How to Download Long YouTube Videos, Even More than 2 Hours

Megan Charles
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There are a huge variety of lengthy videos on YouTube, such as 10 hour videos, full movies, playlists, livestreams, and more. While long videos provide greater content, they are difficult to download.

“Quentin is a talented director, and I love his filmography. I tried to download Django Unchained from YouTube. The movie is too long, which lasts for 2:45:23, and multiple download attempts failed.”

My dad has been plagued by this problem lately, so I did some tests on how to download long YouTube videos and wrote an article about it to share with you guys!


Pick a way to download long videos from YouTube:

Way Work with Long video support
#1 Use Cisdem VC Mac, Windows Excellent for all
#2 Use Computer, mobile Good for 1080p videos within 1 hour
#3 Use AddonCrop Almost all browsers Only download long videos up to 720p
#4 Use TubeMate Android Quickly save any long video as 540p



Way #1 - Download Long YouTube Videos with Desktop App

This way is for users:

  • Care about download quality and speed
  • Want to download 4K or above long videos from YouTube
  • Pursue an excellent user experience

Not for users:

  • Don’t have a budget


As long as you have a reliable video downloader app like Cisdem Video Converter at your disposal, you can easily download YouTube video longer than 20 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours on Mac and Windows PC. It lets you download multiple long length YouTube videos simultaneously and rapidly. Also, it’s available for download from Chrunchyroll, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitch, Pinterest, Twitter, and 1,000 other sites.

Even better? It boasts a full set of video processing features, such converting a media file to any format, edit/play videos, rip DVD to digital format, etc.

How to download long YouTube videos with Cisdem Video Converter:

Step 1. Download, install, and launch the software.

Free Download for Mac (for macOS 10.12 Sierra or later)

Free Download for Win (for Win 7/8/10/11)

Step 2. Switch to the download panel from the main UI.

Step 3. Copy YouTube URL.

Open YouTube website. Find the long YouTube video you wish to download. Then, use the following ways to copy URL:

Way one: Right-click on the video, and hit "Copy video URL".

Way two: Directly copy the link from address bar.

Step 4. Paste and parse.

Paste the link into the text box at the bottom of the Cisdem. Press “Enter” to load it.

Tip: It can parse multiple longer YouTube videos at once. Add them now!

On Mac: In menu bar, click “File” > “Input URLs”.

On Windows: In the upper right corner of the interface, click on the three vertical lines icon, then choose “Add Urls”.

Paste multiple links into the box, and press “OK” to load all.

Step 5. Download YouTube MP4 long videos.

Choose desirable formats, specify the output destination, then click the download icon button to download all long length YouTube videos once for all.

Tips for choosing a format:

  • Next to each format the encoder is shown, e.g. "mp4 (vp09)". Usually vp09 encodes video with higher quality. Just because it is a newer codec, some media players like Mac QuickTime and Windows Media Player can't open it. Therefore, you can download other media players such as VLC or choose another encoding format.
  • To pick more additional formats, import downloaded long YouTube videos into the “Convert” panel, where you can choose from a variety of formats besides MP4, WebM, and M4A.


Way #2 - Download Long Video from YouTube Free Online

This way is for users:

  • Don’t want to install any software or plugin
  • Desire to save money

Not for users:

  • Want to download YouTube videos longer than 1 hour
  • Want to download playlist and 2K YouTube
  • Have bunch of long YouTube videos to download
  • Don’t like pop-up ads is an online video downloader that’s extremely good at downloading 1080p YouTube videos less than 1 hour. In my testing, downloading YouTube videos around 2 hours or 1440p+ was unsuccessful. It manifested itself as after 30-50% download, it starts again from 1%, then repeats the cycle, tossing and turning all afternoon.

To download long length 1080p YouTube video online using, follow the steps below:

  1. Open in your browser.
  2. Copy a link to a 20-minute, 30-minute, or any video up to 1 hour long from YouTube.
  3. Input the link to the text box of It will automatically begin processing and parsing the link. If not, click the "GO" button.
  4. Scroll down to find the download area.
  5. Select a video quality and format, then click the blue “Download” button.

