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What is the Best Duplicate File Finder Mac 2017?

2017-01-16 03:35:18 / Posted byRosa Reyes to Utility Follow @ Rosa

We usually store so many files in our hard disk or other storage device, a large quantity of duplicate files will inevitably appear even though you organize your folder frequently. Duplicate files are everywhere, how to get rid of them? So we need a good duplicate file finder for Mac to help us find and delete them. Today, I will recommend the best duplicate file finder Mac for all of you. But before that, let’s talk about why should you use a Mac duplicate file finder.

Why should I use a Mac duplicate file finder or remover?

Before you ask yourself what the best duplicate file finder Mac is, you should wonder what it is and why you would need it. Duplicate files are usually useless and keeping them on your Mac is a waste of valuable hard disk space.Your hard drives may be full of duplicate documents, songs, photos, and videos. How to find and remove duplicate files? Yes, you need a Mac duplicate file finder which can help you locate and remove useless duplicate files to free up disk space and better organize your file collections. The relative benefits of using a Mac duplicate file finder for only reducing your digital junk levels are trivial. The benefits should come from added functionality and security.

General benefits of a duplicate file finder:

  • Find and remove duplicate files
  • Identify and recover wasted disk space
  • Reducing the time and media used for backups
  • Minimize time used to unneeded virus scanning
  • Increase free space on "limited" resources
  • Reduce files searching time

Why Cisdem DuplicateFinder is the best solution?

With so many software and freeware invented these days, you’ll have a hard time choosing for the right one. Some developers will present an online duplicate file finder or freeware, but the features are very limited.When it comes to best Mac duplicate file finder, I highly recommend Cisdem DuplicateFinder. Why Cisdem DuplicateFinder is the best solution? I will give you the reasons below.

Cisdem duplicate file finder Mac can help users to delete the same photos, documents, spreadsheets, MP3s, etc. in your hard drive. It use several file comparison methods, including MD5 checksum, comparison by name, date, size, and even byte-by-byte comparison (comparison by file content). These methods are very effective for finding duplicate files and the byte-by-byte algorithm guarantees 100% accuracy. Other sources and devices are also supported, including external devices, such as MP3 players, USB drives, Digital Cameras, etc. What's more this app supports find and remove duplicate files from iPhoto and iTunes.

Compared to other duplicate file finder, Cisdem DuplicateFinder has many advantages:

  • Cisdem DuplicateFinder has a user-friendly and fashion interface. All buttons are customized according to customers' demand, the main function of it is immediately apparent, which makes users can learn to use it easily. So its operations are more reasonable, it won't let you delete your files mistakenly.
  • Some duplicate file finders Mac don't support scanning duplicates in iTunes or iPhoto, but Cisdem DuplicateFinder can do that. You don't need to worry about the duplicate files here.
  • Cisdem DuplicateFinder scans your device with a super fast speed, which will save you so much time.
  • Cisdem DuplicateFinder also supports finding and removing duplicate files from your HDD or SSD. 
  • Cisdem DuplicateFinder shows duplicate files in both pie chart and categories. It also allows you to remove duplicates in your desired ways.

Surely, Cisdem DuplicateFinder also has its disadvantage, it is only available for Mac OS X 10.7 or later and needs 20 MB space. See our customer Sally's first impression on this duplicate finder below.

Download Cisdem Duplicate File Finder Mac >>

Use DuplicateFinder to find and delete duplicate files on Mac

Three Steps to find and delete these duplicates and regain the storage space they previously occupied:

  1. Drop the folder that you want to scan into the app. (You can filter scanning duplicates by clicking the gear like icon on the top right corner for advanced settings.)
  2. Once you have chosen the folder to scan, please click "Scan" to start the duplicate file scanning.
  3. When the scanning finished,the number and space of duplicate files will be presented in the app. Click "Show Results",all duplicate files of the chosen folder will be listed on a colorful pie chart which spots the most problematic file type. Click "All" on the menu bar and you can preview each duplicates by clicking it, and the detailed information will be listed on the right. Delete multiple duplicated files by selecting them first, and then clicking "Delete" on the lower right corner.

