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As a well-known video-hosting site preferred by indie filmmakers, Vimeo has grown so much over the last decade. It even went beyond popular sites like Dailymotion to become the biggest threat to YouTube. Although you can stream many HD music & movie videos, animations, and artsy shorts online, there are still several reasons for you to download and convert Vimeo to MP3.

The most common reason is that you can listen music, lectures, audio books, or presentations etc. without the accompanying video. Moreover, other high definition formats will cost too much storage space. Converting Vimeo to MP3 HD can save it.

However, Vimeo itself doesn’t provide a direct way to convert Vimeo video to MP3. Thus you will need to complete the task with the aid of Vimeo to MP3 converter tools. Find the best solution to convert Vimeo to MP3 in this article and by the way, the comparison tablet of different Vimeo video to MP3 converters will be given as well.

Part 1: What’s Vimeo?

Vimeo is a video-sharing platform that enables members to upload, view and share videos. It was founded in 2004 by a group of filmmakers. To be seen as the first video streaming site to support HD video, Vimeo attracts more than millions unique visitors and registered users per month.

Main features of Vimeo:

  • Stream videos in 1080p and 4k ultra HD
  • Upload videos to Vimeo from any devices and platforms
  • Set self-defined password to protect private videos
  • Track performance and optimize videos with reliable stats
  • Can upload up to 10 videos per day
  • Can upload 500MB videos per week
  • Can up to 5GB total account storage
  • No distracting banners or ads before your video starts

Part 2: How to Download and Convert Vimeo Video to MP3?

ONE: Best Vimeo to MP3 Converter Mac

Embedded with superfast Vimeo downloader and transcoding engine, Cisdem Video Converter for Mac is certainly the most dedicated and safe Vimeo to MP3 downloader & converter. It comes with straightforward interface and layout. You can download and convert Vimeo videos to any format without limitations. Besides, this Mac Vimeo to MP3 converter runs at a 30 times faster conversion speed than most conversion program.

How to Download Vimeo Videos on Mac?

  1. Search and open the desired Vimeo video on your Mac browser and then copy its URL.
  2. Install and run Cisdem Vimeo to MP3 converter.On the main interface, choose download tab.Download Vimeo Videos on Mac Step 23. Paste the copied URL to download bar, and click the download button. Just a few minutes, Vimeo video will be saved to your Mac.Download Vimeo Videos on Mac Step 3

How to Convert Vimeo to MP3 on Mac?

  1. On the main interface, select convert tab. And move the downloaded Vimeo video to it.How to Convert Vimeo to MP3 on Mac Step 1
  2. Click format icon to access output format list. Then click navigate to General Audio > MP3.How to Convert Vimeo to MP3 on Mac Step 2 3. Press convert button to start the process. The selected Vimeo video will be successfully converted to MP3 format.

PROS laugh

  • Supports Downloading videos from 1000+ websites
  • Can convert video to over 500+ formats
  • Offers optimized conversion presets for iDVD, iMovie, Final.
  • Supports customizing and enhancing videos via editing functions
  • Can rip DVD to MKV, MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, etc.

CONS sad

  • Only Mac version available


TWO. Convert Vimeo to MP3 on Windows

There are many Vimeo to MP3 converters for Widows, but Media Freeware Vimeo to MP3 Converter should be one of the best options. It is absolutely free and very easy to use. It supports a fast rate of conversion from Vimeo files to MP3, WMA, OGG, etc. Plus, the Free Vimeo to MP3 converter also supports the conversion of various other online videos such as Facebook, YouTube and so more.

  1. Install and launch Free Vimeo to MP3 on Windows.
  2. Paste Vimeo links onto the “Add Url” tab or “Add Bulk Url” tab.
  3. Select the ones that you want to download and convert to MP3 format.
  4. Choose the save location for your file. Subsequently, you can click “Download Selected” button to know how much long the process will take.

PROS laugh

  • Can make conversions with no limit to the number
  • Shows you the progress of downloads & converts
  • Extract high quality MP3 audios
  • Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows

CONS sad

  • Hasn’t been updated for a long time
  • Can’t edit Vimeo videos before converting them to MP3
  • Only few output format for you to choose


THREE: Convert Vimeo to MP3 Online

Vimeo to MP3 online converters are good choices of downloading and converting files, as these tools are free, simple and don’t require added frills. There is a long list of free Vimeo to MP3 online converters that works pretty well at a decent speed. Next we will introduce top 2 for you.

