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In the digital age, your Mac probably stores a bunch of videos from the web, camera, cell phone, etc. These videos are encoded in different formats and not all of them can be played with QuickTime. The good news is that there are free, online, or commercial video converters to help eliminate the issue. In this article, we are going to look at the top 10 software tools as we strive to find the best video converter for Mac.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Video Converter

Format: The app should support abundant formats, especially the HD video format. An increasing number of movies are in HD formats, however, our devices like the lower version iPhone can’t play them.

Convert large files: It’s able to convert media files of any size, even larger than 200MB.

Support more features rather than conversion only: To make a unique video, the transcoder should be able to edit the video. It would be better if it can download your uploaded video or web video.

Speed: The speed of a video converter is important. With a high speed, you can save time to a large extent.

Output quality: Top video converter should guarantee high video quality and result in zero loss, even handling 5k or 8k videos

Performance: when converting videos, the software won’t shut down suddenly or show other failures.

Given these criteria, we tested numerous programs for video encoding and decoding and pricked out the 10 best ones, the best free video converter for Mac included.

The Best Video Converter for Mac Review

#1 Cisdem Video Converter Review

Cisdem Video Converter is a piece of robust software I highly recommend. It runs on macOS 10.12 or later, including 12.0 Monterey.

The best video converter for Mac possesses many useful features, like HD video converting, editing, downloading, and rip DVD titles to computers in digital formats.

Free Download

The main features you may interest in:

Rich functionality: Cisdem Mac Video Converter is a professional converter packed with more functions than you think out. It is an all-in-one solution for video entertainment.

With this best video converter for Mac, you can convert your video to any format you want. It also can rip DVD movies, download videos from YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Vimeo, and join several video files into one.

What is more, you can edit your videos before you convert them, and put your own watermark.

Great format compatibility: It lets you convert video amongst 300+ formats such as AVI to MP4, AVI to WMV, YouTube to MP4, SD to HD video formats, HD to SD video formats, etc. Besides the popular formats, it also supports a heap of pre-configured device profiles for iPhone, iPad, iMovie, tablets, game consoles, etc.

The highest speed of conversion: The app utilizes an advanced media conversion engine internally to speed up tasks and have the output delivered at 30x faster speed.

The highest quality of the conversion: Cisdem is known to provide a lossless quality of the video. The conversion won't compromise on the quality, regardless of converting 1080p, 4k, or 8k videos. Plus, with the High Efficiency Video Codec (H.265/HEVC), this safe video converter will export videos at a smaller size while with quality kept.

best video converter mac- cisdem


  1. Retain original output quality, whether you convert audio or video files
  2. Take a short time to decode large or over-sized files
  3. Support high-resolution videos, including 8k
  4. Download videos from 1000+ sites


  1. Only run on Mac

Cisdem best video converter for Mac download >>

#2 VLC Review

VLC, formerly named the VideoLAN Client, is not just a media player but also a video transcoder.

Why VLC comes second at the best video converter 2022? First, it can run in the most popular system like Windows, OS X, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, QNX, Haiku, Syllable. Second, it is a free resource. VLC is available on App stores. You can download it free. Third, VLC can convert a large number of formats. Of course, the number depends on the operating system you use.

best video converter mac- vlc


  1. The compatibility is decent, as it can convert most of the videos
  2. Convert a few HD videos which can satisfy our request
  3. The output quality is not so bad


  1. Unable to edit footage before conversion
  2. Lose video quality when transcoding some large videos
  3. The resulting video may not contain the original audio

VLC best video converter for Mac download >>

#3 iSkysoft Video Converter Review

iSkysoft Video Converter is commercial software and can work on Mac OS X 10.10 or later. It is an easy-to-use video converter with the ability to convert video from or to most formats, like AVI, MPEG 1,2, MP4, 3GP, Flash (FLV), MP3, WAV, AAC, just to mention a few.

Plus, the software ensures that you edit the video before converting it, as well as download the video from the Web or update the video from Yahoo.

