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Do you need to make DVDs for specific occasions, important holidays or people you like? For example, business, Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthday, wedding, baby, travel, etc. Cisdem DVD Burner can help you to make high quality and professional DVDs,you can add thoroughly customized menus to your DVDs, and edit the added videos with your own idea. To facilitate your use of Cisdem DVD Burner, a step-by-step guide below will explain you how to create high quality and professional DVDs.


Part 1  Download & Install

1. You can download the installation package of Cisdem DVD Burner from the below link.

Free Download

2. Install Cisdem DVD Burner with the downloaded package.

Double-click the .dmg file.

Drag the Cisdem DVD Burner icon to Applications folder.

Part 2  Activation (Optional)

After installing the program, you could try it, or activate it if you want to use the full version features.

1. Go to Lauchpad or Applications folder, double click Cisdem DVD Burner to run the program, and then click the key icon in the upper right corner.

2. Copy-n-paste the license code into the popped-up window, click Activate.

Part 3 Application Operating

Step 1 Add videos

Cisdem DVD Burner supports 200+ video formats input, there are 3 ways to add video files:

1. Click  or  to select the target video files on the pop-up window.

2. Drag-n-drop the target video files on the blank area of right column interface.

3. Click File > Add File(s)… on the menu bar, select the target video files on the pop-up window.

To delete the added videos, you could do as below:

Select the target files, press "delete" on your keyboard, if you want to delete all videos at a time, press "command+A" to select all the videos, then press "delete".


Step 2 Edit Videos (Optional)

Select the target video, click  on the main interface, there are six basic edit features available on Cisdem DVD Buner.


a. Trim

1. Click  to play the selected video, and then you could click  to set the starting point of the playback, when the video goes to the place where you would like it to finish, just click  to mark the spot. The timer underneath the preview screen clearly shows this clips Start time, End time and Length.

2. You can also move and  of the playback progress bar to choose a specific part of the video.     

3. To reset the start and end time you set, just click  

b. Crop

1. In the Crop tab, check the box of "Enable Crop".

2. You can manually adjust the cropping area by dragging the central and surrounding handles.

3. You can also adjust the size and position of cropping area by changing the figures in those four boxes. 

Tips: You can select an output aspect ratio for cropping with four options: Any, 4: 3, 16: 9, and Keep Original Ratio.

c. Effects

1. In the Effects tab, check the box of "Enable Effects".

2. Set the degrees of brightness and contrast by resetting their respective control sliders.

3. Choose a special effect for the output video from the list in "More Effects" option box.

4. In this section, you also can find the deinterlacement feature, which can turn interlaced videos into a non-interlaced form, enhancing spectators viewing experience rather appreciably. And it is also quite easy to use. Just need to check the box of "Enable Deinterlacing".

d. Watermarks

1. In the Watermarks tab, check the box of "Enable Watermarks". 

2. Text watermark: select the "Text", type the content in the box, pick its font and color by clicking  , and set its position and degree of transparency. 

3. Image watermark: select the "Image", choose the image to be used as a watermark, and set its position and degree of transparency.

e. Rotate

1. In the Rotate tab, check the box of "Enable Rotate". 

2. Each of the four buttons specifically represents one specific way to rotate or flip the video, they are Counterclockwise Rotation, Clockwise Rotation, Flip Horizontally, and Flip Vertically.

f. Subtitles

1. To add subtitles to the output video, please click "Subtitles" tab.

2. Click  to import the subtitle file (.srt file), if you want to take out the imported subtitle file, just click 


Step 3 Create DVD Menu 

1. Switch to  in the right lower corner, click  in the right upper corner, select a template from the list. 
Tips: If you don't want to add any menu on your DVD, just wanna keep a simple and clean DVD, you could just tick this option 

2. If you wish more clips to be displayed on one page of the menu, please click  to move the very first video on the next page to this one, and then you can relocate it to right spot. If you deem a given menu page overstocked with videos, you can remove some of them from that page by click "delete" on the keyboard, and those would be relocated to the next page.
Tips: Please keep it in mind that the number of videos displayed on one page can only be as big as ten.

3. If the number of imported videos exceeds the blank video frames of the chosen template, those extra ones will be displayed on the next page. To browse different pages, you just need to click  

4. Audio file can be used as background music for DVD menu. Just click the folder abuts the "Background Music" box and pick one for the presented page.

5. Select a proper aspect ratio for the menu of output DVD, both 4:3 and 16:9 are available in this program.
Tips: Please choose the aspect ratio amenable to its counterpart of the television or computer, otherwise there would be black bars.

If you want to customize a template, the below instructions can help you to make it clear:

1. Click  in the right upper corner, then you could select your desired background, frame and button.

2. To have a different background picture, you need to pick "Backgrounds" from the drop-down list, and then pick one from the column beneath.
Tips: If you cannot seek your desired image from the list, you could click  to select an image from your local files.

3. If you find the preset frames do not agree with the background and seek to use different frames, just pick "Frames" from the drop-down list, and then pick one from the column beneath.

4. To apply a different set of buttons, you need to pick "Buttons" from the drop-down list, and then pick one from the column beneath.


1. In some cases, you might want to change the thumbnail of one video because it is just one black picture. To do that, please click  to go back to the main interface in which you then need to find that video, reposition the slider underneath the preview screen to the spot where the screen displays the exact picture that you want to use as the new thumbnail, and then click  to confirm.

2. The titles of menus are rewritable. Double-click one and a window will show up right underneath it in which you can pick a different color and font.

Step 4 Preview the DVD 

Once you completed editing the menu, you might want to preview the whole DVD, just to get a general idea of how it looks on TVs or computers. To do that, you need to tap  in the right lower corner to activate the previewing window, and the DVD menu exhibits on the left screen.

Each button specifically directs to a video in this project. Clicking one will play the corresponding clip on the screen.

 When you want to go back to the menu interface, click this button.

 When there are more than 9 videos, and you want to go to 12th video, you could click this button, then click 1 and 2 on this control panel.

 This button controls the playback of previewing videos.

 Plays the video before this one.

Plays the video after this one.

Exhibits the page before this one.

 Exhibits the page after this one.


Step 5 Burn a DVD

After the project has adjusted and previewed thoroughly and properly, you can begin to burn your own DVD. Click  in the right lower corner, a pop-up window for DVD settings will be showed. In this window, you can set the detailed parameter of your DVDs.


1. You can select to burn videos to DVD disc directly, also you could convert and backup files to DVD folder or ISO file firstly.
Tips: If you choose the DVD Disc, you need to insert a DVD Disc into computer's drive. On the buttom of main interface you will see a progress bar which apprises you about the storage, you can choose the corresponding DVD type: DVD-5 or DVD-9. The difference between them is the storage, the former one can hold up as much as 4.7 gigabytes whereas the latter one can store data of up to 8.5 gigabytes.

2. In the middle section, you need to set the information for the output file:
If you choose the DVD Disc, you need to set the DVD name and which DVD it should be burnt;
If you want to export the project to a folder, you just need to specify the directory;
If you want to export the project to ISO file, you should pick a name and specify the directory for that file.

3. To make the output file properly work, you also need to pick out the DVD language, TV standard, Aspect Ratio and Audio Codec in the final section.
Tips: Please choose a TV standard comply with that of the country or territory in which the DVD will be play.


Part 4 Update Application

When you want to check if your current version is the latest one, you can follow the steps below to update it.

Step 1 Click Cisdem DVD Burner > Check for Updates… on the menu bar.

Step 2 Click Install Update to update it.


  Cisdem DVD Burner

Easy and effient way to make your own customized DVD!


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