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The Best ISO Extractor for Mac( Mojave Included)

The Best ISO Extractor for Mac

ISO is an archive file of an optical disc, a type of disk image made up of the data contents from every written sector on an optical disc, including the optical disc file system. It is generally used in the Windows operating system to store computer applications. When it comes to Mac platform, it can be worked as well, and the operating system has no trouble running with ISO file type. But what kind of ISO extractor are you using on your Mac? Have you found the most suitable one? In this article, we will introduce the best ISO extractor for Mac users.

This tutorial will discuss three things:

1. Popular Extractors that Users to Extract ISO Files on Mac

2. How to Choose the Best ISO Extractor for Mac?

3. What is the Best ISO Extractor for Mac?

Popular Extractor that Users to Extract ISO Files on Mac

1. AnyToISO for Mac

As the name suggests, AnyToISO for Mac is a program which can convert files to ISO, extract ISO and create ISO. More specifically, it can also extract DMG, ISZ, BIN, DAA, PDI, CDI, IMG, ZIP, RAR, 7Z, TAR files. When referring to steps, it’s very easy to operate. All you have to do is click “File Extract/Convert to ISO”, and then extract to folder. But batch operations are supported only using command line. Meanwhile, for other function, it still exists some problems. AnyToISO will not do even a single conversion from DVD media, even if the contents are less than a CD could hold.

2. B1 Free Archiver for Mac OS

B1 Free Archiver for Mac OS is a software for creating archive folder and extracting archive file on Mac. It is extremely simple to operate. There is no need for you to consult comprehensive manuals or guides. You can extract compressed archive files, as well as view the content without extracting them to a new folder. The freeware supports most popular formats including ISO. Unfortunately, when you install the software, it apparently requires an internet connection to do so, and it takes a long time. Whenever you actually open and use the program, it takes awhile to load up. Further, if you unchecked the file extensions you didn't want to associate it with, well it doesn't seem to care. It will make every ISO open with this sluggish program by default, and you will have to go back and reset all of that manually.

How to Choose the Best ISO Extractor for Mac?

We have mentioned two ISO extractor for Mac above, although they are popular with Mac users, both of them are defective. Then, how to choose the best ISO extractor for Mac? There are many ISO extractors in website or in App Store for us to consider. Few of them are free and others need to cost money. But we all know the difference between freeware and paid software. In this part, we will teach you how to choose the best ISO extractor which is secure and efficient for Mac.

  1. The best ISO extractor must be easy to use.
  2. Excepting extracting ISO files on Mac, the best ISO extractor will also support opening other frequently-used files format, such as RAR, Zip, 7-zip and TAR files. It could be better if it supports files formats that are not commonly used like Udf, Wim, CHM, Hfs, Nsis, Udf files and so on.
  3. Lets you preview the files inside archives, such as text, images or music, and unzip only those files you really need.
  4. Gives you more options when extracting ISO files from an archive, you can load archive ISO files in batch and extract all at once. You can also select partial of the ISO files in one archive to only extract the selected files.
  5. Saves your time by quickly finding out your files, photos, and passwords with Keyword Search.

The best ISO extractor for Mac should process some other features, like safe, convenient, etc, we will not list one by one here. Return to the chase, in order to get the best ISO extractor, we have tested a number of apps the other day. Next, we will show you what has been proved is the best ISO extractor for Mac.

What is the Best ISO Extractor for Mac?

Cisdem BetterUnarchiver wins in battle due to its powerful functions and simple design. Firstly, let me briefly introduce it. BetterUnarchiver is the Mac Unarchiver and archiver that allows you batch compress files, preview the contents inside archives and unzip (entirely or partially) archive files on Mac. It can open and extract ISO files without any hassle. Even more noteworthy is BetterUnarchiver meets all requirements we defined for the best ISO extractor above.

How to Use Cisdem BetterUnarchiver to Extract ISO Files on Mac?

Step 1. Download and Install Cisdem BetterUnarchiver on your Mac.

Download free trial of Cisdem BetterUnarchiver for Mac now!

Step 2. Open and preview contents in zipped files on Mac.

Double-click the icon and lauch BetterUnarchiver. Add ISO files to list and click it, you will see all the files in The middle of the window. You can then select the single file and preview them one by one in the right of the window.

Step 3. Select partial of the zipped files in one archive to only extract the selected file.

If you have confirmed which files should be extracted, click "Decompress" on the selected ISO files. Then, specify the name and location of the ISO files you want to extract. Finally, save your operation.

If you would like to read more precise steps or screenshots, go ahead to this article: What is an ISO File and How to Extract ISO Files on Mac?

Don't Hesitate. Try to Use It Now!

There's really no reason not to install Cisdem BetterUnarchiver for your Mac, since it can open and extract different files' formats. What's more, you can compress them into Zip, Tar, 7Z formats and save these files with password. Frankly speaking, it's such an obvious things to download that it's barely worth mentioning. You probably already have it.

But seriously: if you are a student and don’t have enough money to pay for the best ISO extractor, you are able to use Disk Utility. Please acquaint with the limitation of Disk Utility before having a bash at this way.

All in all, as a full-featured app, Cisdem BetterUnarchiver is cheap as dirt. Once you pay for it, you will be on life support. But in any case, you’d better try to use the free trial for testing the function before purchasing.

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    Very easy to work with and has extracted all that I have thrown at it.

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