Two Simple Ways to Export Gmail Contacts to Excel

Connie Wisley
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Contacts from Gmail is getting more and more important, particularly for business people. To make a backup, edit your Google contacts in batch or for other reasons, you may have the need to export Gmail contacts to Excel.

However, Gmail doesn’t provide a direct way to export contacts to Excel. Many users are asking Many “How do I export my Gmail contacts to Excel?”. The good news is that there are easy and effective ways to export Gmail contacts to Excel. This article will cover two easiest ways to do this.


Method 1. The Absolute Easiest Way to Export Gmail Contacts to Excel

Applies to: Mac

The easiest way to export contacts from Gmail to Excel requires an application, Cisdem ContactsMate. This contact manager for Mac makes it quite easy and straightforward to download Gmail contacts to Excel.

In addition to exporting Gmail contacts to Excel, this app helps individuals and companies to manage and organize contacts perfectly.


  1. Export Gmail contacts to Excel directly
  2. Export selected contacts or all contacts from Gmail
  3. Enable to export Gmail contacts to Excel, CSV, vCard and other common formats
  4. Export contacts from Gmail to Excel with no duplicates
  5. Get a Excel file with good layout
  6. Let you export contacts with custom fields


  1. Not available for Windows PC

6 Steps to Export Gmail Contacts to Excel Using Cisdem ContactsMate

  1. Download and install Cisdem Contactsmate

Free Download

After successful installation, run this program. The first time you open it, allow it to access your contacts. Click Add Account button at the top of the interface.

launch cisdem contactsmate

  1. Select Google and sign in using your Gmail account and password

In the Internet Accounts window, select Google and log in to it with your Gmail account.

add google account

  1. Check Google Contacts

Tick the box next to Contacts and click Done. After that, contacts from Gmail will be imported to Cisdem ContactsMate.

check Google contacts

  1. Click the button next to the Updated contacts detected message.

Now, you should see Google in the left panel and all Google contacts will be listed in the middle of the interface.

relaunch cisdem contactsmate

  1. Select Google contacts and click Export

To export Gmail contacts to Excel, you can:

  • select the specific Gmail contacts that you want to export, control-click (or right-click) and choose Export.
  • control-click (or right-click) Google in the left panel and choose Export. This will export all your Gmail contacts.

export gmail contacts

  1. Export Google contacts to Excel

In the new window, select a location to store the Excel file and name it. Click the Format pop-up menu and select Excel. Finally, click Save. The Excel file of Google contacts lists will be downloaded in no time.

export gmail contacts to gmail

The Extended Features That You Should Not Miss

1. Export custom fields of Google contacts to Excel

By default, you will export all fields of every Google contact, including name, phone number, address, birthday, fax, company and title etc. If you want, you can also export custom fields of contacts.

In step 6 where you are right about to export Gmail contacts to Excel, choose the Custom Fields option in the Field pop-up menu and then click the gear icon next to this menu.

the Custom Fields option in the Field pop-up menu is chosen

In the Preferences window that opens, choose the Export Fields tab. In the Available Fields section, select a contact field (such as name, phone number or address) that you want to export to Excel and then move it to the Selected Fields section. Likewise, move all the desired fields. This way, the exported Excel file will only contain the contact fields (or information) that you need.

move the contact fields that you want to export to the Selected Fields section

2. Export Gmail contacts to Excel with no duplicates

ContactsMate can detect and remove duplicate contacts from Google intelligently. It is necessary to get rid of all duplicate contacts before exporting Gmail contacts to Excel. If not, you will take a lot of time to find and delete them manually in the exported Excel sheet. Here’s how to export Gmail contacts to Excel without duplicates:

In step 4 above, when you relaunch this application, click Scan button at the top. This contacts manager will scan for the duplicates and conflicts automatically.

Find Exact duplicate contacts, click Delete duplicate contacts under Solution, and click Fix All in the lower right corner. After that, all duplicates from Gmail are removed. Then, to export Gmail contacts to Excel, continue to follow step 5-6 above.

remove duplicate contacts

Method 2. How to Export Contacts from Gmail to Excel via Conversion

Applies to: Windows PC, Mac

Although Gmail doesn’t provide a direct way to export Gmail contacts to Excel, we can do it via conversion. This method involves two major processes: download Gmail contacts to CSV file, and then convert CSV to Excel.

