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Free and Printable Back to School Coloring Pages in PDF

Back to school time is approaching, are you anxious about how to drag your kids out of the happy but lazy summer vacation time? How about coloring together these free and printable back to school coloring pages in PDF to review the exciting school time in advance?

Happy Hours in School

This collection recalls the happy time with classmates. After your kids have colored them, you will find them want to rush to school immediately!

  1. happy-pupils-colouring-page
  2. school-fun-activity-colouring-page
  3. playground-happy-time

School Bus is Coming Pick Me Up

This collection is about school bus, its cute cartoon face can cure the problem after having gotten up on the wrong side of the bed.

  1. schoolbus1-colouring-page
  2. schoolbus2-colouring-page
  3. schoolbus3-colouring-page

Backpack Filled Full

This collection is about backpack. It's time to discuss with your kids what they want to buy for back to school.

  1. backpack-colouring-page
  2. school-backpack-colouring-page

Story Time with Teacher

Your kids may miss the story time with his teacher. While coloring, you may ask his good or bad memories with teachers. Time to know more about him.

  1. teacher-and-children-colouring-page
  2. teacher-story-time-colouring-page

School House Coloring

Color the school house in your imagination, I'm sure that your kids have dreamed of a different school.

  1. september-school-colouring-page
  2. school-house-colouring-page

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