10 Best DVD Ripper for Mac and Review 2023 (Sonoma Included)

Rosa Reyes
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A DVD ripper is something anyone with loads of DVDs needs to invest in urgently. If you're been trying to digitize DVD movies, then you already know what a big difference a good DVD ripper can make. The best DVD Ripper will give you a 1:1 digital copy of your DVD movies and at the same time keep it at a much smaller size.

As a photographer and movie lover, I spent years amassing an extensive DVD collection. I did my own research, asked software developer friends, and tested out popular DVD Rippers firsthand to find the 10 best DVD rippers for Mac.


Top 3 DVD Rippers Which Gives the Best Result

Have no time to try all the 10 DVD Rippers? Well, check out these 3 effective solutions:

Best DVD Ripper for Mac Overall - Cisdem Video Converter for Mac

Free Trial $49.99 lifetime license for Mac 10.12+

Convert DVD Movies (Homemade, commercial, copy-protected) to MP4, MKV, AVI, MPEG, etc. with fast speed while balancing quality & file size. Offers a built in video editor for you to optimize and rip certain parts of DVD movies. Offer other features like downloading and converting videos.

Best Free DVD Ripper for Mac that offers a 1:1 quality - MakeMKV

Totally Free for Mac OS X 10.7 or later/Windows XP or later

If you need a free DVD ripper that converts your disc for archival copy with original quality, MakeMKV is your best choice. Though as the name suggests it can only save DVD as MKV. and be prepared that the movies will come in enormous file size.

Best DVD Ripper for Mac with fast speed - MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Free Trial $59.95 lifetime license for Mac OS X 10.6 and above

If you don’t require much output quality and need a DVD ripper that is fast and offer edit function, Macx DVD ripper is what you need.


Top 10 Best DVD Rippers for Mac 2023

#1 Cisdem Video Converter (Editor’s Choice)

Best for: The best DVD ripper for Macs: light, fast, high quality

Compatibility: macOS 14.0 Sonoma, macOS 13.0 Ventura, macOS 12.0 Monterey, macOS 11.0 Big Sur, 10.15 Catalina, and earlier

Price: $49.99 lifetime license

Latest version: 7.11.0 released on September 21, 2023

Free Download

Cisdem Video Converter is the NO.1 best DVD ripper for Mac I would like to recommend. It helps you leisurely rip videos straight from the DVD into 300+ formats without quality and data loss.

Apart from processing unprotected DVDs, this best DVD ripper for Mac can also decrypt any type of DVD encryption, including CSS, RPC, RCE, Disney X-project DRM, UOP, ARccOS, etc.

Cisdem best DVD ripping software for Mac works at high speed, which will greatly save you valuable time. For example, the common DVD ripper may take one hour to rip a movie while Cisdem DVD ripper only takes a quarter.

It defeated 98% of rivals for its speed, which will greatly save you valuable time. For example, the common DVD ripper may take one hour to rip a movie while Cisdem DVD ripper only takes a quarter.

In addition, it's packed with other superb features such as the ability to convert video & audio, download video, combine video, etc. You can make video conversion among numerous incredibly useful outputs, and tweak video output setting for specific needs.

Best DVD Ripper for Mac 2023- Cisdem Video Converter

For users who need only part of the movie you can use the built-in DVD editor to trim DVD into clips, also you can add your own subtitle, effects or change an interlaced video with deinterlace.

edit the dvd video

Cisdem DVD Ripper free download on Mac >>

#2 HandBrake

Best for: The best free DVD ripper for Macs

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later

Price: Totally Free

Latest version: 1.6.1 released on October 6, 2023

HandBrake is an open-source, free DVD ripper available on multiple platforms - Mac, Windows, Linux, BSD, Xfce.

As a video encoding tool, Handbrake will re-encode the DVD into videos which results in a smaller file but not the original video. So you will observe obvious quality loss.

Unlike other free DVD rippers, Handbrake offers bunches of optimized settings, You can select chapters, add subtitles and change storage size to get a satisfying result. it supports output files to MP4 and MKV, video: MPEG-4, H.264, Audio: AAC, MP3.

If you add a copy-protected DVD to Handbrake, it will fail to load the DVD and give you an error notice, so if you have DVDs that Handbrake failed to load it may be caused by encryptions.

