Find & delete True duplicate files on Mac

Duplicate file finder Mac uses advanced scanning algorithm to compare files based on content, not just the name, time or size. With advanced scan preferences you can easily control what gets scanned, and where to be scanned.

Restrict scanning to particular file types and sizes.

Skip list for various files and folders.

Find duplicate images, audio, archives, entire folders and more.

Support for external hard drives and network volumes.

Delete Duplicate files in apps

Duplicate Finder 5 comes with enhanced scanning algorithms, which can quickly find duplicates in apps such as Photos, iPhoto, Aperture, iTunes, etc. while at the same time keep the app file structure.

Search Exact and similar Images Smartly

Just like duplicates, similar also take a lot of space of your Mac. Duplicate finder can also find images, which are not exact copies, but are near-identical by many parameters. Also, it will find series of shots and help you keep the best picture after continuous shooting.

Easy find out Large & Old duplicate Files

Easily find and group duplicate files into categories, show what duplicates take most space, and auto mark the oldest one.

Group duplicate files into categories like pictures, videos, music, archives, documents, and all other specific extensions.

Sorts Result by name, size, count, and type.

3 comfortable preview modes for reviewing results.

Search file by keywords.

Take the Pain Out of Duplicates Cleaning

We make duplicates removing fast, secure and in only 3 steps. Trust Cisdem Duplicate Finder to autoselect duplicates and keep the originals intact. Add your own autoselect rules, like select the newest or oldest etc. Duplicate files can be moved to Recycle Bin, custom folder or deleted permanently.

Drag and drop multiple disks and folders in one session for scan
Show duplicate results in different groups and auto select by time, size, etc
Review & Remove duplicates permanently or move them to Trash
  • add files
  • settings
  • settings2
  • scanning results
  • pie chart showing
  • search
  • preview
  • preferences
  • fast removal
  • Scan individual or multiple folders in one go.
  • Choose scan and removal methods and other perferences.
  • Set to auto-select duplicates with multiple preset rules.
  • Real-time show the scanning results.
  • Show duplicates in easy-to-understand pie chart.
  • Classify duplicates into 7 categories and show in tab view.
  • Smartly select the duplicates or similar by name.
  • Search duplicate files with keyword and sort files easily.
  • Delect choosed files to trash, move to folder or delete permanently.
"Providing smart scanning algorithms, the program has the ability to find true duplicates based on file content...The utility has a simple, clear-cut, and intuitive interface..."
"The Cisdem Duplicate Finder is a lightweight program and its operation is basic but efficient. The app provides detailed information about the free hard disk space..."
"Cisdem Duplicate Finder does what it claims. It finds all your duplicate files fast. Really fast. The results are presented and sorted in file type..."
Best duplicate file finder Mac

Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac

Music lover, budding photographer, office worker, or movie buffs ... Whoever you are, your Mac is key to helping you do productive things. So give it the extra care it deserves with Duplicate Finder for Mac. Try our revamped Duplicate Finder 5 for Mac today and you will be shocked by the amount of duplicates that are cluttering up your Mac!
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