Top 20 Funny Easter Songs for Kids MP4/MP3 Free Download

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Easter, to celebrate the day of Jesus' resurrection, is a significant festival for Christians. They think Easter is a symbol of rebirth and hope, so on that day, Christians recite lovely prayers, hymns, and songs. What kind of Easter songs for kids worth learning? Here we are listing top 20 funny Easter songs that are most frequently sung or played. Your kids can learn these songs from YouTube videos. If you want to download these videos and play them offline, please try a Video Converter for Mac.

Top 5 Funny Easter Songs for Kids MP3 Free Download

Kids are fond of Easter season because of colorful eggs, fun games, and funny Easter songs. Here Comes Peter Cottontail is well known to us all, thus it would be my first recommendation.

Easter Songs for Kids 1. Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Here Comes Peter Cottontail is a famous Easter song composed in 1949. For the movie, it comes with the same name. The movie told a story about Peter Cottontail rescues Easter from the hands of the malicious Irontail. As for the song, Jeff Boring said, “Takes me back to the 70s when I was a little guy hunting my Easter eggs after a Easter morning at church learning about the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Savior amen”. Therefore, I define it as a song which can leave memories to kids.

Easter Songs for Kids 2. Hot Cross Buns

According to legend, when Jesus on the way to the execution ground, he begged for food from a woman who was baking bread. The woman didn't refuse him and gave him a fresh bread as well as some water. From then on, people believed the woman will be blessed, and this cross bun for Good Friday is thought to have power of avoiding disaster accordingly. The popular song “Hot Cross Buns”offers a nice opportunity to teach your kids about how other cultures celebrate Easter.

Easter Songs for Kids 3. Easter Bunny Song

Easter Bunny Song is a piece of cheerful song that can be sung when going on an egg hunt together, or regard as a circle game at an Easter party. Sing to the beginning, kids are looking forward kind of funny with basket of eggs and mom is cooking. It is full of the joys of spring. So would you like this catchy chorus?

Easter Songs for Kids 4. The Bunny Hokey Pokey

“You put your bunny ears in. You put your bunny ears out. You put your bunny ears in. And you shake them all about. You do the Bunny-Pokey. And you hop yourself around—That’s what it’s all about!” How cute the song is! This will be so much interesting to add to your Easter party! Thus let your kids learn this piece of wonderful song right now.

Easter Songs for Kids 5. The Way The Bunny Hops

The Way The Bunny Hops is an active Easter song for kids. This song is made easy-to-learn and easy-to-teach. It is not hard to find The Way The Bunny Hops uses so simple words that little kids can follow and sing along too! “This song is perfect for ESL learners because is slow and the accent is very clear. Great for primary school! I'm going to use it in my classes!”, Helsic Yiverus said in YouTube comment.

List of Other 15 Funny Easter Songs for Kids

All of the Easter songs listed above and below are created to spread happiness on a cheerful festival. Easter songs for kids, although, seems a bit humorous, most of them teach precious lessons.

  • Five Little Easter Eggs
  • Rabbit Doesn't Have a Tail At All
  • Eggbert the Easter Egg
  • Talk to the Animals
  • Bunny Pokey
  • I'm a Little Chickie
  • Did You Ever See A Bunny
  • Robbie the Rabbit
  • Easter Bunny Hippity Hop
  • I’m a Little Chicken
  • We Shake Our Eggs Together
  • Now Thank We All Our God
  • Let Us Break Bread Together
  • If You Love the Easter Bunny, Say I Do
  • The Easter Bunny is Coming

How to Download YouTube Easter Songs?

Cisdem Video Converter for Mac, a powerful video downloader, completely supports downloading funny Easter songs from the major video streaming sites. Not only can it download videos from YouTube, but also from Bing, Flickr, AOL, Blip, Veoh, Metacafe, Vimeo and so on. Meanwhile, you can convert these kids Easter songs to your iPhone, iPad or iPod. When you play them offline, music videos keep the high quality and no Ads popping out.

Step 1Download the software.

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Download Cisdem Video Converter free trial version now

Step 2After opened the Cisdem Video Converter, you will find three interfaces. Just go to the second one for music downloading.

Step 3Copy and paste the links of music videos I provided above. If you want to download more Easter songs for your kids, search them in YouTube or other video websites.

Note: If you intend to transfer the downloaded Easter songs to other formats compatible with your iPhone, iPad, etc. You can turn to the first interface for conversion.

Hope this article could be useful. Your kids are able to learn funny Easter songs from YouTube or other video websites online directly. If they need everything to be convenient, then you can help your kids download these music videos and convert them via Cisdem Video Converter to some portable devices. For Windows users, Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a great option for you to download YouTube Easter songs. Wish you a happy Easter!

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