How to Directly Convert Secured PDF to Word?

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When you get a secured PDF from others, but you want to convert secured PDF to word so that you can copy and paste texts from it, what would you do? Well, the solution depends on which password is protecting your PDFs.

There are 2 types of PDF password, the owner (permission) password and user (open) password. An owner password is used to protect the file from being copied, edited, printed, and modified, etc. And a user password is used to restrict others from opening your files.

Whether you can directly convert a secured PDF to Word, it depends on following conditions:

  1. There is only an owner password protecting the file, no matter you know or forgot the owner password, you can directly convert it;
  2. There is an open password protecting the file and you know the correct password.

Otherwise, you will need to unlock the PDF first, then convert to Word.

Directly Convert Secured PDF to Word

How to convert secured PDF to Word directly? In one word, you just need a PDF Converter supports working on encrypted PDFs. But this converter only applies to PDF files with only an owner password (no matter known or unknown owner password), and to files with known open password. If your file is protected with an forgotten PDF open password, go to Part 2 for the solution.

#Adobe Acrobat for Mac/Windows 

As a powerful PDF Editor, Adobe Acrobat also supports exporting PDF to multiple formats, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. If your file is only protected with an owner password, you can directly export the secured PDF to Word; if your file is protected with an open password, you need to input the correct open password to open the file in Adobe, then export the secured PDF to Word.

  1. Open the secured PDF in Adobe. If an open password is required, input it to open the file.
  2. Go to File>Save As>Microsoft Word. Steps to export PDF to Word in different Adobe versions may vary, but still similar, just check the navigation tools carefully.
  3. Save the Word file. Now your secured PDF is converted Word format.

convert secured pdf to word

#Cisdem PDF Converter OCR for Mac

It is a PDF OCR software, allowing users to convert native, scanned, even secured PDFs to Word, and other 15 formats. Unlike Adobe Acrobat, it supports batch converting PDF to Word format. What’s more, it can preserve the original file quality, such as image resolution, format and layout in the converted files.

Free Download

  1. Import single or multiple PDFs into the program by drag and drop.
  2. Input the correct password to unlock the PDF for converting (optional).
    If your file is only protected with an owner password, just move on to the step 3; if your file is protected with an open password, click the lock icon and input the password to unlock for conversion.
  3. Choose the output as Word. You can select page range and language.
    Then choose output as Word. If you are working on scanned PDFs, turn the OCR button ON to apply OCR.convert secured pdf to word on mac
  4. Click “Convert” to convert secured PDF to Word on mac.

Convert secured PDF to Word with Unknown PDF Open Password

But it you have lost or forgot the PDF open password, you will have to unlock the PDF first, then export PDF to Word format.

Step 1. Unlock PDF with a PDF Password Remover.

As for removing security from PDF, a PDF password remover is essential. Here, for both Mac users and Windows users, we offer following recommendations:

Cisdem PDF Password Remover for mac.

It is a PDF unlocker designed to removes both owner and user password protection, also allow users to decrypt the PDF file when you forgot the PDF open password.

Free Download

  1. Add your secured PDF files to Cisdem PDF Password Remover by drag and drop. If there is a lock icon appearing on the right side with your PDF, it indicates your PDF is user password protected from opening. Click the lock icon, either enter the user password if you know or directly decrypt the password if you forgot it.How to Convert Secured PDF to Word on Mac with Cisdem tip 1
  2. Click “Remove” to get an equivalent PDF file without any password protection.How to Convert Secured PDF to Word on Mac step 3

Eltima Recover PDF Password for Windows

It is a Windows program enables users to remove PDF securities, also allows users to decrypt and recover forgotten PDF password in 3 search methods.

  1. Install and run the program on your computer.
  2. Import the secured PDF to the program.
  3. Choose “Decrypt” or “Recover” mode to unlock the PDF file.convert secured pdf to word on windows

Step 2 Convert PDF to Word

Now you can use Adobe or Cisdem PDF Converter OCR to convert PDF to Word. Also, there are abudant online PDF to Word Converter for your choice if you are not working on highly private and complicate PDF files.

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