Top 5 WPS Reader for Mac---2018 Review Update

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Mac users usually receive some WPS file created by others using Microsoft Works for Windows, but they can’t directly open it on Mac. It is so sad. Therefore, an urgent problem appears, how to open WPS files on Mac OS X? This article will give you a perfect solution, it will list top 5 WPS readers for Mac. Readers can compare them comprehensively so that they can choose the best WPS reader Mac.

1. Cisdem DocumentReader for Mac

Undoubtedly, the most efficient WPS reader Mac is Cisdem Document Reader. It is a powerful file and documents reader for Mac OS X which can help Mac users open WPS files easily, Yosemite is also included. All contents in users WPS files will be showed completely by it, including original text style, images, graphics, tables, hyperlinks, layout and formatting. Perhaps the best thing about Cisdem DocumentReader is it can be specially customized for you, you can design its toolbar in the way you favor, such as table of content, page thumbnail, searching pane, page navigation, zoom, rotate, save, etc.

Another thing also worth to mention the documents formats supported by Cisdem DocumentReader are far more than WPS, it also can open WPD, XPS & OXPS, VISIO, PDF files on Mac at the same time. In addition, users can easily print WPD, WPS, XPS, VISIO, PDF file and save it to PDF format on Mac by using it.

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2. WPS Viewer

WPS Viewer is an application to read WPS documents on Mac OS X, it is simple and intuitive. Users can open WPS document on it and also can add bookmarks or print. Actually, its features also include exporting WPS into PDF, RTFD, RTF, TXT or Images. It also can help users to extract images from WPS.

This application can download on Mac App Store, it is free. But please note: the free version can only read the first half part of document.

Download WPS Viewer for Mac >>

3. Lawbox Works Document Viewer for Mac

Lawbox Works Document Viewer for Mac not only allows you to directly view WPS document on your Mac, but also allows to converts WPS files to other formats that can be opened by Mac, including RTF, TXT, DOC, DOCX, and PDF. What's more, selecting and copying text from the document is also allowed.

This application also is available in Mac App Store, it is compatible with Mac OS-X 10.6.8, Mac OS-X 10.7, Mac OS-X 10.8 and Mac OS-X 10.9. Unfortunately, Yosemite is not supported.

Download Lawbox Works Document Viewer for Mac >>

4. Zamzar WPS to PDF

Except using the third-party WPS reader, the other way to view WPS file on Mac is converting it to PDF. Zamzar WPS to PDF is an online converter, which allows you to convert your WPS file to PDF so that you can open it on your Mac.

It is excellent for its simple and no need to download. But it does not allow you to preview your WPS file and may not able to guarantee the quality of transformation.

More details about Zamzar WPS to PDF >>

5. Free Online WPS to PDF Converter

Free Online WPS to PDF Converter is other online converter which aims at convert documents and images to PDF. You can upload your WPS files or provide a URL for website, it will help you to convert to PDF instantly.

This application is totally free, but the free converter usually can’t ensure all elements are in accordance with the original file. And other shortage is the same with Zamzar, it can’t preview your WPS file.

More details about Free Online WPS to PDF Converter >>

Some online file viewer websites may have restrictions on file sizes. If the WPS file you want opened is too large, open the WPS file using the first three method in this article to view the file in Mac OS X.


Different people may hold different ideas when choosing WPS reader for Mac. Personally, I prefer using Cisdem DocumentReader to view WPS files. Not only can it open files rapidly and safely, but also save as PDF files, which really brings a lots of convenience to me. What’s more, the price of CisdemReader is cheaper than other paid WPS reader apps. 

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