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How to Block Facebook on Google Chrome Temporarily?

When it comes to blocking websites on Mac chrome, we’ll come up with Facebook straightway. It is one of the most frequently blocked websites on Chrome for multiple reasons. Someone may want to block Facebook by Hosts file, but unfortunately, this approach doesn’t work in chrome. According to test result, Google chrome will ignore Hosts file automatically in any operating system.

Thus, how can we block Facebook on Chrome? Never mind, in this article, we will offer you three methods on how to block Facebook on Chrome.

How to Block Facebook- The Benefits

  1. Facebook is so fascinating to us. We can't resist posting new information, view friends’ messages and check out the hottest trends… In this case, we will waste plenty of time remaining at Facebook. Block Facebook will help us concentrate on working and studying.
  2. Your kids might spend too much time in Facebook and get addicted to it. Blocking Facebook temporarily can give your kids the peace of mind to focus on their studies and take advantage of their growth.
  3. You are not sure what kind of people your kids will meet in Facebook. Their mind is not mature yet, so they would easily suffer from Internet fraud. To protect your children, you shouldn’t let them stay on Facebook for too long.

And the list goes on. There are still a lot of benefits for us to block Facebook on chrome. If you have the same demand, please read the methods below.

How to Block Facebook on Chrome with Browser Extension?

Nanny for Google Chrome is one of the most popular Internet browsers to block any websites and help stay focused. With it, you can block Facebook on chrome temporarily for an amount of time, time of day, days of week, and more. Beyond that, you can try Block Site, Website Blocker as well.

  1. Add Nanny to chrome and right click on the clock icon to choose “Options”.
  2. In the first tab “Blocked URLs”, you will see details of URLs to block. “Block Set Name”, “Block Time”, “URLs” are the required options. You can write something like these, E.g.

Block Set Name: Block Facebook


Block Time: 0900-1700

Block Facebook on Chrome with Browser Extension Step 2

  1. Look over whether you are able to enter into Facebook site or not.

Block Facebook on Chrome with Browser Extension Step 3

How to Block Facebook on Chrome via Parental Controls?

Parental Controls is a great feature designed to assist parents to limit the time of their kids using computers. The built-in Parental Controls is very easy to use. I think, therefore, block Facebook on chrome with Parental Controls may be a nice choice.

  1. Click Apple menu at the upper left of the Mac screen and select System Preferences. You will find Parental Controls in the list.Block Facebook on Chrome via Parental Controls Step 1
  2. Press the lock icon in the lower-left corner to make changes. Then select the account that you intend to add to Parental Controls. If the user isn’t in the list, you have to create a new one.Block Facebook on Chrome via Parental Controls Step 2
  3. Click on “web” tab and “Customize” option. Finally, you can add Facebook website to the block list.Block Facebook on Chrome via Parental Controls Step 3

How to Block Facebook on Chrome Mac Using a specialized Application?

If you are looking for a piece of software that not only lets you block websites on Mac easily but also provides you with the function of locking Mac apps, you’d better give a try on Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac. It’s the best locker for users who doesn't have much experience in blocking websites and apps on Mac.

Download the free version of AppCrypt

Download the free trial of Cisdem AppCrypt Now!

  1. Firstly, click the blue download button above to download the AppCrypt. Once the installation is completed, you need to launch the program.
  2. You should set a new password. After typing the password, please keep it in mind. Because it will help you unlock the locked apps and websites on Mac.Block Facebook on Chrome Mac Using an Application Step 2
  3. Click “WebBlock” option at the top-right corner. In this condition, you have capacity of adding Facebook website to the blacklist. When this action finished, click the key icon in the top menu bar, and then you should enable WebBlock.Block Facebook on Chrome Mac Using an Application Step 3
  4. At this time, the Facebook website on chrome is blocked. If anyone want to access to Facebook website, he or she must write down the correct password. Otherwise, the system will keep record of the failed attempt with date, time and optional captured photos.Block Facebook on Chrome Mac Using an Application Step 4

Wrapping up

It is free to blocking Facebook on Chrome by Internet extension and Parental Controls, but there is no such thing as a free lunch. Both of these two approaches have apparent defects. The browser extension is easy to be removed and the features of Parental Control won’t truly be exploited until Mac hardware evolves. Hence what left to do is trying a piece of reliable and effective software- Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac. Don't you think so?


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