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Answer Line: How to Convert CHM to PDF on Mac

Okay, so I’ve got Dropbox with a whole bunch of tech books in CHM format. I am familiar with Calibre. It is a great product with a lot of great features.

When using an iPad Mini and running Calibre on a MacBook Pro. All my CHM ducuments has a lot of images and I noticed that some of the images are being cut off...well let me explain further...a lot of images are being split up between two pages...part of the image will be on one page and when you get to the next page the rest of the image is there. So is there any other ways to view all my CHM files properly on Mac, iPad or iPhone?

In business you may sometimes receive documents saved in CHM format, which is a format of help files developed by Microsoft for publishing help manuals with their software and application releases. If you're working on a PC then that's no problem -- the files are easy to read -- but if you need to browse them on Mac, iPhone, iPad or Andriod devices you may need to get a CHM reader or you can use a CHM to PDF Converter which can convert CHM to the most popular document format – PDF.

So, What is a CHM File?

CHM file is a file with .chm extension; CHM stands for Microsoft Compiled HTML Help. Such files are optimized for reading. In CHM file a number of HTML help files are compressed, compiled and indexed. CHM files are used mostly as software manual.

My Personal Experience of Converting CHM to PDF

I have an iPad. And several days ago, I got some CHM files from one of my client. I can't read it on my iPad, and I can't even add them to my itunes library. So I began to search for ways to read CHM files on Mac or my iPad, the only results I get is that I may need to get several apps. One to help read files on Mac, one to help me read files on iPad. For uers who need to read CHM on android they have to get one again… what a waste.

Then, it can to my mind that: Once I convert CHM files to PDF, I can easily read the files on Mac, iPad, Andriod, etc. Below is the apps I have tried when searching “Convert CHM to PDF”, for users who have a large collection of CHM files, I do recommend they use the desktop options below. Which is safer and gives a good results.

Method 1. Use Online CHM to PDF Converters

In my tests I tried some of the most famous online conversion sites including, Using these online service you have to provide your email address, upload the CHM file to web, and then you go to your email and copy the download link to get the files you need. There are no obvious differences among the conversion results, you have to compromise on some of the images, and for some complex files, you do need to rework the layout.

Method 2. Use Desktop Software Like CHM to PDF Creator

In search for a good desktop option, I also test the free and popular Calibre you have metioned in your letter, the results, which turn out the same as you state, I get a files which lost most part of the layout. After a little searching I found Cisdem CHM to PDF Converter for Mac, which gives a very good results, and I can also convert files in batch with this app.

Cisdem CHM to PDF Converter is a simple yet useful app which can convert CHM files to PDF format with high-quality and fast speed.

Main features:

  1. Convert CHM files to PDF with ease and great quality.
  2. Retain original elements after conversion such as text, graphics, images, fonts, hyperlinks and layout.
  3. Support batch conversion.
  4. Supported coverting Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx), EPUB, Text, RTFD, HTML, CHM, JPG, and PNG etc. file formats.

Download the trial version of CHM to PDF Converter

Step 1. Import CHM Files

Run the converter on your Mac. Then drag-n-drop to load in CHM files. You are able to add multiple CHM files at a time for batch converting to PDF formats on Mac.

import files to cisdem pdf creator

Tips: You can Select "Merge into one PDF" option to decide whether to combine all imported CHM files according to your own needs.

merge all files into PDF with cisdem pdf creator

Step 2. Convert CHM Files to PDF on Mac

Simple click "Convert" to convert the imported CHM to PDF. Once the conversion is finished, attach your iPad/iPod/iPhone to Mac and sync it with iTunes. Open the folder where you have saved the converted PDF files, drag and drop the converted PDF documents into iTunes library for syncing to Apple devices.

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    I downloaded a course in CHM but could not read on my mobile device, I had to convert it into PDF format, your PDF Creator worked so fast, i got the converted PDF just in several seconds. I checked the formatting, kept as original, thanks.

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