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How to Convert XPS/OXPS to PDF on Mac (macOS Sierra Included)?

Several years ago, Microsoft released their new document formats XPS and OXPS, which were meant to replace the well-established PDF format from Adobe. However, PDF is still the industry standard now and XPS/OXPS are rather rarely used. As compared to other formats with a similar function, PDF can be easily transferred between different applications and different operating systems, and commonly don't have a very large size. In this case, we have to convert XPS/OXPS to PDF when we get a XPS/OXPS document in business.

Then, how to convert XPS/OXPS to PDF on Mac? Don't worry, this article will give you two methods to convert XPS to PDF on mac for easy manipulation on different platforms.

Convert XPS to PDF on Mac Offline Easily

To convert XPS to PDF on mac, you can use a desktop offline tool to do all these conversion easily without costing too much time and efforts. Cisdem Document Reader is such a tool worth a try.

Strictly speaking, Cisdem Document Reader is not a PDF converter. It is a reader to open many file formats, which designed primarily for Windows users, including WPD, WPS, XPS, OXPS, VISIO, PDF. It also has a pretty nice design, this application allows users to directly open and save XPS/OXPS file as PDF without the help of any other application. We all know, XPS/OXPS to PDF converter normally can't preview XPS/OXPS file, but Cisdem Document Reader can do that.

This method is fairly fast, you don't need to wait, you can get your new PDF file right now. Meanwhile, it is super easy to use, just needs 3 clicks, you can finish converting XPS/OXPS to PDF on Mac. What's more, it can ensure the file security 100% and doesn't limit the file size. I think, actually, this one is the best.

Follow the steps below to convert XPS to PDF on Mac

Step 1. Free download Cisdem Document Reader and launch it on your Mac.

The first thing you should do is free downloading Cisdem Document Reader and launching it on your Mac. That is not a difficult task. Click the “Free Download” button below, it will start downloading.

Step 2. Open your XPS file for XSP to PDF Conversion on Mac

The next thing you should do is opening your XPS file on Cisdem Document Reader, you can view the details of your XPS file.

Step 3. Convert XPS to PDF on Mac by Printing or Saving as PDF

The most important thing is saving your XPS files as PDF. You can click the button “Save as PDF” to convert your XPS files to PDF. The whole process is completed.

Other online XPS to PDF converter to recommend:

Convert XPS to PDF on Mac for Free

There are so many developers provide so many online tools with various features for us. If you input “convert XPS/OXPS to PDF” in Google search bar, you will get so many results, is the first one. It is an online tool that enables you to easily convert your XPS/OXPS files to PDF. But this online XPS/OXPS to PDF converter also has limits, the maximum file size this tool supports is 50 MB. In addition, you can select up to 20 files at one time by pressing the Ctrl-Key, but all files together must not exceed 100 MB. If you have lots of XPS/OXPS files, it may not your choice.

  1. You can click the hyperlink of to visit its website, before converting XPS/OXPS to PDF with it, you can read its statement carefully.
  2. Click “Select files” to add your XPS/OXPS file to it. Please note the maximum file size this tool supports is 50 MB. And you can select up to 20 files at one time by pressing the Ctrl-Key, but all files together must not exceed 100 MB.convert xps to pdf on mac for free 02
  3. You can choose “Standard conversion” or “Create new PDF for each page”, if you have no requirement, you can ignore step 3, and just click “Convert”.
  4. Please wait patiently, this online tool runs a little slow. If the conversion is finished, your file will be downloaded automatically.convert xps to pdf on mac for free


Other Sources to convert XPS/OXPS to PDF on Mac Online:

Although online XPS/OXPS to PDF converter is free, it exists some risks, which may damage your Mac system. And it is inconvenient due to its restrictions.

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