What to Do If iPhone Won’t Connect to iTunes For Invalid Response?

Connie Wisley
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As a loyal Apple devices follower, every time I ran into a problem or want to dig out some funny facts about Apple products, I will visit Discussions Apple. Recently, I found that there are still lots of Apple users stuck on the same iPhone problem “iPhone won’t connect to iTunes because of invalid response”:

“I have the same error again and again iTunes could not connect to the iPhone “iPhone” because an invalid response was received from the device…I already tried everything already uninstall and install back iTunes…I Rebooted iPhone, no change… The iPhone device still does not appear on iTunes.”---bakumatsu


“How can I correct this situation: iTunes could not connect to the iPhone...because an invalid response was received from the device.”---jpedits


Basing on this, I here wrote a post for anyone now is trapped in this situation and hope it will be helpful.


First, Make Sure the Hardware Work Properly

If your iPhone cannot connect to iTunes because of invalid response received from the device, it may result from different reasons, but basically, these reasons can be categorized into 2 types: hardware or software. And first thing first, we need to exclude the hardware problems, since hardware-related problems require less effort and time to detect or solve, unless you have to buy a new one or contact Apple Support.

You can follow the steps to figure out the real problem and try to solve it:

  1. Make sure your iPhone is ON and unlocked. Tap the Home button to unlock it for connecting and managing.
  2. Make sure USB connection is good and stable.
    Try to use the USB cable that came with your iPhone. If it is damaged or lost, try a different Apple USB cable then;
    Or switch to another USB port on your computer to check if it is the problem of USB portal;
    Or switch to a USB port on another computer to check if it is the problem of your computer;
  3. If the error still appears, unplug the USB cable, restart your iPhone and computer, then try to connect again.

Once you have noticed that the problem didn’t arise from your hardware, you will need to try the steps in Part 2.

Fix Possible Errors Caused by Software

In most cases, if the software involved in this work doesn’t run adequately, the invalid response will occur much probably. However, without trying and verifying, we cannot pinpoint the error easily. So, here we list every possible error related to software to cause this problem, and you can follow each fix in order to get the issue solved ultimately.

Fix 1. Quit iTunes and reopen it to check if it can work now.

Fix 2. Reinstall iTunes

  1. Backup iTunes library in case of data lost;
  2. On MacOS: Go to the Applications folder and find iTunes, then drag iTunes into the Trash bin.reinstall itunes mac
    On Windows: Go to Control Panel, and install iTunes & related software components in the following order: 
    iTunes>Apple Software Update>Apple Mobile Device Support>Bonjour>Apple Application Support 32-bit>Apple Application Support 64-bit.reinstall itunes windows
  3. Then download the latest iTunes in Mac App Store or official website, and install on your mac or Windows PC.

Fix 3. Update iTunes to latest version

  1. Open the App Store on your Mac or go to official website;
  2. On MacOS: Click “Updates” in App Store to find if any iTunes updates are available;
    On Windows PC: Menu>Help>Check for Updates;
  3. Click “Install” to update your iTunes to the latest version.

Fix 4. Update iOS/Mac OS/Windows to the latest version

The old version of iOS ,MacOS or Windows will cause the problem of compatibility, you are recommended to update your operating systems to the latest version.

For iOS: Settings>General>Software Update>Download and Install.

 update ios

For MacOS: Mac App Store>Updates. It may take several minutes to finish the update.

update macos

For Windows, you will need to follow the tutorial to update to the latest version.

Fix 5. Check Time/Date Settings

If you want to sync your devices, you need to make sure the time and date are synced on these devices.

On iOS: Go to Settings>General>Data &Time>Set Automatically.

On MacOS: Go to System Preferences>Date &Time>Adjust manually.

set time and date macos

On Windows: Click on the clock icon at the bottom right of desktop, tap “Change data and time settings”,then adjust the time as needed in popped windows.

change time and date windows

Fix 6. Reset iPhone Network Settings

Sometimes, we can reset network settings on your iPhone to solve this problem. 

Go to Settings>General>Set>Reset Network Settings.

reset network iphone

Fix 7. Quit your Third-party security program for a while

If you have installed a Third-Party security program on your computer, this may cause such an invalid response when connecting iPhone to iTunes. 
When the program is running, quit it for a while and try to connect your iPhone to iTunes again.

What If You Finally Failed to Connect to iTunes and Lost iPhone Data?

If you have tried all the above methods but still could not connect your iPhone to iTunes, don’t panic, you won’t lose any part of your iPhone data. 

We are inclined to sync the data across all our Apple devices, but sometimes, for device space or personal reasons, we will delete some data on our iPhone since we know we have backed up one in our iTunes. And later when we want to restore these deleted data, yet cannot connect to iTunes, what should we do? 

Quite easy, an iPhone Recovery tool will help. No matter you have backed up the iPhone data in iTunes or not, or you could connect to iTunes or not, it will restore the data for you.

For Mac Users

iPhone Recovery, a mac application program allowing users to recover deleted or lost iPhone data from iTunes backup, even without any backup, is the one we here highly recommend for all of you. In addition, all the data, including video, documents, images, etc., that this program brings back to you will be the same quality as original files.

Free Download

Steps to recover iPhone data without iTunes connection (backup) on Mac

  1. Launch iPhone Recovery on your mac and connect your iPhone to the mac.
  2. Choose “Recover from iOS Device” to find out all the files that once saved on your iPhone.connect
  3. Preview all the files after scanning, and select the files you want to recover.recover iphone data
  4. Click “Recover” to find back your deleted or lost data.

For Windows Users

Do Your Data Recovery is a Windows program, helping users to recover lost data from iOS devices. It is highly compatible with different Windows versions, from Windows 2000 to Windows 10. Similar to iPhone Recovery, it offers solution to recover iPhone data from iTunes backup or directly from iOS device.

Steps to recover iPhone data without iTunes connection (backup) on Windows

  1. Launch Do Your Data Recovery on Window PC and connect your iPhone to the PC.
  2. Choose “Recover from iOS Device”, the program will start scanning all the files once saved in your iPhone;recover data from windows
  3. Once the scanning finish, all the files will be displayed for you, you can select the files that need to be restored and click “Recover” to find back the lost data.recover data on windows


In most cases, the problem caused invalid response when connecting iPhone with iTunes is either a poor USB connection or outdated software version, take the steps as mentioned above and the issue will get solved. Even though you cannot connect to iTunes to manage and find your iPhone data, you can still turn to a data recovery assistant such as iPhone Recovery. It works every time!

Connie Wisley
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Connie has been writing for Mac productivity and utility apps since 2009. Each review and solution is based on her practical tests, she is aways energetic and trustworthy in this field.

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