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Easter Story for Kids to Store Memory

While talking about the Easter, we can associate with many symbols with some Easter story for kids. During Easter, the adults join the procession, the kids are addicted in finding their gifts. All of these actives can be fantastic memory to store. In the article, we will introduce some Easter story for kids in the festival.

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When is the Easter?

The Easter marks the end of Holy Week, the end of Lent, and the last day of the Easter Triduum, as well as the beginning of the Easter season of the liturgical year. In 2017, the Easter day is April 16.

Symbol one: Easter Egg

Except the new life, the egg also symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus. When talk about the Easter, the first thing comes into children’s mind will be the Easter eggs. They can paint, find, eat and compare the eggs.

For the Easter eggs, they are designed by different color. Most of the color is Red, which stands for the Christ’s agony on the cross. And some eggs will be painted some smile faces or some pictures. At the first day of Easter, children are very excited about find the eggs that hided by their parents or elder. They think the eggs and the present are gived by the Easter Bunny, this will be the funny Easter story for kids.

Symbol two: Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny is another important symbol in the Easter story for kids. Parents will tell their children that only they have good performance in the past year that can receive the gifts from the Bunny. And the children think that the eggs and gift are hided by the bunny.

Symbol three: Easter Food

Except the gifts, the next thing children except must be the food. Special bread,lamb, etc. People will make the bread with the pictures of Jesus Christ, cross or the lamb pictures. And main food on that day will be the lamb what stands for the holy.

Symbol four: Lily

The time that lily bloom is around the Easter, so it also is regard as the symbol of Easter. The rhizome of lily can be nourishment for the new life. Therefore, lily regards as the holy and rebirth.

As above, we have introduced some symbols that are often appeared in the Easter story for kids. Believe that if children know the Easter store well, they can be more active to join the activities. On that day, videos and pictures will be best ways to store the memory with kids. Do you want to convert and edit these videos to share with your friends? Next part, we will introduce how to store the fantastic memory of Easter story for kids?

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Final Words

Organize Easter activities and tell the Easter story for kids to make kids to enjoy the Easter culture. In every festival not Easter only, we can store much valuable memory with our kids. Wonderful pictures and video with our family will be very grateful, when children are far way from home.

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