Download the freetrial of Cisdem Duplicate Finder Mac Now!

The competitors of Cisdem DuplicateFinder

#1: Gemini: The Duplicate Finder

Gemini is a very slick little app that makes finding duplicate files a snap. The slick, user-friendly interface is easy to use and understand. In addition, Gemini also supports scan your iTunes and iPhoto library for duplicates. It seems a good choice if you only want a slick interface. However, the interface might be just a little TOO simple for some people, as there are not a lot of options to allow things like setting up folders you'd like excluded from results. Gemini provides Auto-select feature for users, but its auto-select tool is a bit of a curse. If you don't pay great attention to it, you may accidentally delete an important file if you're not really paying attention. 

Pros: Great interface and easy to use, super fast speed.

Cons: Do not have filter option; the interface is too simple to some option lack; only delete the duplicate files of local folder, cannot delete the file at the dropbox; can't searching for something very specific and auto-select tool is a bit of a curse. 

Download Gemini >>

#2: Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate File Finder for Mac is known for its powerful duplicate file scanning capabilities, it can redeem disk space in a quick and easy way. It can search for duplicate files by name, creation and modification date, empty folders, and file contents which do guarantee more accuracy in searching. More search condition can be choose, you can search by application, file type, creator, extension, label, visibility and file age. And if you want to scan and find duplicate music files, tag, duration, and MP3/AAC bit installments can as your searching selection. Though powerful, it's expensive and sometimes buggy. Also, you should be careful when choosing which duplicate files to remove as it is possible to delete files you actually do need pretty easily.

Pros: Scans quickly, powerful file scanning capabilities.

Cons: Interface feels a bit old-fashioned, its free trial has too many limits, it only allows users to get a sense of what the interface and navigation are like, users know nothing about what the program can actually do and how smoothly it will run; it is not a smooth process when scrolling through the list of scan results with the mousepad.

Download Easy Duplicate Finder >>

#3: Duplicate Detective

Duplicate Detective is comprehensive duplicate finder for your Mac, it is available on Mac App Store in $2.99. It can quickly scans you hard drive to find duplicate files and list for you so you can choose to delete them, including duplicate images, audio, archives, entire folders and more. It supports to add folders before scanning by drag-and-drop and it can scan individual or multiple folders in one go.

Pros: Its price is so cute, just need $2.99; users can download from Mac App Store so it will be installed automatically.

Cons: Runs slowly, if you try to find duplicates in a folder with many thousands of files, the app takes a very long time to process the results. You have to select which duplicates to delete one at a time. Its auto-select function is weakness.

Download Duplicate Detective >>


Generally, a good duplicate file finder Mac can search for files with the same name, the same size, and/or the exact same contents. It helps you examine each file and decide which one to keep. It can offer flexible settings on certain file types, so you can concentrate on the more wasteful redundancy. Most of all, it should be easy to use and stable. Taken together, Cisdem DuplicateFinder is undoubtedly your best choice to find duplicate files on Mac.

Download the free trial of Cisdem Duplicate File Finder Mac Now!

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  • Vonnegut

    5 out of 5 stars for this only program Cisdem DuplicateFinder. I used this duplicate file finder for years. Others are definitely not recommended.

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    Hi, Vonnegut, thank you for the support of our product Cisdem DuplicateFinder. We will keep up the good work.

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    Downloaded the free trial, but though it will locate duplicates it won't let you delete the extra really the free trial is more of a preview I guess.

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  • Rosa Reyes

    Hi, Helen Krieger, free trial version of many duplicate file finder only allows you to find duplicate files; if you want to delete them, you have to buy.

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    where can I find a mac version?

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    As far as i know, this duplicate file finder has no mac version, so I tried Cisdem duplicate finder on my macbook pro, it worked perfectly.

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    Thank you for writing this useful article. I tried Cisdem DuplicateFinder, it really found all of the duplicate files on my Mac. It saved my hard disk storage.

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    Cisdem DuplicateFinder is really the best solution. I used it to find duplicate files on my Mac, it did a good job. I like it. Thank you, writer.

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    Useful article, useful tool. I tried the first one as it seemed better than others. Actually, it did well.

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