The speed of ripping DVD is not fast enough. Normally, ripping a 2h DVD disc on Mac needs about 3 hours, output in a 2GB around file.

If your movies have multiple titles, Handbrake will automatically load the longest one, most of the time it will help you choose the right one, but sometimes it will mis-choose the wrong title. Plus, HandBrake sometimes closes unexpectedly when ripping DVD videos.

NOTE: If you do need to rip encrypted DVD with Handbrake you can download Libdvdcss to use together with handbrake, but Libdvdcss was removed from Handbrake best DVD ripper for Mac 0.9.2, meaning that you are unable to rip encrypted DVDs with CSS. But the solution is to download and install VLC libdvdcss.

Best DVD Ripper for Mac 2023- Handbrake

Choose handbrake or not?

If you are familiar with video formats, bitrate, and codec settings, Handbrake is the best free DVD ripper that offers all the functions you may need.

If however, you don’t want to set video output, and you need to rip copy protected DVD, Handbrake is not a good option for you to choose.

HandBrake DVD Ripper free download on Mac >>

#3 MakeMKV

Best for: Best free DVD ripper for Mac that offers a 1:1 quality

Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Price: Totally free

Latest version: 1.17.5 released on September 25, 2023

MakeMKV is best for Mac and windows users who need to rip DVD and Bluray movies for the purpose of archiver, it is totally free to use and available for both Mac and Windows.

Instead of converting, MakeMKV just unpackages the content in DVD, so it is a real 1:1 copy of the DVD movies, and it is able to maintain the DVD menu structure and full contents, like meta-data, audio tracks, chapters, and more.

As the name implies, videos ripped from MakeMKV will be in MKV format. It's not good news, because you can't play MKV files on iTunes, QuickTime, Apple TV, iOS, or other Apple devices. The MKV format ensures 1:1 DVD copying, which also means that the files are large.

Although this best DVD ripping software for Mac can read Blu-ray encrypted by AACS and BD+, it takes a very long time and fails to recognize the correct film scenes (merely works with about 15-25% Blu-rays).

Best DVD Ripper for Mac 2023- MakeMKV

Choose MakeMKV or not?

If you care very much about quality and don’t care about file size, go with MakeMKV.

If you need to play DVD movies on portable and other devices, and it you care about the file size(normally it will provide an MKV in 2-3 times of the size of the original DVD) you just don’t need MakeMKV.

MakeMKV DVD Ripper free download on Mac >>

#4 MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Best for: Best DVD ripper for Mac with fast speed

Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.6+

Price: $59.95 Lifetime License

Latest version: 6.8.1 released on August 29, 2023

MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Mac is a commercial DVD Ripper coming with 16X faster speed and affordable price. It allows you to copy DVDs to your Mac so you can easily view them without wasting your laptop’s battery - life, spinning a disc in your optical drive.

Also, this best DVD ripper Mac can convert 320+ videos and 50+ audios with encryption formats, like 4K UHD, MKV, AVCHD, M2TS, MP4, AVI, WMV. Altogether it is an all-in-one program that lets you convert your videos to any other format, and play on your iPhone 11 Pro/Max, iPad Air 2/Mini 4, Android, Samsung Galaxy Note 7/Edge, and so on.

However, MacX DVD Ripper Pro doesn’t contain advanced DVD video editing features and the option for conversion to h.265 codec like Cisdem Video Converter.

The biggest cons of MacX DVD Ripper Pro is that the output video quality is not high quality at all, you will easily notice the quality decrease.

For DVD ripping speed, MacX DVD Ripper Pro works very well.

Best DVD Ripper for Mac 2023- MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Choose MacX DVD Ripper Pro or not?

If you care little about output quality and need DVD ripper that can handle most of the encryptions and offers a fast DVD ripping speed, MacX DVD Ripper Pro is what suits you most.

MacX DVD Ripper free download on Mac >>

#5 Any Video Converter Ultimate

Best for: Good DVD ripper without any standout features

Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Price: 54.95 lifetime lisence

Latest version: 6.2.0

Any Video Converter Ultimate is an amazing DVD ripper that can meet your simple needs within a minimalist interface.

Before going to download this best Mac DVD ripper, make sure your current operating system is compatible. If you are using Mac OS X 10.6, you should download Version 5.2.2.

