4 Easy Ways to Download Bandcamp Album to MP3 (Original Kbps)

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Bandcamp is an online music store for users to discover and purchase fantastic music from independent musicians. It's also a publishing platform for artists to upload, promote and share their music albums. Artists or labels upload music to Bandcamp with custom prices. You can listen to any Bandcamp song online for free before you decide to buy it. Also, you can send the purchased music as a gift.

However, a lot of users are asking if there are free Bandcamp album downloaders to collect all their favorite music to local. The answer is in the affirmative. You can download Bandcamp full album to MP3 without spending a single penny.

An All-in-one Way to Batch Download Bandcamp to MP3/WAV/FLAC/etc.

Cisdem Video Converter is an ultimate Bandcamp album downloader owing to its marvelous and formidable capabilities. It consists of all the necessary features needed for downloading video/audio, so you can feel free to download media files from any online streaming website, like Bandcamp, YouTube, Brightcove, VEVO, Twitch, Dailymotion, JW Player, and so on.

It is worth mentioning that this superior software is pretty easy to use. Only with the simple URL, it can download the full album at once in one click, free you from copying and pasting the URL of the track one by one.

Besides, this best Bandcamp downloader is also designed to carry out another important function- converting digital files & DVDs to a wide range of video and audio formats or preset profiles. Hence, except for downloading Bandcamp to its original format, you can also convert Bandcamp to WAV, FLAC, OGG or any other format you want.

Standout features of the best Bandcamp downloader for Mac and Windows:

  • Download video/audio from 1000+ sites, including Bandcamp.com
  • Support Bandcamp bulk download
  • Convert Bandcamp music to 300+ formats or presets for third-party software/devices
  • Combine a number of Bandcamp audio into one
  • Adjust audio parameters like quality, bitrate, sample rate, etc.
  • Save audio as 320 kbps, 192 kbps, 128 kbps, and more
  • Built-in video editor to optimize & enhance your files
  • Serve as a DVD ripper to convert DVD to general file format

Free Download macOS 10.12 or later    Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7

Step 1Install the software and go to the "Download" Tab

Download, install and launch the Cisdem Video Converter on your computer.

It will show the "convert" interface by default. Click on the third icon at the top to switch it to the "download" interface.

main ui cisdem

Step 2Copy & paste the songs' URL into the program

Find the Bandcamp album you wish to download and copy the URL. If you just want a single track, just copy the according URL.

paste url

Step 3Download Bandcamp to MP3 in batches

Press button to complete Bandcamp download in bulk and wait for the process to end.

download bandcamp to mp3

Pro Tip 1Convert Bandcamp songs to other formats

To download Bandcamp albums to FLAC, WMA, M4A, AIFF, WAV, etc., you should click tick icon icon to open up the folder where the downloaded Bandcamp tracks are stored.

Then, move them to the “convert” tab. Click the format icon and select your satisfactory output formats from "General Audio".

convert bandcamp to flac, wav, etc.

Pro Tip 2Adjust audio parameters

Click gear icon icon next to each format to open the "Advanced Settings" window. You can now tweak the track quality, codec, channel, and sample rate.

advanced settings

Get Cisdem Video Converter right now:

Free Download macOS 10.12 or later    Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7

With respect to Bandcamp download for Android phone or iPhone, you can connect the device to your Mac/Windows with USB and transfer the downloaded Bandcamp songs to your phone.


Download Bandcamp to MP3 Free with Chrome/Firefox Extension

#1 Locoloader

Locoloader is a trustworthy Bandcamp downloader Chrome extension/Firefox add-on available for the public, which is capable of downloading all music from a album in one click. Besides Bandcamp, it also supports download music/videos from other 50+ websites, such as YouTube, Bilibili, SoundCloud, Vimeo, etc.

Unlike common extensions, it is actually a combination of extension and online downloader, so that it requires you to copy the URL of the music you want. And it offers a built-in monitor to detect and analyze the pasted content automatically. Plus, you can also use it as an independent online Bandcamp downloader, but this way only allows people to download the music one by one.


