How to Recover Data from Dead Hard Drive

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When your hard drive becomes dead, you may want to find a solution to recover data from the dead hard drive. In fact, the solution differs when you come across different types of hard drive failure. If you back up important files and data at regular intervals, then you can restore lost data from backup. If you have no backups to restore, then you can follow this article to recover data from dead hard drive.

Types of hard drive failure

Before I show you how to recover data from dead hard drive, let’s us talk about types of hard drive failure. Normally there are two types of computer hard drive failures including logical failure and mechanical failure.

Logical failure

In a logical failure, the components of the dead hard drive are not physically damaged. The hard drive just can’t find the location of its own data because of some situations like formatting or file system corruption.

However, the data still remains on the dead hard drive unless it is overwritten. In this case, you can recover data from dead hard drive by using a piece of data recovery software.

Mechanical failure

In a mechanical failure, the components of the drive are physically damaged and the broken parts prevent it from working. And you may hear an indicative ticking sound as the drive tries to access the files stored on it. In this case, you can’t recover data from dead hard drive without the help of a professional hard drive recovery service.

How to recover data from dead hard drive in logical failure

When it comes to data recovery software for recovering data from dead hard drive in case of logical failure, I highly recommend Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac and Recuva for Windows. Below I will show you how to recover data from dead hard drive on Windows and Mac by using the two recommended data recovery tools.

Recover data from dead hard drive on Mac

Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac allows you to recover photos, videos, documents and many other files from any internal or external storage devices like hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, digital cameras, etc. It offers two scan modes to meet different data loss situations. Free trial is supported before you pay any dollars. Download it for free now and recover data from dead hard drive on Mac.

Free Download

Step1. Choose a scan mode. Open Cisdem Data Recovery on your Mac computer and choose Basic Data Recovery or Advanced Data Recovery to continue.

Step2. Choose the dead hard drive and click Scan button.

Step3. Preview and recover data from dead hard drive. After scanning, highlight each file to preview. Select the files you want and hit Recover button to save them on another hard drive.

Recover data from dead hard drive on Windows

Recuva is one of the most famous data recovery tool which allows Windows users to recover files from disks that may have become corrupt or damaged physically. It can recover pictures, documents, emails and others from supported devices like iPods, PC computer, SD cards. Download it now and follow below steps to recover data from dead hard drive on Windows.

Download Recuva for free now on Windows

Step1. Open Recuva. Enter Advanced mode if the app launches.

Step2. Click Options and then click the Actions tab.

Step3. Click Scan for non-deleted files, and then click OK.

Step4. Select your dead hard drive to run the Recuva scan as normal. Non-deleted files are indicated with a green icon.

Step5. Preview and select files to recover them from your dead hard drive.

How to recover data from dead hard drive in mechanical failure

When your hard drive is physically damaged, then you can only recover data by asking profesional data recovery services for help. Here are some data recovery services that may help you recover data from dead hard drive:

1. Secure Data Recovery Service TEL: 800-388-1266

2. Seagate Data Recovery Service TEL: 800-261-9859

3. WeRecoverData Recovery Service TEL: 212-594-5946 

4. DriveSavers Data Recovery Service TEL: 800-440-1904

In all, you’d better backup the hard drive’s files to other places after recovering process. Thus, you can always restore data from backup no matter what happens to your hard drive.

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