How to Import Google Contacts to iPhone with No Duplicates

Rosa Reyes
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Now we found a lot of users have the need to import their Google contacts to iPhone. In this article, we’ll cover three easiest ways to import Google contacts to iPhone.

Syncing Google contacts with iPhone isn’t that hard to do, but if you have multiple Google accounts or syncing contacts by iCloud, you might see duplicate contacts. To have an organized contacts list on your iPhone, you’d better get rid of the duplicates when transferring Google contacts to iPhone.

Import Google contacts to iPhone via settings

When it comes to importing Google contacts to iPhone, many people try to do this through iPhone settings App. This method is the quickest and easiest one. It only needs a few steps to sync contacts from Google to iPhone. 

After syncing contacts from Google to iPhone via settings, every change you make on Google will sync to iPhone automatically. For instance, when you add a new contact on Google, then it will appear on your iPhone contacts list.

Follow the instructions to learn how to import Google contacts to your iPhone via settings.

  1. Go to settings App on your iPhone
  2. Scroll down and find Passwords & Accounts
  3. Under Accounts click Add Account
  4. Select Google and sigh in using your Gmail account and passwords

import google contacts to iphone via settings

  1. Back to your accounts and click Gmail account
  2. Turn on Contacts service to allow your iPhone access to Google contacts
  3. After some time, your contacts from Google will be synced to your iPhone

sync google contacts to iphone

Not work? Duplicate contacts appear? You have multiple Google accounts? 

Steps of syncing Google contacts to iPhone via settings are simple, but you may come across three big problems.

  1. Not able to sync Google contacts to iPhone device. Some users reported that when they finish all the steps, their contacts from Google are not imported to iPhone successfully. 
  2. Duplicate contacts occur. Some other users tell us that when they import Google contacts to iPhone via settings, a lot of duplicate contacts appear on their iPhone. Actually, in the process of syncing Google contacts with iPhone, it is difficult to avoid the emergence of duplicate contacts.
  3. Cannot import all Google contacts to iPhone if you have multiple Google accounts. Keep in mind that each Google account has different and independent repository system. That is to say you cannot sync Google contacts of different accounts to iPhone at the same time.

Try the Best alternative! Solve all the problems!

To solve these problems, you deserve to try the best alternative way! According to iPhone experts, Cisdem ContactsMate is the best Mac Contact manager software that can easily import Google contacts to iPhone, Mac, Outlook, iCloud, etc. At the same time, it is able to remove duplicates and conflicts on your iPhone and allows you to import contacts from multiple Google accounts to iPhone. 

Also, it syncs contact groups with Google. For example, you may have organized your Gmail contacts into groups such as "friends", "family" and “customer”. After syncing, your iPhone groups will match your Gmail groups.

Download the free version of Cisdem ContactsMate and follow the instructions to move contacts from Google to iPhone right now.

Steps on how to import Google contacts to iPhone with no duplicates

Before you start, make sure your iPhone contacts is synced to iCloud. I believe all Apple users know how to check it. (Go to settings App on your iPhone > tap your name > iCloud > turn on Contacts)

sync iphone contacts to icloud

  1. Download Cisdem ContactsMate and click on Add Account

Free Download

With Cisdem ContactsMate it is incredibly easy to sync your iPhone and Google contacts. Just Download and run this program on Mac and click on “Add Account” on the left panel.

launch cisdem Contactsmate

  1. Select Google and sign in using your Google account

Internet Accounts panel, select Google and log in to your Google Account.

select google

  1. Check Google Contacts and add iCloud account in the same way

Tick the box next to Contacts to use Contacts App with this account. Then, similarly, add iCloud account and sign in. Also remember to check Contacts with iCloud.

check google contacts

  1. Click the button next to the Updated contacts detected message.

When you reopen this application, Google contacts and iPhone contacts will appear in the left side.

quit and relaunch cisdem contactsmate

  1. To import contacts from Google to iPhone, drag Google contacts to Group iCloud directly

You can choose some contacts that you need or choose all the contacts in Group Google with a short cut key Command+A, drag and drop them to Group iCloud directly. Now, your Google contacts are exported to iPhone successfully.

  1. Remove duplicate contacts from iPhone

Click scan in the top left, it will start scanning for duplicate contacts and all other conflicts. After scanning, this app will categorize all conflicts in the left panel and give you solutions to each conflicts. You can choose to remove all duplicates in one click.

delete duplicate contacts

Tips: If you have multiple contacts, add other Google accounts in step 2, your Google accounts will appear in order in the left panel of Cisdem ContactsMate. Follow the same instructions to import contacts from different Google accounts to iPhone.

Transfer Google contacts to iPhone manually

If you don’t like to install a third-party on your computer, you can move contacts from Google account to iPhone manually. Though this manual approach involves a lot of steps, it is an effective way to help you import Google contacts to iPhone.

  1. Similar to method 2, the first step you need to do is to sync iPhone contacts to iCloud
  2. Navigate to Google Contacts
  3. Sign in using your Gmail account and password
  4. Choose some contacts or all your Google contacts
  5. Click on Export in the left panel
  6. Under Export as, select vCard and click Export
  7. Now Google contacts are exported to your computer in vCard format
  8. Head to iCloud website and log in to your iCloud account
  9. Choose Contacts icon
  10. In the lower left corner, click on the gear icon and tap Import vCard
  11. Select the vCard that you just exported from Google
  12. Now the imported Google contacts will appear on your iPhone and you can check on your iPhone

To import contacts from Google to iPhone, which way will you choose?

  Via iPhone settings Via Cisdem ContactsMate Manually
Easy to do ×
Enable to delete duplicate contacts × ×
Sync contacts groups with Google × ×
enable to import contacts from multiple Google accounts ×
Drawback Fail to import Google contacts to iPhone sometimes Need to install an App Involve complicated steps


It is not hard to learn how to import Google contacts to iPhone. All these three methods above help you to transfer contacts from Gmail to iPhone without any contacts loss. Here, we highly recommend Cisdem ContactsMate. It’s an outstanding App to migrate contacts among different platforms like iPhone, Mac, Google, Outlook, iCloud, Facebook, etc. Download this program to have a try. It won’t let you down.

Rosa Reyes
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Rosa has worked in Mac software industry for more than eight years. She believes that the purpose of software is to make life better and work more productively. In addition to writing, Rosa is also an avid runner.

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