Besides ripping files from discs, Any Video Converter Ultimate can convert plenty of video formats including ASF, AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, and more. It is also a YouTube video downloader that supports 100+ online video-sharing sites.

But the output format and presets of Any Video Converter Ultimate are a bit outdated. For example, you can only rip DVD to iPhone 6s Plus - the highest version currently supported. The final videos will lose some images. And it took more than 30 minutes to rip an hour-long DVD video. So you have to put up with its imperfection.

Best DVD Ripper for Mac 2023- Any Video Converter

Choose Any Video Converter Ultimate or not?

Compared with what function it has, this app is a bit pricy and it lacks the ability to rip protected DVD, which is not a good option for most users.

AVC DVD Ripper free download on Mac >>

#6 MacTheRipper

Best for: Affordable all-around Mac DVD ripper

Compatibility of version 2.6.6: OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or previous

Price: Free for version 2.6.6, but for above version you need to send gift for a license

Latest version:

MacTheRipper is a fast and free DVD ripper for Mac. It has three most common versions – MacTheRipper 2.6.6, MacTheRipper 3.0, and MRT 4. To use MacTheRipper on macOS Sonoma, Ventura, Monterey, etc., you have to install MRT 4 or above version. But only MacTheRipper 2.6.6 or lower versions are free.

It helps you to create a playable copy of the contents of a video DVD by defeating the Content Scramble System. During the process, MacTheRipper may optionally modify or disable the DVD region code or the User operation prohibition features of the copied data.

But MacTheRipper is unstable. It may suddenly exit or crash when you rip DVD on Mac OS X system. And the interface is a little confusing at first take it. You need to take time to know the functions. Once you overcome those problems, you could take it as your most reliant DVD ripper.

Best DVD Ripper for Mac 2023- MacTheRipper

Choose MacTheRipper or not?

If you only need a free DVD ripper and failed to use Handbrake, you can have a try with MacTheRipper.

MacTheRipper DVD Ripper free download on Mac >>

#7 Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

Best for: Solid Mac DVD ripper with additional features

Compatibility: OS X 10.6 or above

Price: $54.95 lifetime lisence

Latest version: 11.6.7

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate is the antepenultimate DVD ripper. In spite of the relatively high selling price, it still made into the 10 best Mac DVD rippers due to its 90X faster.

In addition to ripping DVD video, it can convert video and audio, download video and audio from some popular sites, edit video and burn DVDs as well.

But its interface is too dark to see the text in it clearly. And the output and input of Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate are not as many as you think. The software may not support some of the popular formats.

What is more, there is always quality loss with 90X faster ripping speed on Mac.

Best DVD Ripper for Mac 2023- Aimersoft

Choose Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate or not?

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate hasn’t been updated for a long time, and this app has compatibility with Big Sur, also the output quality of Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate is not that good.

Aimersoft DVD Ripper free download on Mac >>

#8 DVDFab

Best for: Fast DVD ripper with a full feature set

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 - 14

Price: $84.99 Lifetime License

Latest version: released on September 12, 2023

DVDFab is dedicated to the work of DVD/Blu-ray ripping, DVD copy, and video conversion. It can copy any DVD, rip DVD to hard drive, burn videos to blank DVD disc, clone DVD in 1:1 ratio, or copy with compression.

Furthermore, it has 6 modes available to customize your DVD copy, including merge, split, clone, full rip, and so on. It also offers various settings to personalize your DVD.

DVDFab is free to try (30-day trial); $84.99 to buy the software. Although it is a multi-functional software, the price is a little bit expensive. Other negative sides are that the speed of DVDFab is slower than Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate, and the output quality actually is not as good as they described.

Best DVD Ripper for Mac 2023- DVDFab

Choose DVDFab DVD Ripper or not?

DVDFab DVD Ripper offers a full DVD ripping feature set, you can convert encrypted DVDs, compress DVD, edit DVD easily, but compared with other software this app is fairly expensive, and it’s quality is not that good.

DVDFab DVD Ripper free download on Mac >>

#9 iFunia DVD Ripper

Best for: Lightweight DVD ripper for Macs

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 Yosemite or above

Price: 12.99 lifetime lisence

Latest version: 4.2.0

iFunia DVD Ripper, one of the best DVD rippers for Mac, gives an easy and fast solution to rip both encrypted and unencrypted DVDs without destroying them.

