2 Simple Ways to Convert XPS/OXPS to PDF on Mac

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Years ago, Microsoft released their new document formats XPS and OXPS, which were meant to replace the well-established PDF format from Adobe. However, PDF is still the industry standard now and XPS/OXPS are rather rarely used. As compared to other formats, PDF can be easily transferred between different applications and different operating systems. For this reason, we will need to convert XPS/OXPS to PDF on mac. 

Then, how to convert XPS/OXPS to PDF on Mac? Don't worry, this article will give you two extremely simple methods to  convert XPS to PDF on mac.

Convert XPS to PDF on Mac Offline (Retain Quality)

To convert XPS to PDF on mac, you can use a desktop offline tool to do all these conversion easily without costing too much time and efforts. Cisdem Document Reader is such a tool worth a try.

Strictly speaking, Cisdem Document Reader is not a PDF converter. It is a reader to open many file formats, which designed primarily for Windows users, including WPD, WPS, XPS, OXPS, VISIO, PDF. It also has a pretty nice design, this application allows users to directly open and save XPS/OXPS file as PDF without the help of any other application. 

A list of its features:

  • View WPD, WPS, XPS, OXPS, VISIO, DjVu, PDF and Winmail.dat
  • Allow to view multiple files at the same time
  • Convert XPS or other files to PDF/Text/Image
  • Extract images from files
  • Print files
  • Build in a set of basic tools to optimize reading experience(zoom, rotate, page navigation, 2 viewing mode, bookmark, etc.)
  • Easy to use

Here are the Easy Steps to Convert XPS to PDF on Mac.

Step 1. Launch Cisdem Document Reader on your Mac.

The first thing you should do is free downloading Cisdem Document Reader and launching it on your Mac. That is not a difficult task. Click the “Free Download” button below, then run the program on your mac.

Free Download

Step 2. Import XPS files for XSP-to-PDF Conversion on Mac

The next thing you should do is opening your XPS file on Cisdem Document Reader, you can view the details of your XPS file.

Step 3. Convert XPS to PDF on Mac

Cisdem offers 2 ways to convert XPS to PDF on mac, by exporting as or printing as.
Export as: Choose the first icon of “Export” menu, then select output as PDF in the “Options” menu.

export xps as pdf on mac

Print as: Click on “Print” button to bring up the setting panel, choose PDF as output, click “Save”.

Other offline XPS to PDF converter to recommend:


Convert XPS to PDF on Mac for Free

Also, there are many online tools with various features available for us. If you input “convert XPS/OXPS to PDF” in Google search bar, you will get so many results, online2pdf.com is the first one. 

Online2pdf is an online tool that enables you to easily convert your XPS/OXPS files to PDF. But this online XPS/OXPS to PDF converter also has limits, the maximum file size this tool supports is 50 MB. In addition, you can select up to 20 files at one time by pressing the Ctrl-Key, but all files together must not exceed 100 MB. If you have lots of XPS/OXPS files, it may not your choice.

  1. Click the hyperlink of online2pdf.com to visit its website.
  2. Click “Select files” to add your XPS/OXPS file to it.
    Please note the maximum file size this tool supports is 50 MB. And you can select up to 20 files at one time by pressing the Ctrl-Key, but all files together must not exceed 100 MB.convert xps to pdf on mac for free 02
  3. Adjust the settings.
    You can choose “Standard conversion” or “Create new PDF for each page”, if you have no requirement, you can ignore step 3, and just click “Convert”.
  4. Click “Convert” to save XPS as PDF on mac.
    Please wait patiently, this online tool runs a little slow. If the conversion is finished, your file will be downloaded automatically.convert xps to pdf on mac for free


Other Sources to convert XPS/OXPS to PDF on Mac Online:


  • Make sure your internet connection is stable;
  • Make sure you are not uploading quite large file for conversion;
  • Do not upload highly private XPS files for conversion
  • Re-check the results before using the file


Make Your Choice

For sure, there are other options to convert a XPS file to PDF on mac, but most of our users either choose a professional program or use online free tools. Each has their pros and cons, but basically, more and more users are willing to pay for an expert to ensure file safety and guarantee high quality conversion, just as Cisdem Document Reader does.

Free Download

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    Simple and full-featured. Only tried on small documents but effective and quick. Better than sveral others I have tried out. With the 3.0 version, I can also convert XPS to Text, JPEG, PNG on Mac now.

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    This software is so awesome, and more importantly it works so well consistently every day. Thanks!!

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    Use DocumentReader to open XPS files on Mac. Works really well! Also allows me to convert XPS to PDF. Awesome!!!

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    Saving files as PDF format will be good for me, so I will make a attempt to use it to convert my XPS files.

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    Finding a way to convert xps to pdf now. I think it will be a great solution, I will try later.

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