The Fastest Way to Burn DVDs on Mac, Keeping High Quality

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What's the fastest way to burn DVDs on Mac? There are too many DVD burning freeware for us to choose from, it is a little time-consuming to try which one is better. It’s, therefore, a good idea to read this article, that will recommend the easy yet cheaper ways to burn DVD on Mac. Don't wander among dazzling market, just go on reading this article, you will find more useful things. I separately introduce Mac built-in burning applications, as well as the easy-to-use yet professional third-party application to burn video to DVD on Mac.

Free Solutions to Burn Video Files to DVD

1. Finder - To burn video folder to DVD

How to Burn DVD on Mac for Free? You don’t need to download the third-party applications, just use your Mac OS X to help you make it. What free DVD burning application I want to recommend is the Mac OS X Built-in Application – Finder. You may not know that Finder can burn the video folder to CD. Only has a built-in optical drive, it can help you burn DVD on Mac.

How to Burn DVD on Mac with Finder?

1. Insert a blank DVD disc to the slot (CD-R/CD-RW or DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD-DL ). A dialog window pops up and asks you to choose “open Finder”, press OK. Then the Finder window is opened.

2. Drag-n-drop Video files into the Finder window. You can see the “Untitled DVD” at the right column menu of the Finder. Double-click it and open its window. Drag-n-drop your favorite video files or folder to it.

3. Click “Burn” at the right upper corner, a small dialogue pops up. You are able to title the Disc Name, set Burn Speed. And at last, click Burn button to its burning process.

2. iTunes - To burn music playlists to DVD

iTunes is not limited in its duty of media player, media library, online radio broadcaster, and mobile device management, but it can burn DVD with simple requirements. It is useful to store more songs on a single CD, including your purchased music. I would like to take Burn Music Playlist to DVD for example.

1. Open iTunes, go to the “My Music” window. And drag-n-drop all of your favorite music files or videos to it. This is the preparation step.

2. Click the “Playlists” window. Create a new playlist and name it with the button at the left bottom corner. Like “My Favorite Music”

3. Click the Music> Library, drag-n-drop all music files to the “My Favorite Music”.

4. Right-click the playlist, and choose the “Burn Playlist to Disc”.

5. A small window pops up, you can do some settings before final burning.

Tips: We can use iTunes to burn video to DVD for free with audio and video from your iTunes Library< Music at the right upper conner. You can’t burn the following to CDs or DVDs.

Movies and TV shows purchased from the iTunes Store

Songs or music videos downloaded from Apple Music

But you can resort to the DRM-removal application (Like Requiem, MyFairTunes, FairGame, etc.) for help to resolve this problem.

The Fastest Way to Burn DVDs on Mac

If you're looking to an easy-to-use and professional software to burn video to DVD Mac, then installing Cisdem DVD Burner will be essential. You can burn all popular SD & HD video/audo formats to DVDs, DVD folders and ISO files, never worry about the format compatibility problem. So you can feel easy to burn music files to DVD, burn YouTube HD video to DVD, etc.

And what’s more, it is different from those free DVD burner for Mac programs, it has the ability to edit, preview, make DVD menu for your DVD video. Below, I want to show you how to use it to burn DVD on Mac with less than 5 minutes.

Free Download

Download free trial version of Cisdem DVD Burner >>

How to Burn DVD on Mac with Cisdem DVD Burner?

1. Load Multiple Videos, drag-n-drop your files from a local folder to the app.

2. Double-click video thumbnail to open the Editing Window, start to beauty video with crop, create special effects, watermarks, rotate, subtitle, etc.

3. See the Menu at the right corner of the bottom, press it and switch to DVD Menu Window. Make a DVD menu with templates, backgrounds, text, music etc.

4. Preview with the iCon , check all details of your videos before final burning.

5. Press and go to Burning Window, do some output parameter settings to get quality DVD video, click "OK", and begin the fast-burning journey. After DVD burning is finished, you can eject the disc, and enjoy and playback on your home DVD player attached to the TV set.


Free DVD burner for Mac can let you burn DVD on Mac without spending any penny. But most of them are lack some video polishing and beauty feature. Just as of its simplicity, you can't do much more advanced settings and customization, besides, you can't throw whatever formats videos into it as you like. But Cisdem DVD Burner, the fastest way to burn DVDs, covers all the features you need.

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