A word of caution: 

You have to hit the "Download" button at least 3 times before the download actually starts. The first 2 times will open an advertisement page, just close it. It's worth remembering that ads are everywhere, and every click you make can bring up unrelated pages.


Way #3 - Download Long YouTube Videos Using Browser Extension

This way is for users:

  • Want to directly download from YouTube
  • Failed to use the online tool

Not for users:

  • Wish to download videos higher than 720p
  • Download playlist


Video Download Helper and Video Download Professional no longer work on YouTube due to YouTube's policy. You can only use the browser extension in other ways.

AddonCrop YouTube Video Downloader supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari and 8 other browsers. To run it on Firebox and Safari, you need to Install Userscript In Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey. For the rest browsers, you will need to install Foxified.

Details on how to download long YouTube videos with AddonCrop:

  1. Head to to install Foxified.
  2. Visit the page -
  3. On the first screen, click "Add To Chrome". In the small window that appears, click "Let's Go".
  4. AddonCrop YouTube Video Downloader will be downloaded automatically, just click "Allow Permissions" > “Allow” to install it.
  5. Pin Foxified extension to show up in the Chrome toolbar.
  6. Open the long YouTube video you intend to download.
  7. Click Foxified and wait for loading video details.
  8. Choose and click an output option to start downloading it.

Note: If you're using a browser other than Chrome, on the AddonCrop page, you can scroll to the bottom and select any browser to install the extension.


Way #4 - Download Long YouTube Videos on Mobile Phone

This way is for users:

  • Only want to watch and download YouTube long videos on Android
  • Desire to save money

Not for users:

  • Favor high-definition videos
  • Don't want your personal information leaked
  • Use iPhone


TubeMate is free to use, which supports 17 platforms like YouKu, Naver TV, Smule, SonyLiv, etc. besides YouTube. Updates and bug fixes are frequent, making it a very active program.

Unfortunately, TubeMate is currently only available for Android. Most video downloaders for mobile phones don't provide iOS version, probably because of Apple's strict restrictions.

Below is how to download long videos off of YouTube on Android:

  1. Download TubeMate from to your Android phone, then install it.
  2. Initiate the app. Search for a long length YouTube video that you would like to download.
  3. Tap the red download button to bring up the detected audio and video options.
  4. Select an option and tap the red download button again.
  5. This app will ask you to download MP3 Video Converter. Just download and install it.
  6. Now repeat step 3-4 again.
  7. Choose the recommended background setting. Then it will begin downloading a long YouTube video on Android.
  8. Once done, view it in the completed task list.

A word of caution: 

  • Risk detected: TubeMate has a risky behavior of over-collecting personal information.
  • Need to install extra app: It has to work with MP3 Video Converter together.
  • Low output quality: Even you choose 1920*1080 (MP4) as the target format, the YouTube video will be downloaded as 960*540 (MP4).


Bonus: How Long Does It Take to Download a Long YouTube Video?

Different resolutions, codecs, and YouTube downloaders result in different lengths of time.

Resolution: The higher the resolution, the longer it takes to download the video, so 8K > 4K > 1080p > 720p.

Codec: Even for the same resolution, if you select a different encoder like vp09, avc1, av01, it will take a different amount of time. At this point, it comes down to file size. The larger the file, the longer it will take.

YouTube downloader: Of the 4 ways described above, only way #1 and way #2 can download 1080p videos. Both ways are very fast, especially way #1. Here are my testing statistics with Cisdem Video Converter.

YouTube duration 20 min 1 hour 2 hour
Time to download About 2 min About 5 min About 10-15 min

People may think it's hard to download long YouTube videos. Choosing an effective and suitable YouTube video downloader, however, provides a solution to all your problems.

Megan Charles
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Megan has an impressive deal of experience with Mac software and has the ability to explain tech stuff in a simplified, straightforward and easy to understand way.

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