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YouTube Ripper: How to Rip a DVD to Video for Uploading to YouTube

I am a classical movies lover. I like to collect any classical movies. However, a lots of movies are burned in DVD discs and they are not allowed to copy. So I have to keep a large number of DVD discs on my desk. As the time gone, some of the DVD discs are damaged. I need to rip all my DVD to video without loss, buffering, breezing and upload to YouTube right now. And I have try several ways to rip DVD movie to YouTube. However, the result is not as good as I expect. Do you have any better DVD to YouTube ripper?

Video formats for DVD to YouTube Ripping and Uploading

In order to upload our videos to YouTube smoothly, we should better know the format and size YouTube accepted. I will give your several parts about YouTube following:

  1. YouTube can accept WebM files including VP8 video codec and Vorbis Audio condec.
  2. YouTube can accept MPEG4, 3GPP and MOV files typically supporting H.264 and mpeg4 video codecs and AAC audio codecs.
  3. YouTube also can accept AVI, MPEGPS, WMV, FLV, etc. popular formats. So when we rip our movies we must pay attention on it.
  4. According to the report, YouTube can accept the video which can not beyond 100MB. If it is lager than 100MB, it can not be accepted by YouTube. So when you rip you DVD movies you must crop it into several parts and compress them.

Free Rip DVD to YouTube format with Handbrake, VLC

HandBrake, VLC is the most welcomed and open resource for ripping DVD. With HandBrake and VLC ripping DVD to YouTube, the steps can be divided into two parts. One part is ripping DVD to YouTube format, the other part is uploading video to YouTube. First, let me show you how to rip DVD to YouTube format with HandBrake and VLC.

How to free rip DVD to YouTube format with HandBrake?

HandBrake is an open resource for DVD ripper. It is able to rip protected and unprotected DVD to some format like MP4, AAC, AVI and so on. The steps of HandBrake to rip DVD is simple.
Now I will show you how to rip DVD to YouTube format.

  1. Insert DVD movie int Mac.
  2. Set the output format folder which YouTube can support.
  3. Simply edit DVD video.
  4. Rip your DVD on Mac.


  • It is very easy to use.


  • The output quality of HandBrake has some loss and buffering.
  • Only rip small size DVD movies.
  • It is unstable when rip DVD movie.

How to rip DVD to YouTube format with VLC?

VLC is a powerful media player at first. Then merging the function of FFmpeg, it can rip DVD and convert video from one format to another format. At present, the VLC is more powerful for rip DVD to YouTube format.
How to rip DVD to YouTube format with VLC?

  • Once your VLC program is installed to your Mac. You can click start the process of ripping DVD.
  • Next adding DVD videos into VLC. Click “add” button, choose the movie.
  • Named the file you will output and select a folder where to store.
  • Click “start” button, and start to rip your DVD video.


  • The speed of rip DVD is OK.
  • More stable than HandBrake.


  • The output quality is not good. There are always some loss and breezing.

Best Program to Rip DVD to YouTube Format on Mac

As for HandBrake, VLC are free DVD rippers, they always have some losses, buffering, breezing. I think if we take one of them to rip DVD to YouTube, I think our DVD movie will loss their original images. It is a bad way for us. In order to solve this problem, I recommend you the best software to rip DVD to YouTube format-Cisdem Video Converter for Mac.

Why choose Cisdem Video Converter?

1. Powerful built-in editor.

With trimming, cropping, adding effects, adding watermarks,etc. the video can be a special video and more satisfied for your request. What is more, you could crop video into several parts directly. I think it is an easy way for you.

2. One click and sharing video.

Easily share your video to Youtube, Break, DailyMotion, Blip, Veoh, Bing, etc. So after we convert and rip your DVD video, you also can share your video to YouTube directly.

3. 30X faster ripping speed and highest quality.

Output video with highest speed and quality. Rip DVD within few minutes without loss, buffering and breezing.

4. Online downloading and converting videos.

Beside one click video sharing, you also can download online and convert other video. You just need three steps: find, copy and paste, download.

5. Convert and rip DVD to over 120 popular formats.

With a large number of popular formats, Cisdem Video Converter can rip and convert movie to any format you want, including all popular formats and some special formats like HD 4k/5k/1080k conversion.

How to Rip DVD to YouTube format with Cidem Video Converter

Step 1. Free download Cisdem DVD to YouTube Ripper into your Mac and install it.

After you free download Cisdem Video Converter for Mac and install it. You will meet three interfaces : conversion interface, downloading interface, sharing interface. You should stay at conversion interface.

Step 2. Insert the DVD disc into your Mac and add the movies into Cisdem DVD to YouTube Ripper.

When you insert your DVD disc into Mac, you could drag and drop the DVD movies into Cisdem Video Converter directly. Or click , select “DVD” and add the movies.

Step 3. Click and Edit your DVD movie.

With editing your DVD movie, you could trim your movie, crop your movie, add effects, watermarks, subtitles & audio, 3D effects. When I rip my DVD movie, I could rip the DVD to whatever I like.

Step 4. Choose the output format.

Because we convert DVD movie is to upload YouTube, we need to choose the format which YouTube can support. As for Cisdem DVD to YouTube Ripper, you won't take this point into consideration. Cisdem Video Converter has a preset part for YouTube. So when choosing the output format, you just choose Web Video > YouTube Video.

Step 5. Rip your DVD movie.

After you have done these steps, the next step is “ripping”. Click “” and rip DVD movie. If you want to take several movies into one, you could click “” on the left of bottom.

Upload ripped video to YouTube

Once you have finished rip DVD movie, you are ready to upload your video to YouTube. There are two ways to upload the video to YouTube. One is uploading to YouTube directly, the other is using Cisdem DVD to YouTube Ripper. Now I will tell you how to use Cisdem Video Converter to upload video to YouTube.

  1. Drag your ripped video and drop into “sharing interface”.
  2. Click the share button on the right of the bottom. You will notice a widow about Google. You have to sign in. Then there are three ways, click “Manage your YouTube account”.
  3. Enter into YouTube. Then you could upload your video into YouTube.

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