11 Free Ways to Download Tumblr Audio (Multi-platforms)

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Tumblr is the world's largest micro-blogging site by far. It pays attention to expression, social interaction and personalization, which makes it become one of the most popular social media sites among young people.

How to download audio from Tumblr?
How can I download Tumblr to MP3?
What’s the best Tumblr audio downloader?

You will come up with such demands when you’re interested in the Tumblr audios that shared by other users.

In this post, I’m, going to introduce you 11 methods that will let you download Tumblr audio in a few easy clicks.

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How to Download Tumblr Audio from Browser Directly?

It’s not a difficult task to perform Tumblr audio download. As long as you get the Tumblr audio URL from Developer Tools, then you will be able to download it directly on browser. Many authors say this method can be only applicable to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but actually it does works on Safari as well.

1. Open Tumblr site on Google, Firefox or Safari.

2. Find the Tumblr audio that you intend to download.

3. Play the audio > put the mouse to the play area > right click to select “Inspect”.

4. Developer Tools will show up, just copy the link which contains “audio_file” or “.mp3” in Elements.

5. Paste the copied audio URL in a new browser.

6. Right click the three vertical points > choose “Save Audio As” > download Tumblr to MP3, or you can click the click the three vertical points > choose “Download” > start the Tumblr audio download.

There are no other ways that are more convenient than the free direct download. But are your problems completely solved? For users who just want to download Tumblr audio at a single time, this method is definitely feasible. However, for someone who often needs to download a variety of audio and video files online, free direct download is not recommended. As it has many obvious deficiencies, such as:

  • Can’t download multiple Tumblr audio files once for all
  • Can’t download Tumblr to WMA, FLAC, AAC, or any other audio format
  • Can’t adjust audio parameters
  • Can’t use this way to download Tumblr videos
  • Can’t satisfy the user who needs download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc.

How to Download Tumblr Audio On Chrome and FireFox?

#1. Chrome Extension- Audio Downloader Prime

Audio Downloader Prime is a simple Chrome extension that tailored for downloading audio files. But it can’t download YouTube videos due to some specific restrictions and policies. To download music from Tumblr, you just need:

  1. Add the Audio Downloader Prime extension to Chrome.
  2. Play Tumblr audio within the page, Audio Downloader Prime will recognize and add the audio to list automatically.
  3. Click download buttons to grab Tumblr audios in batch.

Features of Chrome Audio Downloader Prime:

  • Show audio titles and sizes
  • Easy to know the number of captured audios
  • Get the audio link easily
  • Remove the unneeded audio

#2. Firefox Add-ons- Video & Audio Downloader

Audio Downloader Prime also has Firefox version. Then why do I recommend another add-ons- Video & Audio Downloader to you? In fact, the design, features and restrictions of these two tools are similar, but Video & Audio Downloader can detect and download both Tumblr videos and audios.

  1. Install Video & Audio Downloader to Firefox. The icon will appear on the top toolbar.
  2. Open Tumblr site, and play Tumblr videos and audios. Audio Downloader Prime will add the playing items to list.
  3. Download Tumblr audios or videos

Features of Firefox Video & Audio Downloader:

  • Show actual number of captured items
  • Download Tumblr to MP4/ MP3
  • Display the file size, playing time and quality
  • Copy the link to clipboard
  • Delete the media or clear the media list

How to Download Audio from Tumblr on Mac/ Windows?

#1. Cisdem Video Converter for Mac

Cisdem Video Converter for Mac is a top-rated tool that supports to download media files from more than 1000 video sharing platforms. It consists of all the essential features needed for downloading audio from Tumblr. You can batch download Tumblr music on Mac and convert Tumblr to MP3/ MP4. Cisdem Video Converter promises to deliver the finest sound quality and the fastest download speed.

Step 1Download and Setup

Download the DMG file of Cisdem Video Converter for Mac, and then drag the app icon to Application folder, the Tumblr music downloader will be installed on your Mac.

Step 2Paste the URL 

Swift to download tab. And simply add download task by pasting the Tumblr audio URL (we mentioned earlier that you could get it from Developer Tools) to the video converter.

Step 3Download Audio

Click the downward arrow icon to batch download Tumblr audios to MP3 on Mac.

Step 4Convert Audio to Other Formats

If needed, you can move the grabbed Tumblr audios to convert tab, in that way, you will be capable of converting Tumblr audio to any format, such as AAC, FLAC, M4A, WMA, etc. There is an advanced setting for you to customize audio quality, codec, channel, bit rate, and sample rate.

#2. Video Downloader Ultimate for Windows

Video Downloader Ultimate for Windows is a straightforward program to help download and organize online videos/ audios to MP3 for later playback. When you launch the software, it scans your browser and compiles a list of all the Tumblr music files that you played on the current website. Although it can download interesting Tumblr audio to MP3, it can’t optimize your downloads for smartphones, tablets or other devices.

