How to Convert MPEG to MP4 Quickly and Effortlessly (Including Free Ways)

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MPEG is popular for its high resolution. But it offers poor compatibility with most devices or platforms such as iPhone, iPad, etc. Do you have trouble in playing MPEG videos? How do you play MPEG on all systems without limitation? From our experience, it is highly recommended to convert MPEG to MP4 for a better viewing experience.

This article offers the most specific guides to show you how to convert MPEG to MP4 on Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android, including free and online MPEG to MPE converters. If you haven’t got an appropriate solution, welcome to read this article to find your answer.

The Differences Between MP4 and MPEG

Firstly, let’s learn about what’s MP4 and MPEG separately.

  • MP4 is a digital multimedia format most commonly used to store video, audio, subtitles, and images. What's more, it allows streaming over the Internet.
  • MPEG, the Moving Picture Experts Group, develops standards for digital video and digital audio compression. The MPEG standards are an evolving series (MPEG-1、MPEG-2、MPEG-4、MPEG-7 and MPEG-21), each designed for a different purpose.
  • MPEG Works mainly with QuickTime, Apple-based applications and video discs. While MP4 is mostly used with many personal media players, like iTunes, iPods, iPhones, iPads (all versions), PSP, the Media Player Classic, MPlayer, QuickTime Player, iMovie, VLC media player, Windows Media Player 12, Microsoft Zune portable media player, XBMC Media Center, etc.
  • MP4's biggest difference from the other MPEG formats is its ability to store subtitles, still images and other data along with digital video and audio.

According to the above definition, we can see that the MP4 supports more digital players, various video player programs and hardware devices with smaller size. Therefore, converting MPEG to MP4 is a great choice, which can free up much space on your hard drive without declining the quality of your videos files.

How to Convert MPEG to MP4 on Mac/Windows?

We need to find an excellent MPEG to MP4 Converter. There are lots of apps to tackle this video task, it is a little hard to choose. Here I want to highly recommend Cisdem Video Converter, it is a cross-platform video toolbox for video converting, DVD ripping and streaming video downloading.

When comes to video conversion, this app not only supports processing almost any SD & HD format files, like MPEG Video, FLV, MP4, MPV, NUT, NSV, Quick Time Video(MOV, QT), 3GP, etc, but also allows us to edit video professionally(Trim, Crop, Subtitle, Watermark). Its fast working speed really can tone our mood better. Hence, it absolutely is a reliable and brilliant tool to convert MPEG to MP4 with best results.

1. Download and Launch MPEG to MP4 Converter

Download the free trial version of Cisdem Video Converter, and launch it on your computer. This article will show you the steps for the Mac version, Windows users can refer to it and follow the similar steps.

Free Download

An intuitive window appears with writing about how to use it.

cisdem conversion interface

2. Import MPEG Files

As what the main interface told, drag and drop your local video files on Mac to this interface in batch. Once finished, we can see all information on original videos (video size, original format, duration, image definition).

upload mpeg videos via cisdem

3. Edit MPEG Videos (Optional)

Click the editor icon in the right side of the video thumbnail, and it will switch to video editing window, which allows you to crop, trim the best parts, add external subtitle and text/image watermark, and create special effects, and make 2D to 3D, etc.

edit added videos via cisdem

4. Select MP4 Format

Highlight all MPEG videos, and click the format profiles icon of one video, the output format profiles window pops up. All formats are well categorized by various devices and programs. If you want to convert MPEG to MP4 for your iPhone 8 Plus, you can choose the format iPhone 8 < Apple Devices.

choose output format via cisdem

5. Convert MPEG to MP4 in Batches

When all are done, directly click “Convert” icon on the bottom right corner to start converting all MPEG files at once.

How to Convert MPEG to MP4 on Mobile?

On iPhone

Media Converter, created by Junjie Ruan, is a superior free MPEG to MP4 video converter for iPhone that can convert between almost all video and audio formats. What’s surprising is that it doesn’t need internet connection to make conversion tasks. It works fast to get the high-quality videos without watermarks. And it offers a built-in video player that allows you to play the media files. But it contains ads. If you don’t want ads, you can choose to upgrade it to skip ads.

  1. Download and install Media Converter on App store, open it on your iPhone after installation.
  2. Tap on “Import Files (+) button and then select “Import From Photo Library”.
  3. Then, you are allowed to choose the MPEG files for conversion. Tap on “Done” when selected.
    add files via media converter
  4. Touch on the added file, select “Convert Video (Trim)” from the displayed options.
    initiate convert interface via media converter
  5. Select “Convert Video” in the “Conversion Type” option and choose MP4 in the “Format” option. 
    choose mp4 via media converter
  6. Finally, tap on the “convert” icon that looks like a twisted arrow on the top right corner to convert MPEG to MP4 on iPhone immediately. The converted video will be stored in the Files list with .mp4 as file extension.