  1. Work fast and don’t require any registration.
  2. Don’t have unhealthy ads


  1. Only download Bandcamp music to MP3 in 180 kbps
  2. Limit one account to 2 free downloads per 6 hours
  1. Go to https://www.locoloader.com/extension/, choose “Get Chrome Extension” and then click “Add to Chrome”. If you use Firefox, choose “Get Firefox Extension” button to install it.
  2. Once added, it will direct you to a new page at https://www.locoloader.com/.
    download bandcamp to mp3 free online with locoloader 01
  3. Now, go to Bandcamp.com and copy the URL of your desired music track or album.
  4. Back to the page, paste the copied link into the box for adding link. And it will analyze the link automatically .
  5. Once done, it will show you the contained files with the corresponding name below, as well as the download options. Click the “Download All” button to batch download Bandcamp songs offline.
    download bandcamp to mp3 free online with locoloader 02

#2 Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is also a reliable extension on Chrome and Firefox, which can help you download a host of videos from the Internet. It works with most video sites like Bandcamp, Break, Periscope, Vimeo, Twitch, UStream, Fox, Bloomberg, Liveleak, Vine, RAI, France 2-3 and thousands of others. When the logo of this Bandcamp Downloader spinning around, it indicates you can download the Bandcamp song that is listening to your computer.


  • Several types of streaming sites, making the add-on special
  • Support multiple formats, such as MP4, FLV, 3GP
  • Don’t need to copy and paste the URL


  1. While downloading Bandcamp songs, MPEG is the only output choice
  2. Not support batch processing
  1. Search Video DownloadHelper on addons.mozilla.org and get it on Firefox. Or search Video DownloadHelper on Chrome web store to install it.
  2. Open a Bandcamp song. Right-click the play button to call up the menu.
  3. Select "Video DownloadHelper", then choose “↓ XXX MB/KB - Audio only - MPEG” to start to download songs from Bandcamp for free. And the download process will appear on the top toolbar.bandcamp downloader firefox

    tips: Although it stated that the output format is only MPEG, it is MP3 on Chrome. And if you want to change the output format to MP3 while using Firefox, there are a couple of free or online converters for your choice, such as VLC Media Player.


Bandcamp Download Free with Online Bandcamp Downloaders

I did tests for online Bandcamp album downloaders specifically. Most of them can be used to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and other conventional websites. Very few of them actually support to download Bandcamp songs.

Some web-based tools that claim to support Bandcamp album downloads don't work either, such as qdownloader.net, downloadbandcamp.com, and video-download.co.

#1 OKmusi.com

OKmusi.com is a professional MP3 downloader that can make audios/videos from 250+ websites to MP3 format without difficulty. Only with the according URL, it is able to extract all content from the music, album or the playlist effortlessly and quickly. Moreover, it can download Bandcamp to MP3 in 320 kbps, 192 kbps and 128 kbps. However, the former two options can only be completed in its App version.


  1. Work on Mac, PC and Android without installing software
  2. Support dealing with various websites
  3. Easy to use and free


  1. More advanced features are only accessible in the App, such as batch processing, high quality options and more formats
  2. Always pop up unrelated pages when clicking “Download” button
  1. Visit https://okmusi.com/index/ on your browser.
  2. Paste a link of Bandcamp music/album into the blank box for adding URL.
  3. Click “Download” button to start the analyze process.
    download bandcamp to mp3 online with okmusi 01
  4. Once finished, it will show you all contained music with the Download button. Click the Download button to continue.
    download bandcamp to mp3 online with okmusi 02
  5. Now, click the Download button of “128k. The music will be played on a new tab. Click the “three-dot” icon and choose “Download” button to save Bandcamp to MP3 for free to your device.
    download bandcamp to mp3 online with okmusi 03

#2 Bandcampalbumdownloadermp3.com

As the name manifests, Bandcampalbumdownloadermp3.com is a powerful online Bandcamp downloader that is specifically created for downloading Bandcamp music and albums. It can also detect the pasted link automatically without extra operations. This online tool permits people to download Bandcamp album as a ZIP file into MP3, WAV, FLAC and OGG format. However, to get all contents, it requires people to log in it and upload to a pro version, which requires $4.99 for a month.


  1. Download music album or playlist effortlessly
  2. No need to install software and work on computer and mobile devices


  1. Only offer 2 free downloads per day for users
  2. Provide less output format than entity software
  3. Only work for Bandcamp website
  1. Open a browser and visit https://bandchampalbumdownloadermp3.com/.
  2. Move to Bandcamp.com and copy the link of the music or album that you want to save.
  3. Paste the copied link into the URL box of the online tool, and it will detect and analyze the URL immediately and automatically.
    download bandcamp to mp3 online with bandcamp downloader 01
  4. Once completed, you can choose to download them as a ZIP or download them one by one.
    For bulk downloading, click “Download ZIP” button and then select audio output format (MP3, WAV, FLAC, or OGG). Once done, the ZIP file will be saved to your computer right away.
    download bandcamp to mp3 online with bandcamp downloader 02For single downloading, choose one file and tap on “Generate Download Links” button and then choose the format. Wait a while and then click the generated “Ready for download” button to save it.
    download bandcamp to mp3 online with bandcamp downloader 03


The Best Bandcamp Downloader for Android or iPhone

Besides using the online services or streaming the downloaded Bandcamp songs through a USB, some people may desire for the professional Bandcamp music downloader for mobile devices to undergo an easy and stable download process. Thus, except for the official Bandcamp app for Android or iOS devices, we have selected other useful downloaders after numerous testings and list them below for your reference.


