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Be More Productive: How to Snap Windows on Mac?

How to snap windows on Mac?

Maybe you only know that Windows system can snap windows readily, but never heard Mac OS X system can also do this with ease. For some beginners, they are still confusing with windows snapping on Mac. Here I’m glad to help you understand everything about Mac windows snapping in detail. Hence you will totally master how to snap windows on Mac.

What Does Window Snapping Exactly Mean?

“Snap” was released in Windows 7 in 2009. This is the first time “Snap” appears in the public eye. It allows Window users to snap windows into a particular position with few steps. All you need to do is dragging and dropping a window to diverse edges of the screen. If you drag the window to the top, it will maximize the window. To the right or left, it will occupy half of the screen. In this condition, you can snap windows by resizing, maximzing and positioning them according to the way you like.

Can we snap windows on Mac? To our delight, Mac started to develop “Snap” function from EL Captian. The built-in tool is called Split View. Its operation is not as same as Windows 7.

How to Snap Windows on Mac with Split View?

There are two ways for you to run Split View on Mac. In order to let you be more familiar with it, I will present both of them below.

Method one: Snap Windows on Mac Beginning from the Green Maximize Button

  1. Open a window at random.You will find a green button in the upper left corner. Click and hold it till the Window shrinks slightly and the background becomes highlighted.
  2. Drag and drop the active window to the right or left side to place it full screen there.
  3. Turn to another app or window which you would like to use simultaneously in Split View. Select it to full screen and it will be side by side with the first window in Split View.

Snap Windows on Mac Beginning from the Green Maximize Button

Method Two: Snap Windows on Mac via Mission Control

  1. Enter Mission Control from Launchpad or by pressing F3 on Mac keyboard. Drag any app or window to the top of the screen.
  2. Drag and drop another app or window into the same space as earlier, then the two apps or windows will be snapped together.
  3. Click on the little thumbnail of the desktop in which you dropped your apps or windows, and you will enter into Split View successfully.

Snap Windows on Mac via Mission Control

However, many Mac users are more inclined to a third-party app. On one side, independent software is more powerful and flexible. On the side, Split View possesses some nonnegligible defects, such as not working with every application. For other vital reasons, you can view The Best Alternative to Split View in Mac OS X.

How to Snap Windows on Mac Using Third-party App- Cisdem Window Manager?

Cisdem WindowManager is a brilliant and professional windows snapping app for Mac. With it, you can rapidly split screen and put windows to specific positions. In addition to making them fill up half the screen like Split View already does, you can drag windows to pre-defined areas to snap windows automatically, or use the grid system to select the portion that the windows are going to cover, and you are able to set keyboard shortcuts.

Download the Free trial of WindowManager

Download the freetrial of Cisdem WindowManager for Mac Now!

Step 1. Configure General Attribute

Install WindowManager and launch it on your Mac. It will pop up a window asking you to set “Preferences”. The first setting you should finish is “General”. Tick all necessary options and remove redundant “√” for you. From there you can:

  • Start Window Manager when you launch your Mac
  • Set the edges and borders for accessing desktop icons
  • Restore old window size if the window is dragged away
  • Set global shortcuts to display and disable WindowManager

How to Snap Windows on Mac Using WindowManager Step one

Step 2. Manage Edges

There are 7 pre-defined 'hot zones', just drag a window to place it in a given area, by snapping window in the following positions on your Mac:

  • Top edge: snaps full screen
  • Left and Right edges: snaps half of the screen
  • Uper Left and Right, Lower Left and Right edges: snaps quater of the screen

How to Snap Windows on Mac Using WindowManager Step Two

Step 3. Define Numbers in Grid

You can devide screen into many small portions by entering numbers behind Rows and Columns. But it not over, next, you should come to Shortcuts.

How to Snap Windows on Mac Using WindowManager Step Three

Step 4. Set Up Shortcuts

Grid assists you devide screen, then Shortcuts can really help you snap a window on Mac. Firstly, you need choose a location. Secondly, set Shortcut Name and Keyboard. Shortcut Name is not must be set, but you’d better do it for easy access. Last, snap a window with the keyboard shortcut you have input.

How to Snap Windows on Mac Using WindowManager Step Four

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