websites, you can set a schedule to a specific website. Then this tool will only block this website during the time you set. And can be accessed normally at other times. To do that, find the site from your block list. Click the clock icon on the left. Enable Custom Schedule then set the time. Alternatively, you can also set a general schedule to all blocked websites on your block list at certain times. The general schedule icon is on the top tool bar.

clock icon

custom schedule

Block all websites except one on Opera

AppCrypt provides 2 modes. You can add unwanted websites to block list, or block all websites with 1-click and then approve a few. Enable Block all websites button on the bottom left. Click on Exceptions next to it. Add the websites that you allow access to the Always Allow list. Then all websites except a few that you approved will be inaccessible on Opera.


For Windows

Cisdem AppCrypt is also avaitable for Windows and supports blocking certain websites/categories of sites on Opera. Below are steps:

1. Download and install Cisdem AppCrypt.

Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7

2. Set a password as pompts. Click its icon on the task bar. Choose Open Main Window.

Open Main Window

3. Enter the password to access the main window.

4. Go to Web Block tab. It will ask you to install the extensions to your browsers for website blocking. Click the Install button next to Opera. Follow the prompts to add the extension to your Opera browser.

install extension

5. Go back to the Web Block tab of AppCrypt. Then enter the URLs that you want to block on Opera into the top box. Click Add.

block sites on Opera on Windows

6. Now the sites are blocked on Opera on Windows.


How to block a website on Opera through extension

If you don’t want to install apps, there is another way to block websites on Opera-adding extension. But what I have to say is that the extensions are easy to remove. So if you want to block a website on Opera to control your child’s online behavior using extension, this is not the safest way. Below I’ll show you an extension that can be added to Opera/Opera GX-Block Site.

1. Open Opera browser on your computer. Click the cube icon from the left side bar.

2. Click Get more extensions.

3. Search for Block Site from the new window. Choose the one with 3 “W” in the icon from the results.

4. Hit Add to Opera then Installing.

5. Enter the website that you want to block on the Opera browser. Now we navigate to the YouTube website.

6. Click the cube icon from the upper-right corner. Then hit on Block Site.

click block site

7. A prompt window will pop up. Click OK.

click ok

8. Now YouTube website is blocked on Opera. Next time whoever try to access this website, can only see this blocked window.

block youtube website9. To remove this extension, you can click the cube icon on the upper-right corner of the window. Then click the 3-dot icon besides the Block Site. Select Remove extension.


Tip: Using Opera’s Content settings to help block certain element on websites

Opera browser has no built in features to block a website directly, but allows you to specify if a website can set cookies, use JavaScript, show images, send pop-ups or use redirects. Below I’ll show you how to set YouTube website not showing images on Opera.

1. Open Opera browser on your computer.

2. Click Settings on the left side bar menu.

3. Click on Advanced > Privacy & securitySite Settings.

4. Go to the Content section. Select Images.

5. Go to Customized behavior section. Click the Add button next to Not allowed to show images.

Customized behavior

6. Type in YouTube’s URL then click Add.

add website to block images

7. Now go to YouTube on the Opera, you will find all pictures are not showing.

pictures not showing


Our kids are always affected by inappropriate websites on computer such as porn sites, gambling sites. We are also easy to distract by some interesting websites such as social media sites when working. It’s necessary to find a way to block websites on computer. To block a website on Opera/Opera GX, I think the best way is to install 3rd-party apps such as AppCrypt. If you choose to add extensions, it will be easy to remove. And Opera’s built-in settings can’t block a website totally.

Rosa Reyes
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Rosa has worked in Mac software industry for more than eight years. She believes that the purpose of software is to make life better and work more productively. In addition to writing, Rosa is also an avid runner.

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    Both methods are useful. Thank you!And I think the web filter app would be better as it also works on Chrome and other browsers.

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