TubeMate is a superior free Bandcamp downloader for Android. It features a search function that allows you to access the wanted Bandcamp song in the app directly. And it supports downloading it in M4A/AAC, OGG, and MP3 audio format. Besides, it can also download songs or videos from other popular websites, including YouTube, Youku, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.


  1. Free
  2. Download videos from multiple websites


  1. Have many ads
  2. The installation is a problem
  1. Since TubeMate is not available on the Play Store, download the TubeMate APK file and install it.
  2. Open it, tap on the “Search” icon on the top, input Bandcamp website, search and access to its page.
    download bandcamp song to mp3 on android
  3. Move to the video that you wish to save and open it.
  4. Meantime, a red download button will appear.
  5. Press on the button to parse out the video information.
  6. Later, select the audio format and quality on the popped-up dialogue.
  7. Once done, click on the red “Download” icon again to start the task.

Documents by Readdle

For iPhone users, there is no doubt that Documents by Readdle is your first option, which allows you to read, download, share and archive all types of files, watch videos, listen music and even download videos from websites. If you make it on your iPhone device, it frees you from downloading troublesome programs.

Focusing on the downloading function, it is designed with a built-in browser that can move to any website in the app directly. So, this Bandcamp downloader for iPhone is capable of downloading videos from many websites.


  1. Provide multiple functions
  2. Support downloading songs or videos from many websites
  3. Can download Bandcamp to MP3 for free


  1. Not all features are free
  2. Have ads
  3. Not friendly to novices
  1. Search and look for Documents by Readdle in App Store, download and install it.
  2. Run it, press on the browser icon on the home interface.
    download bandcamp song to mp3 on iphone
  3. Now, enter into the built-in browser of the app, you can input the address of any Bandcamp album downloader in the search bar. Then, touch on Go to visit it, such as https://viddownloader.online/bandcamp-downloader/.
  4. Then move to Bandcamp website, find the video that you wish to download and copy the URL.
  5. Go back to the app, paste the URL into the box for analyzing URL and press on “DOWNLOAD” to start.
  6. Once done, the Download button with file size will be appeared below. Tap on it to start to download Bandcamp music to MP3 for free. After downloading, you can watch it on the Downloads folder.


Bandcamp vs. SoundCloud: Which Side Would You Stand?

Bandcamp and SoundCloud are quite different from streaming services like Tidal, Spotify, and Apple Music. Since they pander to artists who are attempting to build their audience rather than existing players.

SoundCloud is a worldwide online audio tracks distribution platform, which possesses a large and active user base among artists and fans alike. It's really helpful to share, receive and send originally created tracks for artists and record labels.

Resembling SoundCloud, Bandcamp lets you listen to songs online and upload your music free. But this site focuses on independent artists and full album songs. You can purchase or sell an album with pre-order digital album price, cassette price, and record/vinyl price. Moreover, based on stereotype, Bandcamp users prefer listening to twee indie music, and SoundCloud fans are more inclined to hip hop and some mainstream music.

Other sites similar to Bandcamp

Service Audio Quality Type Sound Lyric Log In
Spotify High On-demand Yes Yes
Pandora Better Radio No No
iHeart Radio Better Radio No No
Slacker High Radio No No
8Tracks General Radio No No


Final Thoughts

Bandcamp is such an outstanding and inclusive website that has absorbed many masterpieces and has become a paradise for music lovers. Clearly, there are quite a lot of options to rip, record and download Bandcamp songs free on the market. Therefore, it is not effortless to pick out a satisfied Bandcamp album downloader.

If you are looking for a piece of high-powered, safe and technical software, please be bound to try a professional video downloader, which possesses fast working speed, fully reliable technology, powerful performance and friendly operation interface, permitting you to download Bandcamp songs to MP3 in no time.

We'd love to know, which Bandcamp downloader is the best for you, tell us in the comment box, and don't skimp on your sharing.

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