Gmail can export contacts to CSV (comma separated values). CSV is a text file that contains many fields of data information and each line of the file is a data record. After we get a CSV file from Gmail, we convert it to Excel.


  1. export selected or all Gmail contacts to Excel
  2. does not need to install an app on your computer


  1. has to convert the exported CSV file to Excel file
  2. needs a CSV to Excel file converter
  3. the layout of converted Excel file is not as good as you expected

Steps to Export a Contacts List from Gmail to Excel via Conversion

  1. Navigate to Google Contacts website
  2. Sign in with your Gmail account and password.
    sign in using your gmail account
  3. Click Export on the left google contacts
  4. Go to the Export contacts section. To export all your contacts, choose the Contacts option. To export selected contacts, choose the Selected contacts option. To export a group, choose the specific group (label).
  5. Go to the Export as section. To export Google contacts to Google Sheets, select the Google CSV option. To export Google contacts to Outlook, select the Outlook CSV option.
    export google contacts to csv
  6. Now, a CSV file of Gmail contacts is downloaded to your computer.
  7. To get an Excel spreadsheet, you need to convert the CSV file to Excel.
  8. Find a file converter tool like CSV to XLS Converter
  9. Head over to the website and upload the exported CSV file containing Gmail contacts.
    csv to xls converter
  10. Click Convert button to start the conversion from .csv file to .xls file.
    convert csv to excel
  11. After the conversion, download the Excel file to your computer.

Tip: If you are running the new version of Google, just follow the steps above. If you are using the older version, the steps to export Gmail contacts to CSV are similar: choose Google contacts, click More button at the top of the page, then, you will see Export option and click on it.

Benefits of Exporting Gmail contacts to an Excel file

When you are considering to export Gmail contacts, Excel is indeed a good choice. But why should we choose Excel format rather than other file formats? There are many benefits:

  1. Excel spreadsheet is easy to edit, delete and modify your contacts information in batch.
  2. Excel file is a standard file formats and compatible to most of applications.
  3. Excel is easy to compare the data in rows and columns.
  4. To print out your Gmail contacts, It is convenient to adjust the layout of Excel spreadsheet to meet your needs.
  5. You can arrange Gmail contacts in Excel in order by names, companies, titles or other things.
  6. In an Excel spreadsheet, you can extract data that you need from Gmail contacts.


1. When I export Gmail contacts to CSV, can I open the CSV file by Excel?

Yes, but you may come across some difficulties.

CSV is a text file format that uses commas to separate values. It can be opened directly by Microsoft Excel, NeoOffice, LibreOffice Google Drive, etc. However, when you open this CSV file directly by Excel , you may run into some problems:

  • You cannot open it
  • The data in this file is usually in a big mess
  • The layout is not user-friendly
  • There will be many empty columns

All in all, it will take you some time to solve these potential problems. Therefore, I recommend you export Gmail contacts to Excel directly with ContactsMate.

2. If I remove some contacts information in the Excel, will the original contacts from Gmail be affected?


If you make some changes to the contacts in Excel Spreadsheets, the original data from Gmail will not be affected.

3. Can I import contacts from Excel sheets to Gmail?


But you cannot import the Excel (.xls) to Gmail directly. Gmail doesn’t support importing contacts from an Excel file. First of all, you need to convert the Excel to CSV (.csv). For detailed steps, you can read this guide: How to Import Contacts to Gmail from Excel Effectively.


Now, you have learned two methods on how to export Gmail contacts list to Excel. Have you decided which one will you choose? As for me, I would like to export Gmail contacts to Excel directly. It’s quite easy. The second method is also convenient, but it requires you to do a bit of conversion.

Connie Wisley
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Connie has been writing for Mac productivity and utility apps since 2009. Each review and solution is based on her practical tests, she is aways energetic and trustworthy in this field.

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