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How to Extract Text From PDF on Mac Fast and Well?

When you write reports, publish research, or deal with any official or casual documents,, you may need to extract contents, especially texts from existing PDFs for your intended purposes. For native PDFs, copy and paste is allowable but still becomes a chore when you need to do this on multiple files. For scanned PDFs, no direct copy and paste is offered, you need to make them copyable first. Hence, no matter you are deal with native or scanned PDFs, a PDF tool with OCR feature would be the best way out.

Extract Text from PDF on Mac Fast and Well

Talking about extracting text from PDF, it is quite easy to do on native PDFs, but this only applicable for single PDF. If you want to extract text from PDF(native and scanned included) with well-formatted quality, even in batch, you need a professional PDFConverter for Mac featured with OCR ability to make the text editable and copyable, then process the texts in preferred file editor or any other.

Cisdem PDFConverterOCR Mac, is absolutely the best solution. It enables users to convert all types of PDFs into approx 16 editable formats, including Text, Word, Excel, PPT, etc. Its OCR feature outperforms others with high accuracy and fast progressing. With this tool, you can extract text from PDF on mac fast and well,even without opening the files in a PDF viewer.

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  1. Import PDF Files to PDFConverterOCR

After you have installed and launched PDFConverterOCR on your mac, import single or multiple PDFs into the program, either by drag&drop or directly click “+” to add files.

import files to pdfconverterocr mac

As you have noticed, this tool supports encrypted PDFs, you can continue to convert by inputting the correct password first. If you lost the password, turn to a pdf password remover.

  1. Choose Output and Customize Setting

When all the files are ready in the interface, choose All Pages or Page Range to convert specified pages. Remember to turn the OCR function ON if you are working on scanned PDFs, the tool will automatically recognize the text from PDF.

Select the output as Text, Word, or any other formats you want to save as. For example, the text you extract from PDF is used for a Keynote file, directly convert it into Keynote to retain the formatting.

tweak the cisdem pdfconverterocr

  1. Start the Conversion Process to Make the Text Copyable

Click Convert to start the conversion process. You will get the editable and copyable file in selected output folder. The status bar will indicate conversion progress.

conversion process of cisdem pdfconverter ocr

  1. Open the File and Extract Text for Use

Open the file, the text from PDF will be writable, you can use it now.

Extract Text from PDF on Mac Free(Only Applicable for Native PDF) 

Automator is the application coming with MacOS, allowing users to create workflows for automating tasks. It just helps to save time and efforts on manually changing each file. With Automator, users can also extract text from PDF on mac.

  1. Open Automator in Applications
  2. Click on "Workflow" and "Choose"

use automator to extract text from pdf mac

  1. In the left column, choose “Files and Folders”, then select “Ask for Finder Items” in the second column, and drag and drop it to the right column

use automator to extract text from pdf on mac 02

  1. Then choose "PDFs" in the left column and select “Extract PDF Text” in the second column, then drag and drop it into the right column;

use automator to extract text from pdf mac 03

  1. Press Command+S, choose the output format as "Application"

use automator to extract text from pdf mac

  1. Open the Automator file, and choose the PDF file that needs to be changes as Word.

  2. A file with extension.txt will be created, open the file and use as needed.

Final Words

Many online or other PDF Converters may just work on single or simple PDFs, if you want to solve this extraction problem once for all, you need to return to the best expert to kill all you concerns.

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