How to Convert Gif to PDF in Seconds?

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GIF, the abbreviation of Graphics Interchange Format, is an image format in widespread usage because of its high portability. As we can see across different social media platforms, Gif files are frequently used for small animations and low-resolution video clips. However, compared to PDF format, there are still limitations on the usage on Gif files, so we need to convert Gif to PDF very often.

There are abundant solutions to convert a Gif to PDF, but the one to greatly save your time and effort is utilizing a Gif to PDF Converter, free or paid, you can choose according to your needs. 

Utilize Online Free Gif to PDF Converter

As you may have noticed, online Gif to PDF converters are categorized into 2 types: one requires email address, while the other doesn’t. To save your email box from spams, you are recommended to use the one requires no email address submission.

Online2pdf, according to my tests, is the best online Gif to PDF converter so far. It is an online tool helping users to create PDF, convert PDF, manage and customize PDFs for 100% free. Not just simply convert your Gif files to PDF format, it can even batch process Gif files and merge them into single one PDF. In addition, before the conversion, you can password-protect PDF, shrink PDF, etc.

Steps to Convert Gif to PDF with online2pdf

  1. Go to official website of online2pdf.
  2. Click “Select files” to upload Gif files to the program. Batch importing is supported. But the max size of your single imported file is 100 MB, all uploaded Gif files should not exceed 150MB. Up to 20 files can be uploaded at one time.
  3. If you want to merge all uploaded Gif files into one PDF, choose “Merge files” under “Mode”, and choose PDF as output format in “Convert to”.convert gif to pdf online 01
  4. If you want to customize PDF output, go to the toolbars as following and adjust settings as needed.convert gif to pdf online 02
  5. Then click “Convert” to convert Gif to PDF. Once the conversion finishes, the PDF output will be automatically downloaded to your computer. 

It is easy and free to use, but still you need to pay special attentions when converting Gif to PDF with this free Gif to PDF Converter:

  • Don’t upload highly private or confidential files for conversion. This may lead to potential information leakage when your files are saved on the online server.
  • Don’t upload super large file for conversion, though 100 MB is allowed. Large file may slow down the process of uploading, converting and downloading, which may lead to conversion failure.
  • Don’t forget the recheck the PDF output. Free is good, but a desirable conversion result won’t be guaranteed.

How to Convert Gif to PDF on Mac?

If you are a mac user, the solution to convert Gif to PDF on Mac comes first to your mind will be using the free Preview:

  1. Open Gif with Preview.
  2. Go to File>Export as PDF, then click Save.

But as you may have noticed, converting Gif to PDF on Mac with Preview won’t save your any time or effort. You will have to convert one by one. So, here is the best solution to convert Gif to PDF on mac for you, using a PDF Creator.

A PDF creator is the program designed to create PDFs from virtually any documents, such as Cisdem PDF Creator. It helps users to convert Gif and other image formats, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, ePub, CHM, etc to PDF with original file quality retained. In addition, users can use this program to merge all imported files into single one PDF.

Free Download

Steps to Convert Gif to PDF on Mac

  1. Import Gif files. You can directly drag and drop files into the program, or click “+” to add files to the creator.
  2. Customize the Gif to PDF conversion on mac. Once you have uploaded all the Gif files to the program, change the output name or turn Merge button ON to merge all these files into one PDF.convert gif to pdf on mac 01
  3. Convert Gif to PDF on Mac. Click “Convert” to turn Gif files to PDF. Within seconds, you will find the Gif files are saved in PDF format with original quality preserved.convert gif to pdf on mac 02

How to Convert Gif to PDF on Windows?

For Windows users, there are more choices to convert a Gif to PDF. To deal with image files, an image converter will be needed. It not only allows users to customize images (rotate, crop, add watermark, etc), but also convert images to preferred formats.

Here we recommend Total Image Converter, the Windows program enabling users to export Gif and other image files as customized PDF. You can add watermark, password, even reduce PDF size as needed in batch.

Steps to Convert Gif to PDF on Windows.

  1. Browse and select Gif files, so you can import to the program.
  2. Click “Convert” and choose PDF as output.convert gif to pdf on windows 02
  3. Press “Start” and convert Gif to PDF immediately on Windows.​


The ways to convert Gif to PDF vary according to different users, if you are requiring high on conversion quality and perform such a conversion very often, a dedicated Gif to PDF converter will work perfectly for you. Have a try now!

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