5 Great Free or Paid Application Lock Windows 10 in 2023

Rosa Reyes
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To prevent others from opening our app on PC at will, many people want to know how to lock some special privacy software on Windows 10. This way we can share our computer with others without worrying about privacy. Sometimes we would like to stop some distraction applications on our device while working.  This article will introduce you several best application lock windows 10. Also I’m going to share 2 free app lockers. You can choose the one suit you best. 

What is the best application lock Windows 10?

#1 My Lockbox

My Lockbox is a privacy application enables you to password protect any folders on your PC, and it also can be used to lock apps Windows 10. Just add the folder that contains the application you want to lock to the block lists, and then both the folder and the application can be locked.

Key features:

  • Password protect folders on PC
  • Prevent you from locking system-critical folders
  • Also works on applications
  • No size limitation of the protected data
  • Require password to uninstall My Lockbox
  • Provide password recovery function
  • Clear and simple user interface
  • Available on all modern Windows operating systems including Windows 10

Steps: how to lock apps windows 10

1. Download and install My Lockbox on your Windows 10.

2. My Lockbox will ask you to specify your password when you first launch it. After setting it, password will be required every time you use or uninstall this tool. Also you need to enter your email address for password recovery.

set a password

3. Tap on Browse and navigate to the folder that contains the application you want to lock. Select the folder and click OK.

lock applications

Above is how to password protect apps Windows 10 using My Lockbox. If you want to access the blocked app, you need to go to the control panel of this tool then click Unlock. This step also requires password.

My Lockbox pros & cons

Pros: This tool is undoubtedly a powerful application lock Windows 10. You are able to run My Lockbox’s free version to protect 1 folder on your PC without file size limitation. And once the application is protected, it’s hard to bypass. Both open and uninstall this tool requires password.

Cons: This app locker is not designed to protect applications on computer directly. If you want to lock apps via this tool, you need to lock the folder that contains the unwanted app. I think it is not user-friendly on this feature. In addition, it requires purchasing the pro version to lock multiple folders.


Free version: Supports to protect only one folder.

Pro version: $5.99

#2 Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey is an application lock Windows 10 that can help you stay focused. This tool is more suitable for improving work efficiency, or managing children's online activities since it provides schedule feature. However, the app lock feature only reserved for pro users. So if you like this tool, you need to upgrade to pro version to access this feature. Below I’ll express my review about Cold Turkey and how to password protect apps Windows 10 using this tool.

Key features:

  • Support to block applications, files, and folders on Windows 10.
  • Allow you to set password to lock your block.
  • Offer schedule feature to lock app at certain time.
  • Provide application statistics about what you spend time on.
  • Require password to view and change settings in this tool.


1. Download and install Cold Turkey on your Windows 10.

2. Click its icon from the menu bar. Tap Open Cold Turkey Blocker.

open cold turkey blocker

3. When you first launch it, you’ll see a prompt window requiring you installing extensions on all of your browsers. If you don’t need to block certain websites on your PC, you can ignore it and click Close.

4. Click Blocks on the left menu bar. Click Add a new block.

add a new block

5. Go to the Applications section. You can click the third option and choose unwanted applications from the list. Most apps from the Microsoft Store can be locked. Click Save. Then enter a block list name.

lock applications

6. Now go back to the Blocks window. You can lock your block to prevent others from changing your settings. Click the clock icon at the right of the block list name. There are 5 options for you:

Timer: You can custom date and time. Then Cold Turkey will lock this block and prevent changes until reaching the time you set.

Random text: Lock this block with 30 characters of random text.

Time Range: Lock this block between specific times every day. For example: 9:00 am to 5: pm while you are working.

Restart:Lock this block until you restart your PC.

Password: Lock this block with a password. (This feature only provide to pro users)

Cold Turkey Pros & Cons:

Pros: It is a perfect application lock Windows 10 for those users who want to boost productivity. Based on the application statistics provided by Cold Turkey, you can block or set schedule on the application that distracts you most.

