Secret to Block Someone on Gmail without Them Knowing (5 Ways)

Peter William
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While Gmail is good at filtering out obvious spam, your inbox still lands up with quite a bit of promotional emails, unwanted and fraudulent messages in it. Even sometimes you might be vexed by annoying people.

How to block someone on Gmail from sending you emails permanently? If I block someone on Gmail will they know? Today, we are exploring the method on how to completely block someone on Gmail on mobile phone, Gmail app, etc., along with a few other associated questions.

How to Block Someone on Gmail App?

Gmail added a number of features which make it easy to take more control over what gets into your inbox. You can stop unwanted emails from individual senders by Gmail spam settings. For even additional block, you'll be able to place a ban on entire domains.

Method One: How to Block Someone on Gmail from Sender

  1. Log in your Gmail account.
  2. Open an email from someone you want to block.
  3. Click the 3 vertical dots on the right-hand side.
  4. Choose Block "[Sender name]".
  5. Gmail will ask you to confirm the message, just click the Block button. The emails from this sender will appear in Spam.

One: How to Unblock Someone on Gmail from a Sender

  1. Open the email from the blocked sender.
  2. Click the 3 vertical dots.
  3. Choose Unblock "[Sender name]".

Method Two: Create a Filter in Gmail for Certain Sender

If you wish to block the whole domain or filter emails containing specific words, Gmail spam filter setting would give you a hand.

  1. Get logged into your Gmail account.
  2. Click the down arrow icon in the search box at the top.
  3. Type the email that you would like to block. Note: To block the whole domain, you should enter ““ In the From text box. As for two or more email addresses, please separate each of them with a vertical bar “|”.
  4. Click on “Create filter” at the bottom of the window.
  5. Choose a filter like “Delete it”. When an unwanted email arrives, it will go to the filter you set.

Two: How to Delete Blocked Filters on Gmail App

  1. Click the gear icon in the top right corner.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses tab.
  3. Tick the options from someone you intend to unblock and click Delete button.

In this tab, there is also a button to unblock someone for method one mentioned above.

How to Block Someone on Gmail on Chrome and Firefox?

You can block annoying email addresses in Gmail with the help of Chrome extension and Firefox add-on- Block Sender, which exists in both two platforms. In Firefox, it named as Block Sender for Gmail some while.


  1. Block emails from individuals, domains or same subjects
  2. Pause unblocking
  3. Undo accidental blocks
  4. Add auto response to blocked sender


  1. Need create an account
  2. May get daily porn spam
  3. The free version doesn’t work as expected

Although Block Sender declares that it can block individuals, unwanted junk emails, newsletters, and uninvited email senders on Gmail, plenty of users leave negative reviews, saying it’s at least not as advertised. So, I recommend you to use the free version for a period of time and then decide whether to upgrade it or not.

  1. Add Block Sender to Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Sign up an account for the extension and log in.
  3. Open an email from a sender you need to block.
  4. You will see a Block button at the top. Click the button > choose an option to block someone, the entire domain or the same subject.

How to Block Emails on Gmail on Mobile Phone without Opening Them?

IOS and Android users now are able to block someone using Gmail app, too. You can download the app or log into Gmail via a browser. The steps have a strong resemblance to the desktop version. I won't say much more here. But in case of the Gmail app doesn’t work from a mobile device, what kinds of first aid or smarter measures you will take? For me, phone blocker is the best alternatives.

How to Block Someone on Gmail on iPhone?

Cisdem JunkMail Stop, a spam-stopping hero, takes a convenient approach to block someone on Gmail on the iPhone. It goes through your Gmail address and offers you a list of your new incoming mails, subscriptions, newsletters, and spams. Plus, it focuses on privacy and no data is sent to app’s servers. So, you can use it safely and confidently. Its key features are as follows:

  • Support adding multiple accounts and switching them freely
  • Block unwanted emails on Gmail from any contact and email address
  • Generate new folders for junk messages
  • Place the blocked emails in the specified folder
  • Turn on/off the block function in one press
  • Obtain spam list smartly
  • Search or filter the emails from certain senders

In the free version of the iPhone app, you can only add one Gmail account, and block three emails.

  1. Simply connect your Gmail account to the Mail Blocker.
  2. Search the email from someone that you determine to block. There are three search commands:, user, or
  3. Active the block button (turn it on).
  4. Click the three-dots icon, and move the email sender to a specified folder(you won’t receive the emails from this person in Gmail inbox.)

How to Block Emails on Android Phone?

SpamDrain is designed to block legitimate emails, unwanted advertisements, virus and spam that sent to your Gmail inbox. It does an awesome job detecting spam, but the biggest downside is the price- $27.99/year (general version), $34.99/year (advanced version). Below are the main functions:

  • Get rid of junk mails before they get to your inbox
  • Filter all emails addressed to senders of the domain
  • Continuously monitor your email account
  • Clean virus and spams, delivering real-emails to you
  • Summary e-mails daily and weekly
  1. Install the program on Android and sign up with Gmail account.
  2. Go to the inbox and swift to Allowed tab.
  3. Search the emails or scroll to the messages that you prepare to block.
  4. Tap the Newsletter/Marketing icon or the tick icon to the left of the message, and choose the type that you prefer blocking someone as Spam or Newsletter.

When releasing an allowed message, SpamDrain will analyze it and learn to block similar emails on Gmail in the future.

If I Block Someone on Gmail Will They Know?

Generally speaking, they won’t.

If someone who you have blocked on Gmail sends a mail to you, neither will they receive any failed-report nor successful or blocking related notices, unless you set an auto-reply for all blocked senders.

For those emails that failed to send, it’s just because of non-existent email address, full mailbox, unavailable or overloaded server and more.

But individuals can use email tracking tools like Gmelius, SalesHandy, Yesware, BananaTag, see whether their emails are being opened or not. If they send you a couple of emails and none of them are opened, senders will think that you have already blocked their email addresses in Gmail.

As a Gmail user, you may have the same doubt-“how to know that I am blocked on Gmail”. Sorry, the answer is, you won't know either.


The steps about “how to block someone on Gmail from sending you emails?” are not as simple as it looks. Gmail itself can filter useless, harmful emails or senders to spam, which will be automatically deleted after 30 days. But there are still many unwanted emails from someone sending to your inbox. We have to take further manual and more effective measures. No matter you're regular email user or a business owner, you shouldn't waste too much time coping with spam emails. And hope my post can help you improve it.

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