8 Best Online and Offline EPUB to PDF Converters for All Platforms

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EPUB and PDF are the most popular ebook formats. Both formats come with their sets of pros and cons. The former is reflowable, and the latter is good for complex design. It’s easy to print and annotate PDFs, whereas EPUB ebooks are not directly printable or annotatable. That’s why, among other reasons, sometimes we need to convert EPUB to PDF. Here is a list of the top 5 best EPUB to PDF converter apps, including both offline and online ones.

Online EPUB to PDF converters are easily accessible and handy to use. However, when it comes to conversion quality, offline desktop apps outperform their online counterparts. So let’s start with the best offline EPUB to PDF converter software. Instructions will be provided on how to do the conversion on different devices such as Mac, PC, iPad, Android devices, etc.

The best Mac EPUB to PDF converter

The reason why I recommend Cisdem PDF Converter OCR as the best EPUB to PDF Converter offline for Mac stems from its outstanding conversion results. It can highly preserve the original file quality and makes the PDF output looks exactly the same as the original EPUB file.

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR is a professional PDF Converter with OCR feature, allowing users to perform 2-way conversion on PDFs. That’s to say that you can not only convert ePub zip to PDF but also convert PDF to ePub with this app. With its built-in PDF Creator, users can even convert virtually any documents to PDF, such as Word, PowerPoint, CHM, ePub, HTML, Images, etc. Its PDF Converter feature enables you to convert any PDFs and images into 16 commonly used formats, including editable formats like Word, Excel, Text, PowerPoint and more.

Steps to do conversion using the best offline EPUB to PDF converter for Mac

Step 1Import EPUB files

Download and install Cisdem EPUB to PDF converter. Launch it. Drag and drop single or multiple ePub files into the app. Alternatively, Also, you can click the add icon in the lower left corner to add files.

add files for conversion

Step 2Customize PDF files

Once all the ebooks are imported, you can choose to convert all pages or selected pages of each EPUB to PDF. If needed, you can click the setting icon to password protect the output PDFs and to customize PDF size and quality. You can even merge PDF files.

convert multiple EPUB ebooks to PDF

Step 3Convert ePub to PDF on Mac

Once you adjust settings based on your need, click Convert to get your EPUB files in PDF format instantly.

Another one of the best macOS EPUB to PDF converters is Calibre.

It’s actually cross-platform and available for macOS, Windows and Linux, along with a portable version. This free open source ebook converter and manager is easy to use.

Step 1. Download and install Calibre. Open it. In the toolbar, click Add books, select one or multiple files and click Open.

Step 2. Highlight an ebook and click Convert books. In the upper right corner of the Convert window, click Output format and select PDF.

convert EPUB to PDF using Calibre

Step 3. Click OK, and the conversion process will immediately start. Once the process is successfully completed, navigate to the right panel of the main window and click Click to open. By doing you, you can effortlessly find the output PDF file.

To some, especially new users of Calibre, the downside is the conversion quality. For example, there can be issues with the fonts, margins and hyperlinks. As a matter of fact, in many cases, such issues are avoidable. You can adjust font size, margin, etc. before converting EPUB to PDF, which may involve the use of CSS. If you are not familiar with the CSS stuff, here’s an alternative method.

Pro tip: Use Calibre to convert EPUB to Word. Open the output file in Microsoft Word and make editing and adjustments. Go to File > Save As, and then choose to save the edited file as PDF.

The best EPUB to PDF converter for Windows

Epubor Ultimate is a versatile ebooks converter to convert a bunch of ebooks in ePub, PDF, AZW, MOBI, PRC, TPZ, TXT and HTML to ePub, MOBI and PDF output, making the converted output files displayed exactly the way they should be. Also, you can use this program to edit meta information (title, author, identifiers, language, publisher, etc) and remove eBook DRM. If needed, you can upgrade to the paid full version and convert files without limit.

Steps to utilize the best offline EPUB to PDF converter for Windows

Step 1. Add EPUB files to the program by click “Add”. This program also supports importing other ebook formats.

import EPUB file to convert

Step 2. Convert ePub to PDF on Windows. Before conversion, you can adjust the settings to customize the conversion. Then choose the output as PDF and convert.

choose output format

Note: It’s worth mentioning that Adobe Digital Editions is no longer available for EPUB to PDF conversion. This ebook reader app used to be one of the best free EPUB to PDF converters available for Mac and PC. Now the virtual printing is not allowed anymore.

The best Android EPUB to PDF converter

The File Converter is a lightweight Android app to perform conversion between various videos, audio, images, document, ebooks and archives. It allows users to convert ebooks in EPUB, MOBI, PDF, LRF, FB2, LIT, PDB and TCR. It requires Android 4.0.3 and up. The APK file is available for download on Google Play. The iOS version is not available anymore.

It is quite easy to convert EPUB to PDF with this app, just follow the wizard and navigate step by step. You will get PDF output within seconds.

one of the best EPUB to PDF converters for Android

The best iOS EPUB to PDF converter

For iPhone and iPad users, the best choice can be The Document Converter. It is free to use with in-app purchases. It can convert over 20 file types including EPUB to PDF and is extremely easy to use.

To get started, select the EPUB ebook on your iOS device and add it to the said app. Choose PDF as the output format. The conversion process will only take a few seconds in most cases. You can easily open or share the converted PDF file.

PDF as supported output format

The best EPUB to PDF converter online

EPUB Converter is a free web-based tool to help users convert ebooks to PDF allowing users to perform conversion between different ebook formats. There are 6 free converters for choice, including EPUB Converter, Kindle Converter, MOBI Converter, AZW Converter, PDF Converter and Text Converter. They can basically meet all your needs to convert your ebooks. Even, it supports batch-processing conversion.


Supported Input

Supported Output 

EPUB Converter



Kindle Converter



MOBI Converter



AZW Converter



PDF Converter


EPUB, MOBI, Kindle

TXT Converter



Steps to convert EPUB to PDF with EPUB Converter

Step 1. Go to EPUB Converter official website, choose the adequate converter under “EPUB Converter” on the left. If you want to convert other ebook formats, choose the needed converter.

Step 2. Import single or multiple EPUB files in to the online program by clicking “Add File”. Then click “Start Upload” to upload the file to the converter.

convert EPUB to PDF online

Step 3. Once uploaded, the EPUB to PDF conversion will start automatically. When the conversion is finished, a download link will be available, click on and the PDF output will be downloaded to your computer. Save the file.

Some other good EPUB to PDF converters are Zamzar EPUB to PDF and ONLINE-CONVERT. Both require no email address and allow you to free download the converted file directly.

Do's & Don'ts when using online free EPUB to PDF converter

Though it is free and convenient to utilize online EPUB to PDF Converter, users will have to pay attention to following aspects to convert EPUB files safely and successfully.

  • Don’t upload highly private EPUB files. You files may be under potential risk to be leaked since the imported files are stored on the online server for a while for processing.
  • Don’t upload large size EPUB files, the uploading and downloading of large size files may slow down even pause the conversion.
  • Re-check the PDF output and make sure nothing is missed out. The layout and format in output PDF maybe not well retained as that of original file.
  • Make sure the Internet connection is stable and under good condition. Poor Internet connection may cause a failed conversion.


There is more than one best EPUB to PDF converter. For conversion of EPUB ebooks with simple formatting, freeware tools like Calibre will be enough. However, if you want to handle ebooks with complex design or you often need to convert between PDF and other formats, professional software like PDF Converter OCR can be a good choice.

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Connie has been writing for Mac productivity and utility apps since 2009. Each review and solution is based on her practical tests, she is aways energetic and trustworthy in this field.

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