Cons: It requires adding extensions to all your browsers on Windows 10 although you don’t need to use the blocking websites function. Otherwise the prompt window will always pop up every time you launch this application lock tool.


Free version: Only support to block websites.

Pro version: $39

#3 ExeLock

Kaka ExeLock is an easy-to-use application lock Windows 10 that supports to password protects any programs and applications on computer. It also provides a free version and a paid version. Buying the paid version can lock apps without worrying about being bypassed. Below I’ll show you how to password protect apps windows 10 using ExeLock.

Key features:

  • Password protects any program and application on Windows 10.
  • Still lock application even one tries to run via a command line.
  • Supports to specify how many times the application can be opened during certain time.
  • Supports to lock the application during a period.
  • Use little CPU and memory.
  • Still works when the protected executable file is copied to another machine.
  • Easy to use.


1. Download and install ExeLock on your PC.

2. The main window will directly pop up. Click on Select and choose an application from the list to lock.

exelock main window

3. Go to the Login password section to set a password. Next time you try to access the blocked app, a window will pop up showing you that this program has been password protected. Without the login password, no one could open it.

application has been locked

ExeLock Pros & Cons:

Pros: This application lock windows 10 is easy to set up and operate. We can easily find all functions that we need on the main window. Once the application is locked, there is no way to open it except entering the login password.  

Cons: It’s not convenient to remove applications from the block list. Sometimes I chose the locked application and want to unlock it. But the Unlock option didn’t appear.


Free version: Can only use the default password.

Pro version: $39.95

Free application lock for Windows 10

For windows 10 Home:

Are you looking for free application lock Windows 10? Fortunately, Windows 10 system offers 2 built-in app lockers. The one is for windows 10 Home edition. And another is for Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education editions only. Parental Controls that ships with Windows 10 Home is a tool for parents to monitor and manage child’s online activities. It allows you to lock unwanted apps on child’s device. The disadvantage is it can only lock apps that have already been used on this account. In addition, it only works on non-administrator’s account. If what you are looking for is an app lock for your child, since you found him addicted to a certain application or game, this free tool is suitable. Here are steps on how to lock apps Windows 10 through Parental Controls:

1. Go to Window 10 Start menu. Select Settings > Account > Family and other people > Add a family member > Add a child. Then enter your child’s email address and some other information. If you child doesn’t have an email, create one for him and make sure he can only sign in his own account.

add an account

2. Back to Settings > Account, you’ll see your child’s account has been added. Click on Manage family settings online under your child’s account.

3. Then the Microsoft Family parental controls page will pop up. Tap on App and game limits under your child’s account.

4. Enable Time limits toggle switch then select the app you want to block. Use the slide under this app and set the daily limit to 0 min.

For Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education:

Group Policy is a free utility ships with Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education editions that allows you to configure group policy settings. As network administrator, you can define how you or other users can use this PC such as blocking specific app. Now let’s look at how to lock apps Windows 10 via Group Policy:

1. Go to Window 10 Start menu and search for gpedit. Hit Enter when the Edit group policy option appears.

open group policy

2. Then the Local Group Policy Editor will pop up. Navigate to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System.

3. Double-click Don’t run specific Windows applications. Select Enabled then click Show. Type in the app name you want to block to the disallowed list. Click OK, and then click Apply. After above settings, the application will be disabled on your Windows 10 PC.

don't run specific windows applications


In this article I introduced 5 ways on how to lock apps windows 10, both paid and free tool are included. Compare to free built-in application lock Windows 10, the third-party app locker have more functions such as schedule, white list mode etc. If you need, you can download the free version to try first then decide whether to buy paid version or not. If you know other better app locker, please recommend to us in the comments.

Rosa Reyes
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Rosa has worked in Mac software industry for more than eight years. She believes that the purpose of software is to make life better and work more productively. In addition to writing, Rosa is also an avid runner.

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