How to Convert iTunes Music to MP3?

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I was wondering if it was possible to utilize iTunes to create MP3 versions of m4a files, but have them placed in a specific destination? – From Apple Discussion

It’s not difficult to find that the songs you purchased from iTunes Store are always in AAC format. And M4A, WAV and AIFF format can be also recognized by iTunes. However, to play songs on different devices momentarily, you should consider converting iTunes music to MP3. Why we should do that? Now, we will give you a detailed explanation and show you how to convert iTunes to MP3.

Why Need Convert iTunes to MP3?

  • The audio formats of iTunes are not commonly used. On the contrary, MP3 can be compatible with the most electronic equipment. If you convert iTunes to MP3, then you will be able to play the iTunes songs on iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.

  • Converting iTunes to MP3 can save the space of your PC. Since the size of MP3 is smaller than other formats. Plus, MP3 is beneficial to keep sound quality.

  • Compared to iTunes AAC, M4A, WAV, AIFF format, MP3 files are easier to share with families and friends. You can attach MP3 files to emails, upload them to websites and share them to Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.

How to Convert iTunes to MP3 via Mac Audio Converter?

Among all the professional programs to convert iTunes to MP3 in only a few clicks, Cisdem Video Converter for Mac is one of the most helpful and flexible solutions. This iTunes to MP3 converter is designed to do conversions between any popular formats, like MP4, MP3, MKV, MOV, FLV, MPEG, FLAC, etc. Meanwhile, it allows you to download HD videos from main steaming websites and rip DVD to video on Mac.

  1. Install and launch the Cisdem iTunes to MP3 converter.

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  2. Simply drag and drop the iTunes videos to the program.
  3. Choose MP3 as output format in the sub-category of General Audio. There are also another 150+ formats supported by Cisdem iTunes to MP3 converter for you to choose.
  4. Start converting iTunes to MP3 on Mac by clicking the convert button the bottom right corner.

How to Convert iTunes to MP3 within iTunes?

Actually, you can convert iTunes music to MP3 from iTunes Library directly. But this method has some shortages. If you do the transformation between compressed formats, the music will in the lower quality. What’s more, you are unable to convert older purchased songs, as they are encoded using a Protected AAC format. Next, let’s know how to convert iTunes to MP3 in iTunes.

  1. Run iTunes app on your device. If you are a Mac user, navigate to the menu bar iTunesPreferences. As for Windows users, you should go to EditiTunesPreferences.
  2. The General tab will be opened by default. Then click Import Settings.
  3. It will pop up a new window. Choose MP3 Encoder from drop-down box of Import Using. Click OK to save all the settings.
  4. the songs that you want to convert to MP3 format. Then navigate to FileConvertCreate MP3 Version. In this case, your selected iTunes songs have been converted to MP3 format.

Online Audio Converter?

There are plenty of online converters enabling you to convert audio to MP3. But few of them support all the iTunes formats, such as online-audio-converter, it only supports WAV and M4A. According to my test, Zamzar can meet your demands. It gives you the chance to convert any iTunes music to MP3 online. However, every coin has two sites. This online iTunes to MP3 converter can’t do batch conversions and must work in a networked environment.

  1. Choose iTunes files from your location and upload it to the online converter.
  2. Select MP3 as output audio format.
  3. To receive converted MP3 files, you have to enter your e-mail address.
  4. Click Convert button to transfer iTunes to MP3 on Zamzar.

Closing Thought

One last method to mention is burning iTunes music to a CD so that you can listen music on a MP3 player. But that's a bit of a hassle. You need purchase a new blank CD or a reliable DVD Burner. As far as I am concerned, using a piece of reliable software might be a long-term solution. So, don’t miss any great and professional iTunes to MP3 converters.

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