Thanks to hardware acceleration (NVIDIA and Intel HD Graphics) for GPUs, iSkysoft Video Converter makes the conversion speed very fast - up to 90x. But quality is inevitably lost because of excessive compression.

iskysoft video converter review


  1. Support all popular formats
  2. Ready-made presets for mobile devices including Apple and Android devices
  3. Clean intuitive interface


  1. The quality of the converted file is not good
  2. Customer service does not exist for the company
  3. The price is too high

iSkysoft best video converter for Mac download >>

#4 MacX Video Converter Pro Review

MacX Video Converter Pro, published by Didiarty, is a video converter used for multiple purposes. As one of the best versatile video converters for Mac, it's able to convert video, download video, make photo slideshow, record screen, and edit video.

This app can convert 180+ formats, including MKV, M2TS, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, etc. It can download online video & audio from 300+ sites, like Google, Yahoo. It also likes the Cisdem Video Converter that can edit and enhance videos for a better output visual.

However, MacX Video Converter Pro is not convenient to use. The interface is a bit complicated and old-fashioned.

macx video converter pro review


  1. Support 320 video and 50 audio codecs
  2. Ability to download videos, songs, or images


  1. Still, a few online videos can’t be downloaded
  2. Editing features are not good and limited, wasting time to customize video

MacX best video converter for Mac download>>

#5 Handbrake Review

Handbrake is another free video converter. It appeared after VLC. VLC incorporates its functions and adds some helpful ones that Handbrake does not. But Handbrake also has its unique features.

At first, it can rip DVD movies into other formats. Secondly, it can convert HD video. Handbrake was released in 2003. Its main function is to rip DVD, which has been added with its development. In 2007, it received more support: it can convert videos from one popular format to another. Now it merely supports simple video conversion (video to MP4 or MKV). If you convert a small video, it is lossless. Whereas converting big files, you may encounter annoying problems.

best video converter mac- handbrake


  1. Free to use
  2. The speed of the Handbrake is as fast as VLC
  3. The quality is acceptable


  1. Can’t convert to a lot of formats
  2. The system is unstable. It sometimes shut down when you converting

Handbrake best video converter for Mac >>

#6 MPEG Streamclip Review

MPEG Streamclip is a powerful video player, editor, and conversion tool for Mac and Windows. It's also a great organizational tool for all of your videos and media. You can play videos, edit videos with cut, copy, paste, and trim before converting them.

If you choose it as a player, you can play all of the video files through it. For MPEG Streamclip conversion, it's fast, flexible. It supports several input formats like MPEG, VOB, PS, M2P, MOD, VRO, DAT, MOV, DV, AVI, MP4, TS, M2T, MMV, REC, and so on. Although it is not the newest video converter, it can convert among some popular formats.

When it comes to output quality, it will be low and sacrificed during the conversion process.

best video converter mac- mpeg streamclip


  1. A free video converter
  2. Come with more functions, not just to convert videos
  3. Auto repair of time code breaks


  1. Hard to extract audio from video
  2. The formats it can convert are limited

MPEG Streamclip best video converter for Mac download >>

#7 DivX Converter Review

DivX Converter for Mac, another standout converter software, is equipped with tons of excellent capabilities. You can upload videos from desktop, DropBox, and Google Drive. It helps you convert the added videos to DivX, MKV, and HEVC up to 4K, etc. on Mac. The converted videos are in very high resolution and multiple files can be processed at a time.

Meanwhile, this best video converter for Mac also assists you to edit, encode, add external audio, and add external subtitles to videos.

best video converter mac- divx


  1. Can convert videos to HEVC 4K and HEVC UHD
  2. Support to combine all videos into one file


  1. Install slowly and mislead you to download a couple of unwanted programs
  2. Very few output formats are supported
  3. Don’t contain a built-in player. To play videos, you need to start a DivX Player

Divx best video converter for Mac download >>

#8 Pavtube Video Converter Review

Pavtube Video Converter should win a spot in the best video converter for Mac review as it converts high-definition videos from camcorders, digital video recorders and brings a set of editing tools. You can convert files to iPad Pro, PS4, Xbox One, DVD player, WD TV player, VCD/DVD/SVCD, etc. supported formats or create a customized option.

