How to Block Adults Websites on Google Chrome on Computer and Phone

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Pornography is bad for children, teens and even adults. This is why you should block access to adult websites, the primary way to access Internet pornography. This article will show you how to block adults websites on Google Chrome on different devices in different ways, such as using a porn blocker for Chrome and changing certain settings on your device.


How to block adults websites on Google Chrome on Windows PC and Mac

Method 1. Use a porn blocker app

There is more than one way to block porn and other inappropriate websites on Chrome. The easiest and most effective way is to use an app like Cisdem AppCrypt. This porn blocker for Chrome is easy to use and hard to bypass.

  • Block specific adult websites
  • Block URLs that contain certain words, such as “porn”, ”adult” and “18”
  • Let you add tons of porn websites to block with a click
  • Make porn websites inaccessible permanently
  • Blocking can’t be bypassed unless one knows the password
  • Support Chrome, Safari, Opera and other popular web browsers
  • Support both normal mode and incognito mode

It also provides other features, such as blocking any unwanted websites, locking apps, scheduling blocking of websites and locking of apps, etc.

Below are the steps to block adult websites on Google Chrome.

1. Download and install AppCrypt on Mac.

Free Download

2. When you open it for the first time, set a password.

set a password

3. Click the lock icon in the top menu bar and choose Open Main Window.

the lock icon

4. Enter the password, and you will see the main window.

5. Go to the Web Block tab and click Exceptions in the bottom right corner.

the Web Block tab

6. Under the Always Block tab, enter the domain names of the adult websites that you want to block one by one. Don’t forget to click Add.

domain names of adult websites are added to block

In addition to adding specific adult websites to block, you can click the Import dropdown menu and choose the Porn Sites list, which will automatically add all websites on the list to block. Also, you can block porn on Chrome by blocking URLs that contain certain words, such as “porn”, “nude” and “xxx”.

Another thing to do is to go to Preferences to enable the Launch at system start up option.

the Launch at system start up option enabled

From now on, the adult websites will be blocked permanently on Google Chrome and other browsers. If your kids try to access the blocked sites, they won’t be able to open the sites on the browsers. If they try to bypass the blocking by quitting AppCrypt, they won’t succeed because it requires the password to quit. To block yourself from adult content, you can ask someone else (such as a family member or a friend) to set the password.

Tip: There are millions of adult websites. Is it possible to block all adult websites? Yes, there is actually a solution. Enable the Block all websites option. Go to Exceptions. Under the Always Allow tab, add the websites you need. This way, Google Chrome will be prevented from opening all websites except the allowed ones.

the Always Allow tab

Note: AppCrypt is currently only available for Mac computers and will soon be available for Windows PC.

Method 2. Use a porn blocker extension

Available for the Google Chrome browser on Windows PC, Mac and Chromebook, some Chrome extensions (such as Netfencer Porn Block) are dedicated to blocking adult content. Some Chrome extensions (such as BlockSite) can help you block any unwanted websites, including inappropriate ones. They are easy to access and use.

However, there is a big disadvantage. Anyone can effortlessly remove an extension from Chrome. That being said, many people still think that such extensions can help them block porn on Chrome.

1. Open the Chrome Web Store.

2. Install an extension called Netfencer Porn Block.

3. Click the extension’s icon in Chrome’s toolbar and then click the Settings icon.

4. In the Blocked Sites section, add specific adult websites to block.

one adult website added to block

5. In the Blocked Keywords section, add specific words to block.

the Blocked Keywords section

Once set up, this porn blocker extension for Chrome will block access to the websites you add. In addition, it will detect the words you are searching on a search engine and detect the title and content of the website or page you are opening. If the search, website or page contains a word that you add, the blocking will start immediately.

An extension called BlockAge is also worth checking out.

Method 3. Edit the hosts file

The hosts file on your Windows PC or Mac is a system file. It’s a plain text file and can be edited. By editing it in a certain way, you can block adult websites on Chrome and any other browsers. If you feel comfortable or confident using the command line, you can use this method.

The process of editing Windows’ hosts file to block adult websites is a little different from that on a Mac. Below are only the brief steps.

1. On your Windows or Mac computer, open the hosts file using Notepad or Terminal.

2. In a new line, type “” and then type the domain name of an adult site without typing “www”.

the domain name typed

3. Start a new line, type “” and then type the same domain name. Type “www” this time.

4. In the same way, add the domain names of the other adult sites that you want to block.

5. Save the edited hosts file.

How to block adult websites on Google Chrome on Android

Method 1. Use Google Family Link

Google Family Link is a parental control app by Google. Parents can use it to prevent children from accessing adult websites via Chrome. It can be a little complex to set up the app. But once set up, the app will do a decent job of blocking bad websites. To use this method, both the parent and the child need to have a Google account.

