How to Block YouTube Channels on Chrome permanently?

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How do you block a YouTube channel? My 4 kids watch Toy Freaks and I don’t like the way the kids behave. So I wanna know how I go about blocking YouTube channels. – From YouTube Help Forum

Apart from preventing your kids from watching some unhealthy or meaningless YouTube channels, you still have other reasons to block them on chrome. Just like you have ever visited some YouTube channels, they will unceasingly appear as related and suggested whether you are interested in it or not. In this case, you’d better block these annoying YouTube channel on chrome.

Tips You Should Know before Blocking YouTube Channels

#1. Block a Single Video

You can block particular video that recommend to you on YouTube Home page by clicking the 3 vertical dots and choose “Not interested”. This operation can’t block the YouTube channel, but a single video. If you want to withdraw the operation, just click on “Undo”.

Block a Single Video

#2. Turn on YouTube Restricted Mode

Scroll down to the bottom of YouTube page, you will find the setting restricted mode out there. Turn on the restricted mode, some inappropriate contends that flagged by users might be hided. But this function is not yet perfect.

Turn on YouTube Restricted Mode

#3. Block YouTube Channel from Commenting on Your Video

Some YouTube channels may leave spamming comments to promote their platforms. To block these comments, you can go to their “About” page to finish the task. Click on “Flag” icon, and then choose “Block user”.

#4. Block YouTube App and Websites on Mac

When referring to blocking YouTube on Mac, Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac stands tall as one of the most helpful and admirable program ever. It enables you to block websites and apps on Mac, so that your productivity will be improved by limiting the time you stay at time- wasting apps and websites.

Download the Free Version of Mac App and Website locker

Block YouTube App and Websites on Mac

Key Features of Cisdem AppCrypt:

  • Intuitional interface, easy-to-use, trustworthy app developer
  • Lock Mac apps and block websites on chrome, safari, etc.
  • Set time to unlock the blocked apps and websites regularly
  • Take photos of unusual accesses with date and time

How to Block YouTube Channels on Chrome with Extension?

To hide the recommended videos on the side, you can try Video Blocker extension for Chrome and Firefox. It is fairly straightforward to block specific YouTube channels with simple steps. Now let’s know how to block a YouTube channel with Video Blocker.

1. Search Video Blocker in Google extension site and then add it to your own extension on chrome.

2. You will find the icon of Video Blocker on top right corner. Click on the icon. On the pop-up box, choose “Add” option and click “+” button to write down the YouTube channels that you would like to block.

How to Block YouTube Channels on Chrome Step Two

Note: If the URL of YouTube channel is, then you should type AAA to the box.

3. Go to YouTube and check the operating result. Once the AAA channel is blocked, YouTube won’t display any videos and recommendations page of AAA channel.

How to Block YouTube Channels on Chrome Step Three

SupplementWhen you see a video from a YouTube channel that you are not satisfied with, you can right-click and select “Block videos from this channel” to block the video.

How to Block YouTube Channels on Chrome- Supplement

Final Words on Blocking YouTube Channels on Chrome

Well, we have now covered detailed information on how to block YouTube channels. If you are only fed up with the recommended videos that you’re incurious about, then you can block these YouTube channels on chrome for hiding them. But if you want to keep your kids or yourself from wasting too much time on YouTube, Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac will be the best solution.

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