How to Block Facebook App and Website on Mac

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Facebook is undoubtedly a good way to communicate with outside world, but like other social application, it is private, I believe no one hope that their account of Facebook is used by others. That is the reason why we talk about how to block Facebook App or site on Mac in this article. Actually, Facebook is one of the most frequently blocked website in the world for a variety of reasons. How to restrict access on Facebook? It is not a difficult task. According to the following instructions, you can block Facebook App and lock Facebook Website on Mac easily.

How to Block Facebook App on Mac?

Method1. Block Facebook app on Mac with AppCrypt

As an app blocker for Mac, Cisdem AppCrypt can password protect Mac Apps like Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Note, YouTube, Email from unauthorized access and prying eyes.

Moreover, you are able to lock applications at a specified time automatically once you set a time value. Last but not at least, if someone attempts to enter into your apps without your agreement or with the wrong password, this Facebook blocker for Mac will take a photo to record who are doing it and at what time.

Free Download

Free Download Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac right now!

  1. Click the "Free Download" button above to download AppCrypt. After installation, launch AppCrypt on your Mac.
  2. When start using AppCrypt, it will ask you to set password, please keep your password in mind, otherwise you have no chance to retrieve it. BTW, pay attention to the "WARNING" and mark that "I have read and I understand this warning".
  3. Access to control panel, and click “Add App” to choose and add the applications which you want to protect with the password. Or drag and drop Facebook to the list directly. When you attempt to use Facebook, AppCrypt will require you input password. If you don't want to encrypt it anymore, you can remove Facebook from the list.

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Method 2: Block FaceBook App on Mac with Parental Controls

Apple also takes this problem into consideration, restricting access on FaceBook with parental control built into Mac OS X may be a helpful way.

1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then select Parental Controls.

2. Click the lock icon to unlock it, and type in administrator name and password.

3. Choose user account you want to add parental control since administer account can't be modified.

4. Click on an account, the window will show you many options in the right-hand. Surely, if you never use parental control before, you can refer "Set up Parental Controls on Mac", it will show you the details of setting up Parental Control.

5. Click on the "web" tab in the top.

6. Select the "Try to limit access to adult websites automatically" option.

7. Click on "Customize", enter the URLs "" in the window.

How to Block Facebook website on Mac?

Method1. Block Facebook website on Mac with AppCrypt

If you have tried AppCrypt on you Mac, you may find that it also blocks websites for you. This is the quickest way to prevent you to waste time in social website like Facebook and Twitter so that you can do something more productive.

  1. Open AppCrypt on Mac. If you haven’t installed AppCrypt on your Mac, please download it below to try, and then follow the screen instruction to set your password.
  2. Then click "WebBlock” on the top right and a window pops up. Choose “Blacklist - Block all websites above” and click “+” button at the lower left to add to the blacklist. Then when you try to open using any browser, this app will redirect it to a safe page showing that facebook website is blocked. If you want to unlock the facebook website, just remove it from the blacklist. Of course, you can add other websites to the blacklist as you wish.

Method 2: Block FaceBook websites on Mac Using Terminal

  1. Open up Terminal in /Application/Utilities on your Mac.
  2. Open the "Terminal" application and type in "sudo nano /etc/hosts" in the command line.
  3. Type your admin password for your Mac at the prompt when asked.
  4. Your Mac's hosts file in TextEdit mode within Terminal will appear in the screen.
  5. Place your cursor on a new line below the last line that reads "localhost." And type in "".
  6. Close or quit the TextEdit dialog box, and save the changes to the host database. The Terminal application will display again.
  7. Type the command "dscacheutil -flushcache" into Terminal to refresh the existing cache on the host database.
  8. Your FaceBook are blocked successfully.

Besides Blocking Facebook On Mac, Other Momentous Tips to Stay It Safe

  1. Create an unconditioned secure password for your account. If your password is too universal, like abc123456, someone could easily guess it and break into your Facebook.
  2. Don’t leave important personal information on your Facebook profile. Items such as full legal name, residential address and your phone number which will bring negative impact in many aspects.
  3. Be prudent to accept friend request. Because on Facebook there are a lot of frauds, cheats who camouflaged as well-meaning cybernauts. Moreover, some of them are marketers, sending junk mails to you regularly.
  4. Think it over before you posting something on Facebook. Because someone could take a screen shot even if you have removed the embarrassing things that you posted. Or you can only allow reliable individuals to see those awkward statuses.
  5. Install a piece of virus software on your device. My Facebook has been attacked before and the viruses send out posts to everyone at a venture, which deeply damaged personal image.
  6. If you have already decided permanently stopping using your Facebook account, delete it and don’t just deactive it. You know, deactivation will still save all your Facebook information, including friends, posts, pictures and so on.

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