#1. VimeoToMP3

VimeoToMP3 is a very unique service that designed to download and convert Vimeo videos to MP3 & MP4 format. You can go through the whole process in just a few quick steps. Furthermore, VimeoToMP3 shows you “Convert local option”, which allows you to convert video to AAC, WMA, 3GP, WebM, AIFF, etc. Images can also be converted to PNG, BMP, JPG, and GIF format.

  1. Save the Vimeo video address that you would like to convert.
  2. Open https://www.vimeotomp3.com/ on your MAC or Windows browser.
  3. Enter the URL to blank box.
  4. Click “Download MP3” option to download and save Vimeo to MP3.

PROS laugh

  • Supports 20+ languages including English, French, Chinese, Japanese, etc.
  • Offers converting local file option
  • Fully compatible with Mac and Windows version

CONS sad

  • Doesn’t support additional features like editing files
  • Can’t download and convert Vimeo to MP3 in batch
  • The page recommends cluttered and irrelevant articles
  • Only can download videos from Vimeo

#2. VideoConvert

As one of the Vimeo to MP3 conversion tools that has been around for a while, VideoConvert takes your operation smooth and easy for converting Vimeo to MP3, MP4, MKV, OGG, FLV, etc. Besides transforming Vimeo videos, you can handle YouTube videos at no cost as well. Meanwhile, this program gives you more options than general platforms when converting Vimeo to MP3 online.

  1. Copy the video URL from Vimeo.
  2. Go to https://videoconvert.com/vimeo-converter/ website.
  3. Paste the link to search box and choose MP3 as output type
  4. Click “Convert now” button to start the transformation. If needed, insert the time stamp from advanced options.

PROS laugh

  • Supports over 30 languages, such as English, German, Italian, Korean, etc.
  • Converts Videos from Vimeo and YouTube
  • Provides a smart trimmer feature

CONS sad

  • Supported formats are less when compared to professional software
  • Must use in a stable and better network environment
  • Can’t convert videos in a bulk
  • In general, not so much features


FOUR: Record Vimeo as MP3 Audio

Audacity, the free and open source audio software, is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. It allows you to record sounds from a microphone and export them to MP3, WAV, OGG, MIDI, AIFF, etc. You can customize sound recordings with high-quality output and editing with Audacity. In addition, it can be used for post-processing of all types of audio. Now let’s know how to record Vimeo to MP3 with Audacity.

  1. Launch Audacity and open Vimeo video.
  2. Press record button or hit the R shortcut to begin recording.
  3. When you finish recording, click stop button or hit space shortcut.
  4. Click on file and choose the export option. From the drop-down menu, select MP3 format and then save it.

PROS laugh

  • Free and supports multiple platforms
  • Export MP3 with optional LAME encoder
  • Record up to 16 channels at a time

CONS sad

  • Can’t ensure superior MP3 quality as noisy may be recorded in
  • Not as convenient as Vimeo to MP3 downloader and converter tool
  • Can’t download MP4, FLV, MKV, AVI, etc. videos

Part 3. Comparison of Vimeo to MP3 Tools

  Cisdem Video Converter Free Vimeo to MP3 Converter VimeoToMP3 VideoConvert Audacity
Download Video YES YES YES YES NO
Download Audio YES NO YES YES NO
Support Websites 1000+ Only Vimeo Only Vimeo Vimeo, YouTube 1000+
Support Formats 500+ Only MP3 15+ 10+ 10+
Batch Convert  YES YES NO NO NO
Editing Function YES NO NO NO YES
Upload Video YES NO NO NO NO

Part 4. Four Facts about Vimeo That Will Make You Amazed

Vimeo has established a user base of millions of people, most of whom prioritize high quality content over whatever happens to be trending. It will forever exist in the history books for the benefits it brought to Internet and video streaming, but here are some surprising facts about Vimeo that you’ve probably never heard before.


The article shared 4 easy ways to convert Vimeo to MP3 on Mac, Windows and any other platform. I’ve tried to give you a balanced between 4 different methods, and I hope you’ve now got a clearer understanding of them.

And for the moment, it is time to talk about my ideas. Cisdem Video Converter for Mac, to my point of view, is the most helpful and safe Viemo to MP3 downloader and converter. It comes along with user-friendly interface, fleet conversion speed, superb output and affluent functionality. Hopefully, it can satisfy you. If you have any questions regarding the post or you know some better methods, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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