Top 7 Versatile and Free Video Converters for Mac OS X

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You must meet this situation: when you play some videos on iPhone, iPad, or other devices. They may not accept these videos’ formats. So You have to convert video format from one to another which can be played on these devices. As we all know, there are tons of video converters for the Mac: some of them are free, some of them are paid but priced all too high. We are cutting through the chafe and giving you top 7 free video converters for Mac.

Part 1: Top 4 Free Video Converter for Mac OS X

# 1. Free Video Converter Mac- ShedWorx Smart Converter

The smart converter offers totally free video and audio conversion services to convert video and audio files. It can convert 100+ formats on Mac, like MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, WMV and so on. So whether the videos come from your camcorder, smart-phone, you just add them into it. It can analyze your files and works out what needs to be converted immediately. What is more, ShedWorx Smart Converter converts video faster than any other converter. Why it is faster? Smart Converter only converts the parts of your movie that need it and leaves the rest alone. Because of its fast conversion, it may lose some images and have some blocks. What is more, it analyses automatically that means you need it to do it. And it may copy your personal information.

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# 2. Free Video Converter Mac- Miro Video Converter

Miro Video Converter is totally open-resource. You can download it to your Mac and convert your video. Miro Video Converter can run on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and Linux and for most of the popular formats, it supports to convert. Therefore the output video can be played in Apple, Android, other devices. What is more, Miro Video Converter has a simple way to operate. When you install it, you will notice only one interface. You just need to drag the video into it and choose the formats you will convert. Then convert it. If you do not want to convert them, you could click “stop all conversion”. However, Miro Video Converter cannot support HD video conversion.

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# 3. Free Video Converter Mac- Handbrake

Handbrake is published by Eric in 2003. At first, It is made to rip a film from DVD. For several years later, It has undergone many changes and revisions. Now Handbrake supports input formats including MP4, MK, TS, AVI, M2TS, and DVD - Video. The output is including M4V, MKV, MP4, AAC, AC-3 and so on. Beside add the formats to convert, it also can run in Windows, OS X, and Ubuntu. For most of the time, Handbrake is stable and lossless. However, when it meets large files, it will block or shut down or loss some images. So when you take this software, you must take its problem into consideration.

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# 4. Free Video Converter Mac- FFmpeg

FFmpeg is another popular free software project. The name of the project is inspired by the MPEG video standards group, together with "FF" for "fast forward". Just as its name, FFmpeg is faster than others, when it converts. What is more, FFmpeg can convert more than 80 formats and the output video will be compressed if want to. However, according to market research, the output quality of FFmpeg is not as good as you expect. Most of the time, it will lose some images. And about the compression, it only can compress small files. The Wikipedia says it has not updated its functions for one year.

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Comparison of 4 Free Video Converter for Mac

  ShedWorx Smart Converter Miro Video Converter Handbrake FFmpeg
Operating systems Mac OS X and earlier Mac OS X and earlier Mac OS X and earlier Mac OS X and earlier
Conversion speed Faster than other video converters 15 X faster conversion speed 10 X faster conversion speed 30 X faster conversion speed
Available speed 100+popular formats 24+ popular formats 23+ popular formats 80+ popular formats
HD supporting NO NO NO NO
Operation level Easy-to-use Easy-to-use Easy-to-use Easy-to-use
output quality Have block and loss some images Little block and loss Little block and loss Loss a lot of images have block

Easy to use

The quality is not good.

Great available options

Easy to use

The quality is OK

Easy to use

Easy to use

Great available options

cons Have risk to leak your information

Few output choices

Slow conversion Speed

Few output choices

Slow conversion speed

Loss a lot of images

Can't support HD conversion

Part 2: Top 3 Free Online Video Converters for Mac

# 1. Bender Converter

Bender Converter is easy - to - use online converter. In our image, you must notice that it has a very simple interface: select the file to be a converter, select the format you would like to get and converter. The steps is only three. I believe it is easy for you to take it. But you have to notice the formats of output are also few. You can not convert HD videos. And the videos you convert should be in 100Mb. Most of us know a movie will beyond 400 Mb. That means you only can convert small Audios and some images.

# 2. Convert.files

Convert.files is another free online video converter. I take it to the top free video converter for it allowing for more than 330 combinations of input and output file formats. From the image of convert.file, we will know you can convert file from your Mac or URL. You have to choose the input format and output format before convert. So before you convert the video, you should know the format. At present convert.files is suit for use in a small files. However, the speed of the convert.files is not fast. It will take 24 hours to convert it. If you are not hurry, you can take it.

# 3. Free Online Video Converter

Free Online Video Converter is another online video converter I recommend for the format way which having been departed into several parts: Audio converter, Image converter, Ebook converter, Hash generator, Archive converter, Document converter, Video converter. You could take part according to your need. It will be quite clear to you. What is more, the output video will be sent to your e-mail file, you will not be worried about wasting time to wait. However, Free Oline Video Converter also has its disadvantages. You have to log in before you use it. I think to log in your information on the internet is unsafe. After login, you may receive many advertisements from Free Online Video Converter. That means your personal information has been copied.

Comparison of 3 Free Online Video Converters

  Bender Converter Convert.files Free Online Video Converter
Operating systems unlimited unlimited unlimited
Preserved time last for several hours 24 hours 24 hours
Maxium files unclear 250MB 100MB
HD supporting  NO NO NO
Operation level Easy-to-use Easy-to-use Easy-to-use
Output quality Little block and loss Little block and loss Little block and loss

The risk you may face:

  1. Your files are stored for several hours or 24 hours by some website, so your files have the risk of leakage.
  2. The website will store the information about users' action and document information. You may receive some useless email every day.
  3. The maximum file of conversion is too small. If they meet large files, they will fail to convert.

Part 3: Bonus - Cisdem Video Converter for Mac

I recommend Cisdem Mac Video Converter as a bonus video converter at last not for it is free software but for its highest quality, the fastest speed, the most stability performance, supporting more than 120+ popular formats. Cisdem Video Converter is published by Aneesoft. It is all in one solution for video entertainment.

Free Download

  • highest quality: after you convert your video, you will find there is no lossless.
  • 30X faster conversion: the video only needs one to several minutes to convert.
  • The most stable converter: It never shut down itself or the converted video has been blocked.
  • more functions: It can rip DVD, share video to web, download video from web and edit video before convert.

Although it will take your few dollars, it won't like the free video converter having loss, being unfriendly software or liking online video converter you have to take the risk of leaking your personal information. If you want to learn more you can go to How to Convert 4K Video to 1080P iPhone.

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