1. On your Android phone, install Google Family Link.

2. On your child’s Android phone, go to Settings > Google > Parental controls. Tap Get Started.

3. When asked who will be using this device, tap Child or teenager. Tap Next.

4. Sign in with your child’s Google account.

5. Verify that you are a parent by entering the password of your Google account.

6. Activate Family Link Manager.

7. Tap Install Family Link.

8. On your Android phone, tap View in Google Family Link.

9. Tap Manage settingsContent restrictions > Google Chrome.

10. Select Try to block explicit sites.

the Try to block explicit sites option is selected

This way, sexually explicit websites will be automatically blocked on Google Chrome on your child’s Android phone.

You can also manually add adult websites to block by tapping Manage sites.

Method 2. Use BlockerX

BlockerX is a dedicated adult site blocker. Compared to Google Family Link, it has two big advantages. It supports Google Chrome and other popular browsers. In addition to helping parents protect children from porn, it blocks oneself from adult websites.

1. On your Android phone, install BlockerX.

2. When you open BlockerX for the first time, choose the reason(s) why you use this app.

3. When you are asked whom you use this app for, choose Self or My Child.

4. Tap the List tab at the bottom of your screen.

5. Add specific adult websites to block.

specific websites added

6. Add porn-related keywords to block.

To prevent yourself from get around the blocking, you can enable the Add a buddy option and the One day/month of uninstall protection option. You can add your spouse, a family member or a friend as a buddy. Once the two options are enabled, you won’t be able to uninstall BlockerX without your buddy’s permission. This way, the blocking of adult sites can be more effective.

How to block adult content on Chrome on iPhone

One of the easiest ways to block your children or yourself from opening adult websites on Google Chrome is to use Screen Time, which is built-in to iOS and iPadOS.

1. On your or your child’s iPhone, open Settings.

2. Tap Screen Time.

3. Turn on Screen Time. Tell it whether it’s your or your child’s iPhone.

4. Tap Use Screen Time Passcode and set a passcode. To protect yourself from adult sites, you can ask someone else to set the passcode.

Use Screen Time Passcode

5. Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions. Enable the restrictions.

6. Tap Content Restrictions > Web Content.

7. Select Limit Adult Websites.

the Limit Adult Websites option is selected

8. This step is optional. Tap Add Website in the Never Allow section. Manually add bad websites to block.

Once set up, Screen Time will automatically prevent Chrome from opening websites and pages that it considers adult-related or inappropriate. Please note that sometimes Screen Time can be so strict that it blocks certain appropriate websites.

How to block porn on Chrome via your router

Some routers come with parental controls, which allow users to restrict access to websites. With this method, the blocking will apply to all web browsers including Chrome. It may be different to set up the blocking on different routers. The steps below use a TP-Link router.

1. Open Google Chrome and type the IP address of the router in the address bar.

2. Log in with the username and password.

3. Go to HomeShield > Parental Controls.

4. Click Add, and the Create Profile interface will appear.

5. Give the profile a descriptive file name. Add your or your child’s phone or computer. Click Next.

6. In the Select Categories section, select Adult Content.

the Adult Content category is selected to block

7. In the Blocked Websites section, add specific adult websites and porn-related keywords to block. Click Next.

8. Click Save.

Once set up like this, the router will not only prevent access to any web content that it thinks is porn but also block access to the added websites as well as web content containing the added keywords. Note that the blocking only applies to the added device.

Bonus tip: How to block inappropriate websites from Google search results

The methods above show you how to block access to adults websites on Google Chrome. It’s also important to block porn and other inappropriate websites from search results, which helps prevent your children or yourself from discovering more bad websites. Below is how to exclude inappropriate websites from Google Search.

1. Access Google Search settings by clicking the Quick Settings icon in the top right corner or by clicking Settings in the bottom right corner.

2. Turn on the SafeSearch toggle or select the Turn on SafeSearch checkbox.

the Turn on SafeSearch checkbox is selected

By default, Google will display the most relevant results for a user’s search, which may include inappropriate content such as over 18 sites, porn images and mature videos. When SafeSearch is enabled, Google will hide explicit results from search results.


The increasing accessibility of Internet leads to more and more consumption of online porn and a greater likelihood of children’s accidental exposure to porn. Preventing access to adult websites helps protect children from porn and helps adults overcome porn addition. This article talks about how to block adults websites on Google Chrome and recommends some best Chrome porn blocker apps and extensions. I hope it can be helpful.

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