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Best iPad File Manager to Remove iPad Junk Files

Is your iPad filled with many useless files? Have you got the insufficient memory message? If yes, then you probably have tons of music, photos, documents, programs and videos on your iPad. These files and other various programs can take up a lot of space on your iPad, and sooner or later you'll run out of space. But among all those files and programs may be lots of other stuff that you do not have to keep. Many times, these programs and files create junk files on your iPad, so how to find and remove these useless files becomes the main way to free up space on your iPad.

The Best iPad File Manager-Cisdem iPhoneCleaner

The useless files are files that not important to you but also eat up your iPhone or iPad space. Finding the every useless file manually needs a lot of time and sometimes you may mistakenly delete useful files. The good news is that there’s a pretty easy fix for this problem. You can get rid of those unwanted junk files using the best iPad file manager - Cisdem iPhoneCleaner.

As you might expect, Cisdem iPhoneCleaner is a professional file manager to quickly and safely analyze and rid your iOS device including iPad of hidden temp, cache, and other junk files, thus freeing up more space on your iPhone, iPad. This file manager program could act as iPad junk file remover to help you clean up your junk files with ease on iMac or Macbook (OS X 10.10 and later, including El Capitan).

With this file manager, you can do a complete sweep to find temporary files that can be erased, and other documents that might be taking too much space in your device and you can also backup your data which is important. Follow below guide to remove junk files and speed up your iPad.

How to use the iPad file manager to remove junk files

  1. Download the free Mac version of iPhoneCleaner and install it. After you install it on your Mac, launch the software.
  2. Connect your iPad to your Mac with USB cable and your iPad files will be listed by sort in “Device Manager”. And these files will be classified as user data, user apps, system apps, videos, photos, musics, books. This helps you get a break down of how much space are being taken up by things like music, video, apps, photos, etc.
  3. Turn to iPhoneCleaner’s “App Cleaner”, this function helps you to clean your iPad. iPhone Cleaner is the safest way to clean up your iPad, you don’t have to worry about data loss. Just scan files and all the documents and data, app cache, cookies and junk files will be listed for you. Then clean the apps in a safe way by deleting useless items including junk files created by app.
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  4. Large files take up too much storage of your iPad. Turn to “Find Large Files”, it shows the biggest files and you can erase what is consuming the most space in your gadget, something few cleaners for Mac are able to do this. Click “scan” to find your large files of your iPad and remove these unnecessary files to free up space.
  5. If you still worry about data loss when cleaning your iPad, you can use “Backup” to make copies of your important files to local devices for future use, including musics, pictures, contacts,etc. This function backups all content of your iOS devices without having to use iTunes.Thus, you transfer photos, music, and contacts quickly.

Cisdem iPhoneCleaner is the best file manager to find and remove spam from any app that runs on your iPad, for instance, empty folders, junk files created by apps, files left by apps that were uninstalled, program cache, apps that are used infrequently, etc. And it is very simple to use, just download it and remove junk files on your iOS devices. You can use it to backup iPhone, iPad as well.

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