How to Convert AVI to MP4 on Windows 10/11 in High Quality

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While AVI is a Windows-based container format, it may not play on Windows due to the fact that it embeds codecs such as DivX, XviD, and H.263, which Windows does not support. Additionally, AVI files are typically large, resulting in more loading time and storage space requirements than other formats like MP4.

To make your AVI files playable on Windows or easier to share and store, you can convert them to MP4. Read on to find out how to convert AVI to MP4 on Windows 10 or Windows 11.

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Reasons for Converting AVI to MP4 on Windows

Compression Low High
Quality Outstanding Slightly lower than AVI
Video size 20-30% larger than an MP4 Smaller
Compatibility Play on devices that support the Microsoft Video for Windows tech Nearly all devices
Video codec MJPEG, Indeo, DivX, XviD, H.263, H.264, VP9, etc. H.263, H.264, H.265, MJPEG, VP8/VP9, etc.
Audio codec PCM, ADPCM, GSM 6.10, MP3, AC-3, DTS, etc. MP3, AAC, AC-3, DTS, ALAC, Vorbis, PCM
Playback speed Slower Fast
Streaming support Poor Fast

After comparing AVI and MP4 formats, the reason for converting AVI to MP4 on Windows is ready to emerge. MP4 has a smaller file size, better compatibility, and faster playback speed than AVI. It uses advanced compression algorithms, which can reduce file sizes without affecting file quality significantly. Therefore, when your AVI files lack compatible codecs for Windows PC or are too large, turn them into MP4 instead.

How to Convert AVI to MP4 on Windows 10/11 in Batches Quickly

Cisdem Video Converter proves to be a master in the video converting domain. It is possible to change large AVI files to MP4 on Windows 10/11 with up to 90% compression, and also achieves the right balance between the output size and quality.

The app supports HD, FHD, 4K, 8K, VP9, AVC, HEVC, etc. video conversion. Beyond AVI and MP4, there are 600 plus digital formats included. Also, it offers a wide selection of preset profiles for various devices and programs.

  1. Download Cisdem Video Converter to your Windows computer and install it.
    Free Download
  2. Import AVI files to the program.
    Open the AVI to MP4 converter for Windows. Drag-n-drop desired WMV files from the local folder to its video conversion interface.import avi
  3. Select MP4 as the output format.
    Click “Output Format” or “Convert all tasks to” to call out the format drop-down menu. Select MP4 format from the “General Video” category. For expert users, you can also adjust format parameters.choose mp4
  4. Edit videos before converting to MP4.
    Click the pencil-like button and make some editing in the new window.edit avi
  5. Convert AVI to MP4 on Windows 10/11.
    Press the “convert” icon on the bottom-right corner. Once done, click the "Success" icon (blue tick) to find the converted MP4 in the output folder.convert avi to mp4 windows 10

How to Convert AVI to MP4 on Windows 10 Using Handbrake

Handbrake, an open-source program, supports video transcoding from AVI to MP4, MKV, and common devices. It provides a variety of output settings, like audio and subtitle tracks, giving you the ability to tailor videos. But converting AVI videos with Handbrake is slow because of the high CPU usage, which is not advisable for large-sized or high-resolution AVI videos.

  1. Open Handbrake. Drop an individual AVI video file or a folder from your Windows to the software.add avi handbrake
  2. Choose the "MP4" format from the "Format" dropdown list.
  3. Use the “Video”, “Audio”, and “Subtitles” tabs to configure the settings.
  4. Move to the "Destination" section. Select where you want the converted MP4 file to be saved.ui handbrake
  5. Initiate AVI to MP4 conversion process by clicking the "Start" button.

How to Convert AVI File to MP4 on Windows 10 in VLC Media Player

VLC can play many videos, audio, DVDs, CDs, damaged or incomplete files, etc. It has a built-in codec, meaning it can also transcode between multimedia files, including AVI, MP4, MKV, MPG, WMV, OGG MP3, etc. This AVI to MP4 converter for Windows 10 is completely free.

Although a powerful media player, VLC has some shortcomings in video conversion. Even for AVIs less than 200MB, the transcoding speed is a bit slow, as it lacks hardware decoding support. Occasionally, there will be transcoding errors, leading to low-quality MP4s.

  1. Initiate VLC. Click on the "Media" menu and choose "Convert/Save".go to convert and save interface
  2. Under the “File Selection” field, hit “Add” to browse and select your AVI video.add avi vlc
  3. If necessary, click the wrench icon to further tweak its codecs and bitrate.
  4. Click "Convert/Save".
  5. Choose “Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4) from the "Profile" drop-down menu.choose mp4 vlc
  6. Click "Browse". Enter a name for the output file and specify a destination.
  7. Press the “Start” button.

How to Change AVI to MP4 on Windows 10 with Online Converter, a web-based service owned by Wondershare, has higher security than other online AVI to MP4 converters for Windows 10. Its data transmission process is encrypted. Inputs and outputs of include video, audio, image, and vector formats, and advanced settings are available.

Owing to its professionalism, the free version has more restrictions. It doesn't support AVI videos over 100MB, let alone over 1GB. It can only turn up to 2 AVI files into MP4 at the same time. And you need to log in to your email address to get downloaded files.

  1. Go to in your web browser.
  2. Upload AVI file from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive.add avi online
  3. Select "MP4" as the output format.choose mp4 online
  4. Click the “gear” icon. Alter AVI parameters or trim it in “Settings” dialogue. Then click “Yes”.setting online
  5. Hit “CONVERT”.
  6. Download MP4.


Can Windows Media Player convert AVI to MP4 format?

Windows Media Player merely allows you to play MP4 on Windows 10/11. It doesn’t have the built-in capability to convert video or rip DVD to MP4. But if you want to convert digital files to MP3, you can use it to burn video or audio files to CD, then extract MP3 from CD.

Can Windows Movie Maker change AVI file into MP4?

Windows Movie Maker is a video editing and creating application that does not let you turn AVI into MP4 or make any video conversion. Plus, it was officially stopped in 2017, replaced by Video Editor (formerly known as Microsoft Story Remix) on Windows 10.

Is it possible to convert AVI to MP4 in Windows 10/11 via iTunes?

iTunes can neither import AVI nor export MP4. Since AVI is developed by Microsoft, Apple devices, including iTunes, can't read it. Also, iTunes only enables you to convert Apple-based videos to MP3, WAV, ALAC, AIFF, AAC, and M4V, MP4 is not included.

Can I Rename the AVI file to MP4 in Windows? Does it work?

Renaming the file extension from AVI to MP4 directly does not effectively change file format. AVI container consists of different codecs, audio and video data, subtitles, etc. Renaming its extension won't change the containing data. It just changes how Windows OS and software recognize the AVI. Meanwhile, the modified file might not be opened normally.


As you can see, the commonly utilized Windows Movie Maker can’t convert AVI to MP4 on Windows 10/11. Our article mentions 4 alternative ways. Most users will consider free ways first. But obviously, Handbrake, VLC, and online converters did not perform as well as paid video converters in tests. If you pursue an excellent video conversion experience, then choose the latter.

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