How to Edit Protected PDF with the Least Amount of Steps?

Connie Wisley
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PDF file, as we know, is hard to edit without the professional PDF editor, and if you want to edit protected PDF, it becomes more challenging. Some people add an owner password to protect their PDF from editing and printing. To edit a protected PDF, you will need to you unlock the PDF first, then edit the file with a PDF Editor.

Talking about the PDF password, in general, there are 2 kinds of passwords: User Password (required to open a PDF) and Owner Password (required to edit/print/copy a PDF). If your PDF cannot be edited, it is owner-password protected and you have to remove the owner-password to make the PDF editable, then you can edit it as needed.

Can I Use Adobe Acrobat to Edit Protected PDF?

If you have installed Adobe Acrobat, you can absolutely edit a PDF file. But when talking about editing a protected PDF with Adobe, this only happens when you know the PDF owner password. With a known PDF owner password, you will be able to remove the owner permissions, finally capable of editing the protected PDF.

  1. Open the protected PDF in Adobe.
  2. Click on the “Secure” icon, and then choose “Remove Security”.edit protected pdf
  3. Input the owner password to remove the security.
  4. Edit the PDF as needed in Adobe.

2 Steps to Edit Protected PDF without Adobe

If you haven’t installed Adobe, or accidently lost your owner password, you can follow these 2 steps to edit a protected PDF: 1) Remove the owner password; 2) Edit the protected PDF.

Step 1 Remove the Owner Password with a PDF Password Remover

A PDF Password Remover is a program allowing users to remove password protection instantly without inputting the owner password. With several clicks, you will be able to create an equivalent PDF without any securities. Even, if your PDF is protected by a user (open) password and you forgot it, you are able to crack the PDF.

There are abundant PDF Password Removers available, but here we only pick the best one for Mac users and Windows users respectively. They are both easy to use and able to remove password protection from batch PDF instantly.

Cisdem PDF Password Remover for Mac, a great PDF unlocker designed to remove unknown and known pdf passwords from encrypted PDF files. It supports batch unlocking PDFs.

edit protected pdf on mac

Free Download

Lighten PDF Password Remover for Windows, a convenient PDF unlocker allowing users to remove known PDF password from secured PDFs, batch processing is also supported.

edit protected pdf on windows


No matter which PDF Password Remover you decide to have a try, just import the PDF file, then click “Remove” to unlock the protected PDF files.

Step 2 Edit the Protected PDF

Now, you can edit your protected PDF with a PDF Editor.

If you want to edit PDF for free, following are the recommended best free PDF editor:

  • PDFescape
  • PDF Filler
  • PDF Buddy

Also, there are professional PDF Editors for your choice:


Surely, there are also other solutions edit a protected PDF,  you can convert protected PDF to word so that you can edit it more easily. If you are interested in this method, you can visit another article  "Convert Secured PDF to Word on Mac”, it will give your complete information.

Connie Wisley
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Connie has been writing for Mac productivity and utility apps since 2009. Each review and solution is based on her practical tests, she is aways energetic and trustworthy in this field.

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    It is indeed easy and fast to make my secured PDF editable again.

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    YA~~~ I got a protected PDF last week, and I wanted to edit it. Tank you for providing so detailed course for me.

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