Answer Line: How to Recover Files after Format on Mac (macOS Big Sur Included)?

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I recently had to reformat my hard drive due to a major system slow down, figuring I would just bring everything back over from my Time Machine backup. Initially restored my whole system this way, but system still ran slow, so I reformatted again, creating a new account, restoring files individually as needed. But now some of my pictures, doc files, videos, and other data documents are gone and I feel like bashing myself because the data is essential is there any way I can recover this data.

It's very often that computer problem happens and we have to reset our computer to factory settings, we thought that we have backed up all the important files. But after restore, we may find out that there are something lost, important files, documents, photos, videos, music files, etc. So are we able to get back files after system format? If yes, what is the best way to recover files after format?

When we perform a formatting on a storage device such as memory card, hard disk, flash drive, or external hard disk drive etc; the data inside the storage device will be erased and get lost. However, the deleted files are not permanently gone from your drive. You still have the possibility to recover them back as long as you have not rewritten the original data.

Basic knowledge: Two Types of Formatting

Low level formatting: it marks the surface of the disk with sector markers indicating the start of a recording block, which will set the disk to the factory condition, erasing all the previous data.

High level formatting: it is also referred to as quick formatting that is file system format, which usually occurs during operating system installation, or when adding a new disk.

How to Recover Files after Format?

When system restore to factory settings, it resets all programs and files to be factory state. So your personal data saved later in programs may be erased. But don't worry, you still have chances to restore your important files even after format - formatted files recovery can be realized by Mac data recovery software. This article will give you a good solution for format recovery - Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac, which enables users to recover important files after format.

Cisdem Data Recovery is able to recover files that were deleted when you reformatted your hard disk, removable hard disk, memory card, flash card, SD card, etc.... It works fast and restores deleted files after format no matter regular format or quick format you performed. It can recover files even you formatted the drive twice. Download the free trial now to get back your valuable files!

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How to Recover Files after Format with Data Recovery

  1. Launch Data Recovery for Mac. In the main interface, go to Disk Data Recovery and select the drive that you have formatted. recover files after format 01
  2. Click "Search for lost files" button. Also, you can use the filter to quickly search specific files on the formatted drive.recover files after format 02
  3. You can double click on the file to preview all the listed recoverable files one by one and click “Recover” to begin restoring all deleted pictures.recover files after format 03

After these steps, you will recover files after format. Before purchase, you can download a trial version of Data Recovery for Mac to see if it will find your wanted files after format.

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