  1. Run the Windows Tumblr audio downloader.
  2. Go to Tumblr website and search for audio you would like to download.
  3. Navigate to that Tumblr audio and start to play it.
  4. If the software has recognized an audio, the icon will blink yellow a few times.
  5. You can download Tumblr to MP3 or any format available. Once the process is started, all Tumblr audio files will download in the background.

Features of Windows Video Downloader Ultimate:

  • Save Internet videos/ audios playing to the hard drive
  • Convert the downloaded Tumblr videos/ audios to MP4/MP3
  • Continue downloading Tumblr audio when the browser is closed
  • Can choose your favored video resolutions, including 4K
  • Supports YouTube playlist download

How to Download Tumblr Audio Online?

Online services rank at the bottom of my list for downloading Tumblr audio. This approach makes the process cumbersome when compared to direct download and has few additional useful features, even frequently pops up ads. But if you want to download Tumblr video, online services are worth a try. Let’s take a quick look at how online downloaders work.

#1. DownloadVideosFrom.com

  1. Enter Tumblr audio URL to the blank box.
  2. Click “Download MP3”. As for downloading Tumblr video, just choose “Download MP4” or “Download MP4HD”.
  3. The blue font will appear below. Please right click on the link and select “Save As”.
  4. You can share the MP3 Tumblr audio to Facebook and Twitter using the Tumblr Video Downloader. It will create a direct link and HTML code for your downloaded audio.

#2. TubeNinja.net

  1. Paste a Tumblr audio link, or search the audio by keywords (good feature).
  2. Click the “Download” button.
  3. Right click the detected MP3 audio, and select “Save Link As” option.
  4. Download Tumblr music to your device.

#3. Tumblr-OnlinedDownloader.com

  1. Insert an audio link from Tumblr.
  2. Hit the “Download” button, and then you will be taken to the download area.
  3. Start downloading Tumblr audio to MP3.

If you want to download Tumblr to OGG, M4A, AIFF, AC3, MP2, FLAC or AAC audio format, you have to register for a premium account.

Capture Tumblr to MP3 with Audio Recorder

#1. Audacity

Audacity is a piece of free, cross-platform, open source software for recording and editing audio. It enables you to record Tumblr audio to MP3, WAV, M4A, etc. through a microphone, digitize recordings or mixer. Sample rates and audio formats are converted using high-quality resampling and dithering. Meanwhile, Audacity is also an excellent audio editor for you to customize recorded/ downloaded Tumblr audio files.


  1. Free professional tool to record Tumblr audio
  2. Edit recorded Tumblr audio's quality with built-in effects
  3. Provide tone generators and spectrum analysis


  1. Require plugins to finish optimal functionality
  2. No beat-making tools

#2. WavePad

WavePad is an intuitive voice-recording tool that allows you to record and edit Tumblr audio and music. It supports almost all the audio file formats, so you can feel free to convert Tumblr to MP3, VOX, GSM, AIF, MID, AMR and many more. When editing Tumblr audio files, WavePad gives you the features of cut, copy & paste parts of recordings, auto-trim, fade-in/fade-out, an equalizer, a sample-rate converter and a normalizer.


  1. Easy-to-navigate interface
  2. Support over 20 filters and audio effects
  3. Be compatible with most audio formats


  1. Multi-track recording requires a software extension
  2. Few fade options

How to Download Tumblr Audio on Mobile?

After my careful testing, I can only obtain the iPhone app to download tumblr videos. The software for downloading Tumblr audio on iPhone has not been found yet.

A Yahoo user says, “Apple hardware can't download Tumblr audio directly from the Internet. You need to download it on a desktop or laptop, add it to iTunes on computer, then connect the iPhone and sync it.”

If you have any good recommendations, please be sure to let me know.

Next, we will focus on how to download Tumblr audio on Android:

  1. Install Timbloader from the Google Play store, and then launch it.
  2. Search for the music/ audio you need to download.
  3. Hit on the share/send button below the audio.
  4. Choose Timbloader in the list
  5. Click on “Download” button to grab the Tumblr audio on Android.

Android Tumblr Video Download

Features of Timbloader:

  • Awesome and simple GUI
  • Download Tumblr audio, video, photo and GIF
  • High-resolution downloaded photo
  • Can download multiple items at once


It’s true- Tumblr has massive audio/ music collection. Users can find the funny, curious and healing audio from the platform.

We have tried to compile the easiest ways to help you download Tumblr audio on any devices. If you are looking forward to matchless features, we recommend Tumblr audio download software like Cisdem Video Converter, it's an all-powerful solution to satisfy all your video & audio download and conversion needs.

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