On Android

VidSoftLap Video Converter is a multifunctional Android tool that allows you to edit, compress and convert movies or cherished videos. It comes with a clear interface for you to batch convert media files to many popular formats like MP4, AVI, MPEG, M4V, MP3, etc. It also equipped with some extra useful features for you to make desired videos like cutting videos, merging videos, reversing videos and adding slow motion effects.

  1. Get the Android program on your Android phone.
  2. Come to the “home” interface, tap on “Video Converter” section to choose the MPEG video that need to convert. Once done, click “Next” on the top right corner and wait for uploading.
  3.  After uploading, tap on “option settings” button to choose “MP4” as the output format in the “Format settings” button. Also, you can make advanced settings to the video/audio codecs.
    convert mpeg to mp4 on Android
  4. Besides, you can also switch to edit the video by cutting the extra segments or cropping the unwanted part of the video. Click “Done” when finished.
  5. Go back to the main interface, tap on the “speed” option to set a suitable conversion speed.
  6. Finally, click “convert” icon to convert MPEG to MP4 on Android.

How to Convert MPEG to MP4 for Free with Desktop Program?


HandBrake is an open-source tool that permits you to convert digital files and rip DVDs on multiple platforms for free. As a free video converter, it supports converting a large number of video and audio formats to MP4, MKV and WebM. And it provides a wealth of presets for people to choose from. Although it can’t convert MPEG to MP4 in batches, it can add multiple files to queue for converting them one by one automatically.

  1. Download the right version of HandBrake on your device.
  2. Open it after installing, choose the target MPEG file from the popped up window and then click “open” to upload it to the program. Wait patiently as it needs some time to parse out the video.
    upload videos via handbrake
  3. Click “Preset” box to select a suitable output speed and quality option. And move to the “Format” box to select “MP4” as the output format.
  4. Go to the bottom part of the interface, input an appropriate file name in the “Save As” box and click “Browse” button to choose a suitable destination.
  5. If you have multiple videos to convert, you can click “Add To Queue” button on the top and then click “Open Source” to repeat the former steps to add other files one by one.
  6. When all are added, click “Start Queue” on the top to start the conversion process.
    convert mpeg to mp4 via handbrake

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a free MPEG to MP4 converter that can help you convert almost all popular video and audio formats to some common-used digital formats like MP4, TS, OGG, MP3. It has a simple interface for you to convert the file in high quality on multiple platforms. Plus, you can also use it to watch the converted videos directly after conversion as VLC Media Player is a superb video player.

  1. Open the downloaded application on your computer.
  2. Click “File > Convert / Stream” on the top menu bar to launch the window for conversion.
  3. Tap on “Open media” button to select the MPEG video and upload it to the program.
    add videos via vlc
  4. Click the drop-down icon of “profile” box to find MP4 as the output format.
    vlc supported output formats
  5. Go to the destination section, tap on “Save as File” button and then click “Browse” button to enter a suitable output file name and location.
  6. Finally, click “Save” button at the bottom right corner to initiate the conversion task.

2 Best MPEG to MP4 Online Converters

According to my experience, is one of the best MPEG to MP4 converter to convert MPEG to MP4 online free. It possesses many advantages for users to get high quality videos, such as batch processing, various supported input and output formats, simple operation, basic editing features, etc. Most online converters only allows you to free convert files under 100MB, but permits users to convert MPEG to MP4 for free up to 1GB.

  1. Visit with your default browser.
  2. Click “Select File” button to upload MPEG files. You can also click “Add more files” to upload other files you want to convert.
  3. Click on the “Convert to” box to select MP4 format.
  4. Then, it comes to a edit icon for you edit the detailed information of the videos.
  5. When all are selected, click “Convert” button.
    convert mpeg to mp4 online with is a simple online MP4 converter that is created to convert other file formats to MP4 and convert MP4 to other formats, including converting MPEG to MP4. This simple tool allows you to convert media files up to 2GB for free and provides batch processing features, bringing great convenience for the public. If you just want to convert MPEG to MP4 without any decoration, it is a wise choice to use

  1. Enter “MP4 to” onto the search bar of your browser, click to open it when you find its site.
  2. Look for “MPEG to MP4” section at first. Or you can find it by using the search function.
  3. Then, simply drag and drop all MPEG files that need to convert.
    convert mpeg to mp4 online with
  4. Finally, tap on “Convert files” button to convert MPEG to MP4 in batches.

Sum up

This article has showed you the most comprehensive methods on how to convert MPEG to MP4 on different platforms. I wish that you have found your favorite solution from it. If you don’t want to install application and just have a few clips to convert, using online MPEG to MP4 converter is enough. But online tools are heavily dependent on the internet connection, in which case you’re better off using a reliable desktop application.

However, if you have a number of large files to convert, a professional MPEG to MP4 converter is highly recommended, as it offers the fastest speed for you to batch convert several files while keeping high resolution with ease.

Emily Zeng
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Emily is a girl who loves to review various multimedia software. She enjoys exploring cutting edge technology and writing how-to guides. Hopefully her articles will help you solve your audio, video, DVD and Blu-ray issues.

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