How to Convert HEVC to MP4 without Quality Loss (4 Methods)

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Although computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. have made it simple to watch movies and music videos, they have limitations on the support of video codecs. Many devices can't recognize HEVC-encoded footages. Thus, there is often the need to be involved in converting HEVC files for compatibility. In this article, we're going to introduce how to convert HEVC to MP4 with the best HEVC to MP4 converters.

Basic Knowledge about HEVC

What's HEVC?

HEVC (H.265, x265, MPEG-H Part 2), short for High Efficiency Video Coding, is a new video compression standard. It promises 50% more efficient possible than AVC, meaning that you can keep the HEVC video half the size of AVC at the same quality level. For example, the average bit rate of 1080p video for HEVC is 62% lower than that of AVC (H.264, x264, or MPEG-4 Part 10).

Nowadays, HEVC is primarily used to compress 4K resolution videos and has enabled broadcasters, video-streaming services, etc. to stream higher quality video at manageable bit rates.

Why Convert HEVC to MP4?

Most people want to convert HEVC video to AVC MP4 due to the compatibility. Old Android & iPhone, Apple TV, PlayStation consoles, Roku, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc. can’t play videos encoded with HEVC, while almost all devices or players support AVC MP4. Of course, there are also a small number of people who wish to convert HEVC MKV to HEVC MP4. A professional video converter is able to meet both needs.

The Most Effective Way to Convert HEVC to MP4

Cisdem Video Converter for Mac is a powerful yet easy-to-handle program that's integrated HEVC H.265 encoding and decoding. It has the capacity to convert HEVC to MP4, MKV, H.264, MOV, MP3, iPhone, or any other format with fast speed. This HEVC to MP4 converter also ensures you to edit x265 or x264 video by trimming, rotating, changing brightness & contrast, etc. adding watermarks, before conversion.

Steps to Convert HEVC to MP4 on Mac:

Step 1. Launch Cisdem Video Converter

Download the free trial of HEVC to MP4 video converter for Mac, then install and initiate it.

convert interface

Step 2. Import HEVC-encoded videos

There are two ways:

  • Go to the menu bar at the top, and click “File” > “Add File(s)” to load HEVC files to the converter.
  • Drag H265 videos from Mac local folder to the first interface of the software directly.

load hevc files

Step 3. Select MP4 as target format

Open the “Format” drop-down list. Moving the mouse to the left pane, and select “General Video” > “MP4 Video”, “MP4 HD Video”, or even “MP4 HEVC Video”, which lies on your needs.

choose mp4 as output format

For an experienced user, you can fine-tune the output parameters through "Advanced Settings". Just click the gearwheel button next to the output profile format to open the window. Then, customize video resolution, bitrate, frame rate, as well as audio codec, channel, sample rate, etc. to further optimize conversions.

advanced settings

Step 4. Batch Convert HEVC to MP4 on Mac

Choose the output directory and click the conversion icon button on the lower right side of the interface to let the HEVC codec to MP4 conversion begins. Once done, click the tick icon button to locate your converted MP4 files.

How to Convert HEVC to MP4 Using VLC?

VLC is well known as a popular player, but it can also be regarded as a video transcoder. You can use it to convert HEVC to MP4 on Mac and Windows. It doesn't support batch processing. So if you have tons of HEVC videos waiting to be handled, this HEVC to MP4 converter free will be inconvenient.

In addition, it provides totally 15 output formats or containers by default, such as VP80 + Vorbis (Webm), H.264 + MP3 (TS), WMV + WMA (ASF), CD, and more. To choose other formats, you have to manually select the combination of audio and video codecs.

Let's take the windows version as an example:

Step 1. Head over to and download VLC.

Step 2. Run the software. Navigate to "Media" > "Convert/Save" to call up the "Open Media" window.

open vlc

Step 3. Under the "File" tab, press "Add" on the right side to locate the HEVC-encoded video file.

Step 4. Once it's selected, click the "Convert/Save" button to continue.

add hevc videos

Step 5. Specify your output format as “Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4)” or “Video – H.265 + MP3 (MP4)”.

choose output vlc

*Note: Some apps like iMovie only accept MP4 format with MPEG4/AAC or H.264/AAC encode. To generate the new MP4 format, you should click the wrench icon (next to the profile drop-down menu) to further modify your settings.

Step 6. Hit "Browse". Select a location and name your output file.

Step 7. Click "Start" to convert HEVC codec to MP4 using VLC.

How to Convert HEVC to MP4 via Handbrake?

Handbrake is a popularly used open-source HEVC to MP4 converter for Mac and Windows. It lets you convert HEVC videos and multimedia formats (DVD and Blu-Ray source formats included) to MP4 and MKV. But this HEVC to MP4 video converter merely supports 2 output formats. It's unable to convert HEVC to MOV, AVI, VOB, etc. Although there is an "Add To Queue" option, it can't deal with multiple titles simultaneously, only finish one then another one.

Below are the instructions for the Mac version.

Step 1. Get the software from and install it.

Step 2. Open Handbrake. Drag the HEVC file to the main dashboard or click “Open Source” to select the file.

main interface of vlc

Step 3. Under the “Summary” tab, Choose “MP4 File” as output format.

Step 4. (Optional) You can switch to the “Video” tab and reset the “Video Encoder”.

handbrake video encoder

Step 5. Finally, click on the “Start” button from the top menu.

convert hevc to mp4 vlc

The Best HEVC to MP4 Converter Online

#1. is a Web-based platform that supports a variety of conversion types, including HEVC to MP4. You converted files can be saved to Google Drive and Dropbox. However, the free account allows only 2 concurrent conversions and maximum file size of 100MB. To get more permission, you have to pay a monthly fee for the Light, Basic, or Unlimited version.

Step 1. Go to

hevc to mp4 converter online convertio 01

Step 2. Upload the HEVC file from the local computer folder, cloud storage, or URL.

Step 3. Choose the output video format as MP4.

hevc to mp4 converter online convertio 02

Step 4. Click the “gear” icon to bring up the “Settings” dialog box, and then configure codec, profile, level, constant quality, etc. Click “Ok”.

Step 5. Press “Convert”.

#2. is an online HEVC to MP4 converter that supports various file types including image, document, video, audio, CAD, etc. (more than 40 formats). It allows you to convert HEVC to MP4 online in batches, but the maximum inputs can't exceed 50MB. Moreover, It can convert video files with the suffix .hevc to MP4 as well as convert HEVC MKV to MP4. However, when you import the HEVC MP4 video, there will be no output option of MP4 (AVC).

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Click the “CHOOSE FILE” button to import the HEVC video from your computer.

convert hevc to mp4 online anyconv 01

Step 3. Select to convert “to MP4”.

Step 4. Hit the “CONVERT” button.

convert hevc to mp4 online anyconv 02

Step 5. Download your converted video.

The Bottom Line

We have discussed the details on how to convert HEVC to MP4. Choosing among them depends upon the individual requirements and software performance. For users who solely intend to convert x265 to x264 mp4 once, the online method can help. But for those advanced users, a dedicated HEVC to MP4 converter is the best option, which is compatible with a plethora of conversion formats, allows you to configure video settings, and fast convert & download multiple files.

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