In addition, you are capable of editing videos, split & merge videos, and taking snapshots. And there's a built-in video player on the right side, you can preview changes of your videos in real-time.

best video converter mac- pavtube


  1. Support a wide range of output video formats/devices.
  2. Can split and merge videos


  1. Lack of the ability to download online videos
  2. The interface is a bit cumbersome

Pavtube best video converter for Mac download >>

#9 ImTOO Video Converter Review

ImTOO is designed to convert videos, audio, and animated images. It offers certain admirable features, including a substantial collection of input and output files and some editing tools.

You can convert videos to optimized presets and multimedia formats, probably more than 150 file formats. As for the editing function, it allows you to merge, clip, crop video, add effect, and watermark. Also, general features like snapping images, preview, editing video & audio stream, etc. are supported.

best video converter mac- imtoo


  1. List a wide variety of video & audio formats
  2. Help to control over bitrate, frame rate, and more


  1. Can’t merge multiple files
  2. Only convert up to 800 x 600 video resolution

ImToo best video converter for Mac download >>

#10 Total Video Converter Review

To those who love to combine, extract, convert, record, burn videos, this might not be the first time you are going to hear Total Video Converter. It’s extremely the best video converter for Mac that converts video to 3GP, MP4, PSP, PS3, iPod, iPhone, HDTV, DVD player, etc. and burn video to DVD, SVCD, VCD, AVCHD, Blu-Ray.

So if you have the demand to burn videos to DVD and record your computer screen within one application, it should be ideal conversion software you can give a try.

best video converter mac- total


  1. The conversion speed is twice as fast as the category average
  2. The category of supported devices is particularly clear and detailed


  1. The converted video was noticeable pixelation and blur
  2. The editor lacks basic functionality and performs practically no function

Total best video converter for Mac download >>

Comparison Table between 10 Top Video Converters

Software Support Format Output Quality Speed Editing Tool DVD Rip Video Download
Cisdem Video Converter 200+ High Fast Yes Yes Yes
VLC 20+ Above Average Fast Poor Yes No
iSkysoft Video Converter 150+ Average Fast Yes No Yes
MacX Video Converter Pro 180+ Average Slow Yes No Yes
Handbrake 2 output format Above Average Fast Poor Yes No
MPEG Streamclip 20+ Below Average Slow Poor Yes Yes
DivX Converter 10+ High Average Yes Yes No
Pavtube Video Converter 80+ Below Average Slow Yes Yes No
ImTOO Video Converter 80+ Below Average Average Yes No No
Total Video Converter 70+ Below Average Above Average Poor Yes No

How to Turn Videos into Other Formats with the Best Video Converter for Mac?

Step 1. Download a safe video converter.

Take the number #1 – Cisdem Video Converter as an example. Download, Install and kick it off on your Mac.

Free Download

Step 2. Import media files to the app.

Drag music, movie, etc. video files manually to the workplace of the first interface (for video conversion).

import video files

Step 3. Select the desired format for each video.

choose formats

Step 4. For experienced users, tweak the “Advanced Settings”.

Click icon next to the format option to get into the settings window, from which you can change the format values, like codec, bitrate, resolution, etc.

adjust settings

Step 5. Start to encode video files by clicking the “Convert” icon in the bottom right corner.


Videos need to be converted when they don't work on target devices or on particular social platforms like YouTube and Facebook. If you are wishing to convert your videos to compatible formats for the Mac platform, this article has discussed the top 10 applications (both paid and free ones mentioned), and all play important roles. Pick the best video converter for Mac to solve the compatibility issues, reduce video size, modify video values, and so on.

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