How to Block and Unblock Someone on Facebook without Them Knowing?

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I accidently blocked someone on Facebook, and I do not have this person on my friends list. How can I unblock he or she? -From Facebook Help Forum

As the world's most popular social media, Facebook has drawn much attention, but also given rise to numerous problems. The annoying spammers, stalkers, competitors or bad guys may be peeping at every word and action that you left on Facebook. So at times, you have to take some measures to eliminate this obsession. Here let’s know how to block and unblock someone on Facebook without them knowing.

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What Would Happen If Blocking Someone on Facebook?

When you block someone on Facebook, you will automatically unfriend and unfollow them. What’s more, you can’t start a conversation with the blocked ones. And they won’t be able to do following operations:

  • View contents you post on your timeline
  • Tag you in posts (former tags will be removed), photos, or comments
  • Add you as a friend
  • Message you with Facebook Messenger
  • Invite you to events or groups
  • Find your profile in Facebook search bar

How to Block Someone on Facebook?

You have two methods to block people on Facebook. The steps of them are both simple. You could finish the process less than a minute.

Method one: blocking someone by private setting

  1. Log in your Facebook account.
  2. Click the question mark icon at the upper-right of Facebook page.
  3. Select Privacy Shortcuts option from the drop-down box.
  4. Click How do I stop someone from bothering me?
  5. Add the name or email address and then click Block button to search.
  6. A list of names will pop up. Just find the one that you need to block on Facebook.

If you can’t find the name that you want to block from the list, please turn to option two.

Method Two: blocking someone from their profiles

  1. Search the one that you need to block on Facebook and go to their profile page.
  2. Click the three dots button on the lower right corner of the cover photo.
  3. Choose Block option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Finally, click Confirm button to block this person on Facebook.

How to Unblock Someone on Facebook?

Once you have unblocked someone on Facebook, the person will be able to see your feeds. However, the unblocked person won’t be your friend on Facebook any more. You have to resend a friend request.

Option one: unblocking someone from the question mark icon

  1. Repeat the first four steps of blocking someone on Facebook method one.
  2. Click View All Blocked Users.
  3. Click Unblock button to remove people from the blocked list on Facebook.

Option two: unblocking someone from the inverted triangle icon

  1. Click the inverted triangle icon on the top and then select Settings.
  2. Click Blocking in the left column.
  3. You can find the people that you have blocked in Block users section. And now you can unblock someone on Facebook freely.


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How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Facebook?

1. Search a person on Facebook. If you are unable to find his profile, then the person has blocked you or deactivated his account.

2. If you are not sure the person is blocking you or just deactivated his account, you can try to search his profile image at: ID/picture.

If it shows a placeholder picture, that means he deactivated his account.

3. Open the recent conversation you have had with that person. If you find these four features, then that person on Facebook has blocked you.

  • His name turns black.
  • You can’t click that person’s name to redirect to his Facebook page.
  • You can’t send messages to him any more.

If there is no profile picture of that person as well, then undoubtedly, he deactivated his account on Facebook.

Final Words

Blocking someone on Facebook can make your social media clear and keep offending individuals out of it. All the steps mentioned above are easy to perform you can block and unblock someone on Facebook with few clicks.

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