It enables you to rip DVDs to various video formats like AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4, MPG, 3GP, H.264/MPEG-4, VOB, FLV, RM, and MKV, etc., as well as extract soundtracks from DVD movies to a variety of audio formats.

Nevertheless, iFunia DVD Ripper can only rip DVD video. That is to say, you can’t regard it as a general video converter, converting video from one format to another. Either, you are unable to download online video from the sites with iFunia Mac DVD ripper.

That is why iFunia best DVD ripping software for Mac is ranked behind Cisdem Video Converter, HandBrake, MakeMKV, and Any Video Converter Ultimate.

Best DVD Ripper for Mac 2023- iFunia DVD Ripper

iFunia DVD Ripper free download on Mac >>

#10 RipIt

Best for: Simple and light weight DVD ripper for Mac

Compatibility: OS X 10.9+

RipIt, developed by the Little App Factory, is a free best DVD ripping software for Mac OS X. It enables users to break encryptions and create a playable copy of the contents. With RipIt, you can compress the DVD main movie to a small file on your device. It would save some place for you to keep another video.

However, RipIt only can rip DVD video. It does not have any custom option to remove region codes, nor does it allow the option to select certain titles or chapters for extraction. If you want to do some edition before ripping DVD, you would better not take RipIt.

Best DVD Ripper for Mac 2023- RipIt

RipIt DVD Ripper free download on Mac >>


How we test the best DVD Ripper programs

To test out which is the best Mac DVD Ripper on the market, we spend dozens of hours researching and testing all the apps people recommend and ask us to have a try. We evaluated ease of use, output quality, speed, and capable of handling different DVD copy protections. We installed each DVD Ripper on the same Mac mini running macOS Sonoma. It was powered by Apple M2 and had 8GB of RAM. Also, if a DVD Ripper is boasting about new and amazing features, we will do the test and check it.

Best Mac DVD Ripper: Performance at a glance

  Easy to use Speed level Output quality Supported formats Edit function Rip encrypted DVD
Cisdem Video Converter Fast Excellent 300+
Handbrake Slow Fair MP4, MKV × ×
MakeMKV Fast Excellent MKV ×
MacX DVD Ripper Pro × Fast Good 120+
Any Video Converter Slow Fair 50+ ×
MacTheRipper × Slow Fair 30+ × ×
Aimersoft Video Converter × Fast Good 120+
DVDFab × Fast Fair 30+
iFunia DVD Ripper × Fast Fair 50+ ×
RipIt Slow Low MP4 ×


How to Rip a DVD on Mac Using the No.1 Pick

Step 1Install Cisdem DVD ripper on Mac

Download and install Cisdem Video Converter and launch it on your Mac.

main interface of cisdem video converter

Step 2Import DVD source to the software

Have the DVD inserted into your Mac optical drive. Its icon will show on the Finder.

Just drag the DVD or VIDEO_TS folder to the program interface (“rip” tab). Cisdem best DVD ripper for Mac will load the source immediately.

drag dvd to cisdem

Step 3Choose the titles as well as languages of subtitle and audio

If you don't wish to rip all the titles, you can click the checkmark in the upper left corner to cancel.

The DVD videos might cover multiple subtitles or audio tracks in different languages. Select your familiar languages.

select titles and languages cisdem

Step 4Rip DVD to digital file

Click on the format-choosing icon nearby "Convert all tasks to". You will see a wide range of digital formats, devices, and players for you to select. Choose a suitable one and ensure the output location.

At the final step, hit the convert button to rip DVD to file on Mac.

rip dvd to video cisdem



When it comes to choosing the best DVD ripper for Mac, we ought to take the output quality, and the speed of conversion into personal demand. From the review, we know Cisdem Video Converter is superior to other peers in the speed, quality, and availability of encrypted DVDs. Although Blu-ray cannot be imported, all the needs of DVD can be met. I think Cisdem Video Converter is the best DVD ripper for Mac that deserves your try.

Rosa Reyes
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Rosa has worked in Mac software industry for more than eight years. She believes that the purpose of software is to make life better and work more productively. In addition to writing, Rosa is also an avid runner.

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