Specific CF Card Recovery Solutions to Different Given Situations

Rosa Reyes
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From time to time, we received many inquiries about different mac data loss related circumstances. Here below, we’re about to take CF card data loss as an example to list different given situations we were asked and then give the best specific solution to CF card recovery on Mac and Windows.

Part 1: Specific CF Card Recovery File Solutions to Different Given Situations

#1. CF card got damaged

Question: This morning as usual I snapped few brilliant shots using my Canon camera and saved the files on CF card, which is a 32 GB CF card and was been used to store my most precious photos and other media files. However, when I connected CF card to my Mac machine to transfer the photos, a hardware exception occurred due to which my Mac machine terminated improperly. Then I restarted the machine to see whether everything is fine or not. Everything looked fine, while upon trying to data from my CF card, it showed me a notification like “Card error” and I was not accessible to any files from the CF card.

Answer from Cisdem: Generally speaking, we can find two kinds of card damage situations, I mean physically damage and logically damage. If it is logically damaged and can still be readable on your Mac or Windows, luckily, you can use CF card recovery software such as Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac and Windows to easily get any type of files restored. It seems that you’re in this case. On the other hand, if the card is undetectable, mostly likely the card has physical damage on its interface or controller. Being physically damaged, almost none of the CF card recovery software would be helpful. In this case, your last-ditch effort is to find some data recovery company with high cost if your lost data is invaluable enough.

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#2. Deleted the data in CF card

Question: I accidentally deleted some photos on my camera card. Is it possible to retrieve or undelete pictures lost on a compact flash camera card? Please help me!

Answer from Cisdem: It depends. There's nothing worse than realizing you've just hit the wrong key and deleted important files, and it happens more often than you might think.If you've been using the card a lot since you deleted the pictures, then probably not. The deleted files may have been overwritten if you continued using the card. In most cases, however, you can try to get the images back with the best data recovery software mac. You can learn about some tips on choosing recovery software in “For Mac Users: How to Choose the Right File Recovery Software”.

#3. CF card was wrongly formatted

Question: Help! My friends formatted over a CF card full of important files by accident when he thought he had downloaded all the files! I just felt so frustrated to find a way of getting the video files or any other important files back.

Answer from Cisdem: No doubt, formatting a card can help resolve some problems of card inaccessibility. For example, formatting can fix a corrupted CF card and make it reusable. But it will erase all the data from the card at the same time. After you found you have wrongly formatted your CF card, you’re then recommended to take advantage of CF card recovery applications if there is no back-up available.

#4. Abnormal extracting action on CF card

Question: Hello! I have a 16GB of CF card and store many data in the card. Yesterday, when my naughty boy began to use my Mac for some games, he extract my CF card rudely from the machine, which I forgot to pull out. When I tried to transfer the files today, I found all the files lost. What a big headache! What should I do to recover the files?

Answer from Cisdem: If you search in the internet about this situation, you’re often suggested to format your CF card. Attention! If you format it, be careful because from what I am aware of you will lose all the media on the card. If you don’t want to erase all your data present in your card, it is time to find a reliable and powerful tool. Keep in mind, when you’re transferring your files from CF card to your computer, you’d better eject them properly. You may think the computer is no longer reading/writing to the card, it’s actually still accessing it for some reason. On Windows, there should be an icon in the lower right corner of your screen for safely removing USB media, and on Macs you can just click on the eject button on your keyboard. Ejecting it will tell the computer to stop communicating with it, so you can take it out safely.

#5. Lost data for unknown reasons

Question: We welcomed our first child on July 25. Like most first time parents we took an insane amount of pictures! Unfortunately when I went to upload the sandisk CF card on my Mac, I found nothing in the card. I have never deleted anything nor formatted the card. And I handled with the card carefully and it was impossible to be damaged. How come my pictures lost? Any easy way to get them back?

Answer from Cisdem: In this case, it is most likely that your Mac was attacked by virus if you’re sure that nothing goes wrong with your CF card. Even if the Mac operating system has proven resistant to virus attacks, there are still risks. You’re recommended to use recovery software for data recovery file firstly and then install powerful anti-virus software for your Mac instantly. Anti-virus software without latest update is very vulnerable to attacks by newest strands of viruses which are appearing everyday. Try to upgrade it to the newest version. You can refer to “What’s the Best Antivirus and How Do I Choose One”.

Lastly, for more related tips on data loss, you’re welcome to visit http://www.cisdem.com/resources.

Part 2: More Information about CF Card

1.What is a CF card?

CF Card (Compact Flash Card) is a very popular digital memory card. It has bigger size than the memory card types like SD, memory stick, XD picture card etc. CF cards are durable, fast, and portable. They were first introduced by Sandisk in 1994 and were widely used, but now they are usually only found in the most advanced DSLRs by professional photographers and filmmakers alike.

There are many parameters on a CF card, you can read them according to this picture:

2.Famous brands of CF cards

There is definitely a lot of debate as to what CF brand is better. More people tend to use Lexar and SanDisk, however, other brands like Kingston, Transcend, and Komputer Bay are also very legitimate alternatives.

Rosa Reyes
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Rosa has worked in Mac software industry for more than eight years. She believes that the purpose of software is to make life better and work more productively. In addition to writing, Rosa is also an avid runner.

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