How to Quickly Convert RTF to PDF on Mac or Windows PC?

Connie Wisley
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Rich Text Format, also known as RTF, is a document type created by Microsoft. It wins large users due to its small size and capability to save text style and image within the file.

However, when viewing RTF on different platforms or viewers, the formatting maybe get messy, and that is the reason why we often need to convert a RTF file to PDF. As a standard file format that allows users to view as exactly the same as that on different platforms, PDF is absolutely the best choice.

The top concern to convert RTF to PDF lies in retaining original layout and formatting, to solve this, we here introduce the solutions to quickly convert RTF to PDF on Mac or Windows PC without mess.

Convert RTF to PDF Free

To perform conversions on a document, we are inclined to turn to some free tips or services to fix the problem, especially when we don’t need to carry out such a conversion very often. Finding an online free converter to convert RTF to PDF will be a good choice if:

  • You are not working on highly confidential files. Uploading private files for conversion may bring risk of information leakage;
  • You are not uploading large size file for conversion. Generally, there will be a size limit, furthermore, large files will slow or pause the conversion;
  • You are working online with good and stable Internet connection;

There was a time online converters went viral due to its free service and simplicity to use, you just need to upload files and then you can get the converted files. But now, some online converters have added a great feature, allowing users to customize the PDF output, such as protecting PDF, compressing PDF, etc. Let’s say online2pdf.

Online2pdf is free web-based program to manage PDF files, users can create PDF from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, OpenOffice, Image, XPSS, etc., also convert, edit, merge and unlock PDF files.

Steps to Convert RTF to PDF Free

  1. Click “Select files” and upload your RTF files into the program. You can upload up to 20 files with maximum size 150MB;
  2. Go to “Mode” and choose as needed. If you want to convert all uploaded RTF files into single one PDF, merge them;
  3. Then go to “Preferences” to customize the PDF output, you can compress, protect or adjust layout, etc.;
  4. Click “Convert” to save RTF as PDF. Once the conversion finishes, you will be prompted to save the PDF output onto your computer;convert rtf to pdf free

Best Way to Convert RTF to PDF on Mac with High Quality

When converting RTF to PDF on Mac or on Windows PC, we are much likely to run into following issues:

  • Formatting: need to maintain the text style, layout and so on in the PDF output;
  • Working on multiple RTFs: need to batch convert RTF, even merge all these files into single one PDF;
  • Needs on customizing PDFs: want to add password or adjust the PDF size as needed;
  • Converting PDF back to RTF: for some reasons, you may need to change PDF back to RTF but lost the original RTF file;


Therefore, if you are looking for a solution to kill all these problems when converting RTF to PDF, you will be given the best recommendation here.

For Mac users, PDF Converter OCR is obviously the best pick. It is a mac PDF converter allowing users to perform virtually any conversions on documents, you can create PDFs from RTF and other files, also you can export PDF as RTF or other formats.

Main Features of PDF Converter OCR

  • Convert RTF, Word, PowerPoint, CHM, ePub, image and so on to PDF;
  • Merge, compress or protect PDF output when creating PDFs within the program;
  • Convert PDF to RTF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, total 16 formats;
  • Convert scanned PDF or images into searchable PDF, to editable Word, Text, Excel, PowerPoint, etc,;
  • Convert images into another image format: JPG to PNG, PNG to JPG, etc.;

Free Download

How to Convert RTF to PDF on Mac?

  1. Download and install PDF Converter OCR on your mac;
  2. Run the program, and go to “Creator” interface. Then drag and drop RTF files into the program;cisdem pdf ocr
  3. Rename the file, or click the setting icon to add password or adjust PDF size/quality. If you want to merge all these RTF files into single one PDF, turn the “Merge” button ON before conversion;convert rtf to pdf mac 02
  4. Click “Convert” and save RTF as PDF on mac;

Dedicated RTF to PDF Converter for Windows Users

FoxPDF RTF to PDF Converter is a dedicated Windows program to save RTF files as PDF with high speed. It can highly retain the original fonts, character style, color, frames, shapes and so on. User can also utilize the tool to convert Text, BMP, JPG and HTML to PDF with this program.

  1. Download and install the RTF to PDF converter on your Windows PC;
  2. Click “Add RTF Files” to upload files into the program;convert rtf to pdf windows 01
  3. Choose the output file path or add password to the PDF output;convert rtf to pdf on windows 02
  4. Click “Convert” to save RTF files as PDF on Windows. 


With an outstanding conversion performance, professional PDF programs are now winning more and more users. Thanks to PDF Converter OCR or RTF to PDF Converter, mac and windows users save a lot of time and efforts working on any documents.

Connie Wisley
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Connie has been writing for Mac productivity and utility apps since 2009. Each review and solution is based on her practical tests, she is aways energetic and trustworthy in this field.

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